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timeless key to unlocking the calendar mystery can be found in the calendation details connecting the Spring Feast of Unleavened Bread with the Fall Feast of Tabernacles. These holy appointed Feast days as outlined in Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23 were of great importance to the Sanctuary services as given by Yahuah to the Hebrew people. The types and shadows of the Sanctuary were designed to be word pictures from Yahuah of His plan to restore mankind to Himself. This plan as outlined in the timely and sacred services defined His appointed prophetic time; past, present and future. David declares where to find the secret for discovering truth:

Thy way, Oh Yahuah, is in the Sanctuary. Psalms 77:13

Whether you are a feast keeper currently or not is irrelevant to the research and discovery of Yahuah's true calendar and true seventh-day Sabbath as it is nonetheless defined within the parameters of the holy Feast days. His calendar was set up at creation to rule in the heavens. Genesis 1:14. Later with the addition of Yahuah's Feasts days, this same calendar was ordained to chart His Holy appointed times in types and shadows. The Spring Feast of Passover had its first symbolic fulfillment at the crucifixion of Yahushua. The Fall Feast of Tabernacles has its symbolic fulfillment at His second coming. These holy appointed Feasts hold the secret that reveal in a most surprising and direct manner the nature, the appearance, and how the Creator' s calendar operates with precision and truth. In the following few pages we will discover if the Roman Julian/Gregorian calendar, with its unbroken chain of successive weeks and Saturday Sabbaths, is Yahuah's true calendar, or if it is an artificial witty invention of man.

There is no excuse for anyone in taking the position that there is no more truth to be revealed, and that all our expositions of Scripture are without an error. The fact that certain doctrines have been held as truth for many years by our people is not a proof that our ideas are inFallible. Age will not make error into truth, and truth can afford to be fair. No true doctrine will lose anything by close investigation. Councils to Writers and Editors, p. 35.

This calendar test is generated from the calendar details given in Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23. Continually for the past 3500 years, since they were first instituted by Yahuah to Moses, both the Spring Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Fall Feast of Tabernacles have shared the following seven inseparable and distinguishing features. Leviticus 23 and Exodus 12

1. Both Feasts are observed yearly.
2. Both Feasts are reckoned by using the same calendar system.
3. Both Feasts begin on the 15th day of the month counting from the New Moon.
4. Both Feasts begin on the seventh-day Sabbath, each and every year.
5. Both Feasts Fall at the time of the dark conjunction lunar phase.
6. The first day of both Feasts is a High Sabbath.
7. There is always exactly 177 days between the 15th of Abib and the 15th of Tisrei each lunisolar year.
8. There are exactly six months between both of these Feasts from Spring to Fall.

(Please notice by the color coding that New Moon days are never seventh-day Sabbaths.)

The purpose of this calendar test is to discover if the modern Gregorian calendar is the same calendar used by Yahuah since the dawn of creation. In addition, is it possible for any calendar that contains an unbroken chain of successive weeks, to fit the Scriptural criteria for accurately locating the holy Feast days? If this calendar is demonstrated not to fit the Scriptural Criteria, is there a calendar that does? Since there are always 177 days, or six lunar months, between the Spring and Fall Feasts, then it should be a simple task to connect these two holy appointed Feasts, using the unbroken successive weekly cycles.

For this example, the year 2008, of the Gregorian calendar will be used, because April 15 Falls on a Saturday, allowing the weekly cycles to begin the count on the 16th. This makes it possible for all the above points to apply visually for the Spring appointed Feasts. Because April coincides with the first month of the Scriptural Hebrew Feast calendar, which always begins in Spring, then October will coincide with the seventh month as well.

For the Gregorian calendar to be Yahuah's true calendar of Creation, of Moses and of the Cross, the count to the Fall Feast of Tabernacles must fit all the criteria details listed above. Then in order to substantially prove the Gregorian calendar is in harmony with Scripture it must be possible to connect this unbroken chain of successive weeks, beginning on the day following April 15th, and it must end on October 15th. This test must show that both April 15th and October 15th are seventh-day Sabbaths if indeed the unbroken successive seven-day cycle is the Biblical pattern. If not, this is definitive evidence that the Gregorian calendar's continuous weekly cycle is not in harmony with Yahuah's time keeping system since creation or even for a period of six months

Gregorian Calendar Challenge Questions

Use the Gregorian calendar table above

Question 1:  Looking at the Gregorian calendar, do both the Spring and Fall Feasts begin on the required 15th day of the month that is also a seventh-day Sabbath?
Answer:  No, the Spring feast does, but the Fall feast begins on Sunday the15th.

