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Shabbat Shalom fellow truth seekers,

Milkyway-lifeguardstand- not purchased-textWe have so much to thank Yahuah and His Son Yahusha for as we worship on this set-apart Sabbath day.  And even if we have been barraged with difficulties, famine, pestilence, you name it, may our praise be, “though you slay me, yet shall I serve You.”

My husband and I want to thank you for your ongoing prayers for our family and specifically our daughter, Nicole.  While much has been going on to prepare for our daughter’s recovery program.  We are asking special prayer between now and next Mon., Aug. 29.  This is the day of her intervention and we are praying that she will choose the path to recovery.  If you are a parent you know that there is nothing you will not do to SAVE your children.  And if you are a child of the King of the Universe, you have experienced a loving parent leaving no stone unturned to reach and SAVE you.  Halleluyah!

Today’s new article/study is titled:  The Full Moon Waxes According to Its Covering of LIGHT.

Most of the world who adhere to the New Moon for months do so according to the dark conjunction lunar phase.  They believe and teach that the covering spoken of darkness.  While this is understandable in light of their dark New Moon, Scripture gives us a different picture. 

I need to make a clarification regarding the calendar for this month.  I recognize that there remains problems with placing the Day of Atonement according to the Menorah format in this Fifth Month.  Please stay with the Levitical format this year especially with regard to Day of Atonement, at least until we understand this better and have more light shed on this subject.  We should never do something blindly, but in all things with fear and trembling as we seek the truth according to Yahuah.

SONG:  Come Alive Dry Bones – Lauren Daigle

SONG:  Yahuah Bless You and Keep You – Kerry Alexander

Barak hashem Yahusha haMashiach! (Bless the name of Yahusha the Messiah!)


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