Question 2:  Is it possible to achieve a continuous weekly cycle, beginning on the day after April 15, and ending on October 15, and still maintain the proper dates as well for the Feasts?
Answer:  No, because even though April 15 is on Saturday, October 15th is not. Therefore an unbroken cycle of seven days does not fit equally into this time period from April 16 to October 15.

Question 3:  By counting the days only, beginning on April 16, and ending on October 15, are there a total of 177 days?
Answer:  No. There are 183 days between these two dates using the Gregorian calendar.

Question 4:  Is there evidence within the time boundary of six months that Yahuah's true calendar utilizes an unbroken continuous weekly cycle?
Answer:  No, because the Gregorian calendar weeks float throughout the days of the lunar month, making this impossible even for a six month period of time.

Question 5:  Based on this test generated from Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23, is it possible to prove empirically that continuous weekly cycles have remained "unbroken" since Creation, or the time of Moses, or even since the time of the Messiah's crucifixion?
Answer:  No, because this example shows that continuous weekly cycles do not stay in harmony with Scripture for even six months.

Question 6:  Are the lunar phases, which are demonstrated for the months of April and October, exactly the same?
Answer:  No, they are very different. Yet scripture tells us they were to be the same, because counting to the 15th day from New Moon will always be consistent with regards to the lunar phases.

Question 7:  Based on this test, is it possible that Yahuah may have another time system, the light of which may have been obscured from our knowledge until now?
Answer:  Yes, because it is evident that the modern Gregorian calendar or any time system containing continuous weekly cycles, is not in harmony with the calendation system described in Scripture.

Creator's Calendar Challenge Questions

Use the Creator's calendar table above

Question 1:  Do both the Spring and Fall Feasts begin on Sabbath, the 15th of the month according to the Creator's lunisolar calendar?
Answer:  Yes, they line up perfectly.

Question 2:  Is it possible to achieve a continuous weekly cycle from April 15 through October 15?
Answer:  No, because the Creator's calendar is not based on a chain of successive weeks as we have previously believed, but rather it is based on what Scripture describes as "Sabbaths complete." Each month refreshes with New Moon day, which is then followed by four sets of weeks. So from the Scriptural standpoint it is this system of New Moon day followed by four "Sabbaths complete" each month that enables the five criteria listed on page 2 to harmonize perfectly with the Creator's lunisolar calendar.

Question 3:  By counting the days only, beginning on April 16, and ending on October 15, is there 177 days?
Answer:  Yes. The six month period from April 16 to October 15 contains 177 days.

Question 4:  Is there any evidence within the boundaries of six months that the Biblical calendar is made up of a weekly cycle that restarts following each New Moon?
Answer:  Yes, because this is the only way possible for a month to have the same distinguishing features each month, for each year, and continuing over 3,000 years consecutively, as they are so conclusively represented by Yahuah's ordained Spring Feast of Unleavened Bread and His Fall Feast of Tabernacles.

Question 5:  Based on this calendar test generated from Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23, is there evidence revealed that the Creator's lunisolar calendar is the ordained calendar since Creation, the time of Moses, and even at the time of the crucifixion the Messiah?
Answer:  Yes, because it fits the detailed criteria model in every way.

Question 6:  Looking at the lunisolar calendar, are the moon phases demonstrated for the 15th of the First lunar month and the 15th of the Seventh lunar month the same?
Answer:  Yes, this is in perfect harmony with the description given in Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23.

Question 7:  Based on this test, is it feasible that the Creator's lunisolar calendar presented here may be Yahuah's true calendation time system that has been obscured from our knowledge since Bible times?
Answer:  Yes, it is entirely possible based on this evidence.

In Conclusion:  If you have answered No to any of the questions on Gregorian Calendar Challenge Questions, then you may be recognizing for the very first time the inconsistencies between the Roman Gregorian calendar and the Creator's lunisolar calendar of Scripture. You are not alone. All have been deceived, whether you have worshiped your Creator on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Evidence for the true calendar and true seventh-day Sabbath is held in the units of time designated for the Holy Feast days. The details are found in Exodus 12, 16, and Leviticus 23. The overwhelming evidence points to each of the Holy days falling on the same exact sequence in the days of the week, and on the same date of each month, each and every year since the time of Moses. This can only occur because each month refreshes with the New Moon, beginning the count over again. Not only do the calendar dates of the month begin again, but also for the days of the week. In addition, evidence points to the seventh-day Sabbaths falling on the same exact dates of each lunisolar month, of each and every year since creation

This two step deception and great "slight of hand," was cleverly masterminded over a period of 254 years by the joint forces of the dragon and the beast of Revelation, as a monumental dual deception and cover up. It is important to recognize that the Julian seven-day successive week calendar was not even legislated until around A.D. 324, at the Council of Nicea. One might think that Yahuah didn't need the Romans to create a seven-day calendar cycle, since He had already placed the moon with its phases in the heavens at creation. But going back to the test on page 3 and 4 was it not evident that the Creator's true calendar was never made up of successive seven day cycles? For if it had been, these simple questions would have made it clear that the unbroken chain of weeks is still the same cycle today, but instead the opposite is true as has just been demonstrated.

Not until it is discerned that the entire Gregorian calendar is an imposter will it be possible to fully comprehend that all have been duped. We have all believed the lie, that by keeping Friday, Saturday or Sunday holy, we are keeping Yahuah's true and holy Sabbath. In reality none of these options could be Yahuah's true seventh-day Sabbath. This is because the entire Gregorian calendation system is in error. It is not in sync on any level with the time designations as stipulated in Scripture, such as the New Years, New Months, four successive weeks, four monthly Sabbaths, and all the yearly appointed Feast days. As demonstrated through the seven questions on page 4, this is solid evidence that the Gregorian calendar cannot maintain harmony with the scriptural demands of the Hebrew calendar for even six months or 177 days, and definitely not since the time of creation.

The main reason that the Gregorian calendar is not in sync with the Scriptural calendar is that its framers did away with the "full" New Moons as beacons, which had conspicuously declaring that each new month had officially begun. The secondary reason is they also willfully chose to ignore that Yahuah's weeks are reset and follow the "full" New Moon template each lunar month.

Because this truth is now being brought to light, we can have confidence that Yahuah has a purpose in it. He is calling all who will hear Him, to "come out of Babylon," come out of pagan false religion and counterfeit calendation. As He awakens His bride, He seeks to bring her closer to Him. To His bride He is restoring His immutable Law, and the knowledge of His age old sanctuary truths and its Holy appointed Feasts, that are founded on the time system proclaimed by the dual orchestration of both the sun and the moon. The blood sacrifice was forever paid upon the cross of Calvary, but we are to continue with each rehearsal feast, with a broken and contrite heart, in repentance as we seek forgiveness. Ultimately, these Feasts were designed to show the extent of the Father's love toward His erring children, as well as test our allegiance and obedience to Him, our Creator, our Savior, and finally our Deliverer. His faithful will be those who march to the beat of a different drum, which will be recognized and apparent in stark contrast to the calendation rhythm of the whole world. "These are they who follow the Lamb whethersoever He goeth." Revelation 14:4

Three Kinds of Days Each Month

Thus says the Yahuah, Elohiym: "The gateway of the inner court that faces toward the east shall be shut the six working days; but on the Sabbath it shall be opened, and on the day of the New Moon it shall be opened. Ezekiel 46:1-2

Here in the book of Ezekiel we find a "thus saith Yahuah" that He ordained three kinds of days each month, which are named and have specific function. Notice below that the "east gate" of the temple, being open or closed for worship, actually defines that these days can never overlap. New Moon days and Sabbaths are both identified as worship days in contrast to work days. Each day is either a work day or a worship day and can never be both. There is no guess work here. New Moon days will never Fall on work days, just as Sabbaths can never Fall on work days. Likewise, New Moon days can never be seventh-day Sabbaths, because the New Moon day must always be the first day of the month, as it marks the first day following the sighting of the "full moon" lunar phase.

1. East gate is shut six working days.
2. East gate is open on the Sabbath.
3. East gate is open on New Moon day.

        Facts from Ezekiel 46:1
  • Two kinds of days make up the Biblical week – work days and Sabbaths.

  • But three kinds of days make up a Biblical month – New Moon days, work days and Sabbaths.

  • The east gate is opened for worship on both New Moon days and Sabbath days.

  • The east gate is shut for worship on work days.

  • Sabbath days and work days never overlap.

  • New Moon days and work days never overlap.

  • New Moon days and Sabbaths never overlap, as they were divinely designed as distinct kinds of days.

  • Therefore, the New Moon day that occurs once each month is never a work day or a seventh-day Sabbath.

  • However, by its very existence, the New Moon day breaks the cycle of work days and Sabbath days, each lunar month.

  • It is impossible for the Creator's weeks to have cycled without end, since creation, for the mere fact that there are three kinds of days and not just two, "as all the world have wondered after the Beast," in believing.

  • Cycling weeks cannot remain unbroken for 6,000 years, 6 months, or 6 weeks, for the very reason that the New Moon day exists and continues to stand as a beacon of time, thus breaking the week cycle each and every month.

  • All units of time are heralded by the three part orchestration of the sun, moon and stars, the great "principles that rule in the heavens". These alone bear the signature of the Creator.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. James 1:17
Kerrie L. French
Freelance Writer/Illustrator
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