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A Great Sign Appeared in the Shamayim – Revelation 12

Announcing New Year’s Day


Revelation 12:1-2 PDF

Discover in this interlinear Scripture Study that the great sign in the shamayim of the woman clothed with the sun, depicting a brilliant selene moon (G#4582) under her feet, and a tiara of twelve stars crowning her head, is describing the constellation Bethulah (Virgo). This verse is declaring Bethulah as the Queen of the Shamayim and first constellation of the year.

While the brilliant full moon arises in the constellation of Bethulah each spring, it only occurs under her feet once every two or three years, allowing a thirteenth month year to also occur every two to three years. Additionally, this is the only visible lunar phase that announces New Year’s Day in the spring, on the eastern horizon of both hemispheres simultaneously.

This is a Great Sign because it is the single event that has aligned Yahuah’s obedient followers of earth with all His qodesh (sacred) days of His Kingdom. It continues to identify the bride of the Messiah from the time of creation to the very end. By extension it has borne witness of the true Messiah with a dark conjunction lunar phase on the day of His crucifixion. It is believed that this SIGN, along with all the other sacred Feast Days, will be the final test for all the world just prior to His second coming, and will continue into eternity with the SAVED and their SAVIOR.

Please note that throughout this article the Hebrew term shamayim will replace each reference to the heavens.


The Shamayim Declare His-Story

It is both fascinating and astonishing to look up at the sky and fathom the ways His-story has been written in the stars. From the first moments of creation and then transcending all human time, Yahuah, our Creator has imprinted upon the patterns and order of the stars His intricate blueprint. It was established as a road map to redeem mankind from sin and death and restore us back to Himself. In addition to the Scriptural record, His-story appears to be told via a perpetual story wheel that makes its circuit high above our heads. In poetic grandeur, this great chronicler of the night sky, speaks of the principles of divine love and intervention.

Each of Yahuah’s preordained prophetic events are synchronized to His divinely sophisticated rhythms as beaconed by the sun, moon, and stars. Thus, His-Story is signed, sealed, and delivered according to the Creator’s time signature, and relayed to mankind via the brilliant LIGHT show by day and also by night. All His time units— New Moon Days, lunar Sabbaths, lunar months, Feast Days, astro-lunar years, Sabbaths of years, and jubilees are all measured by the LIGHTS. “For what communion has LIGHT with darkness?” 2 Corinthians 6:14 The week is likewise a product of the full New Moon, as it is to be COUNTED from the first day after the New Moon for a cycle of four complete weeks of seven days.

The Creator’s timepiece was bequeathed to His obedient truth seekers of the earth that they may worship Him in harmony with the worship rhythms of the New Jerusalem, His very abode. It is by way of His qodesh appointed Feast Days, portrayed in their order, that the sacrificial role of His compassion and laws of justice are revealed in His marvelous plan of salvation, a preparation for the eternal kingdom.

The shamayim (abode of the sun, moon, and stars) accurately records the majesty of Alahim and the handiwork of His power from the conspicuous expanse of the firmament. Day unto day gushes forth promises and night unto night demonstrates knowledge. Without promises and without purposeful signs their voice shall not be heard, understood, nor obeyed. Their measuring line proceeds forth to all the earth, and their discourse to the end of the world.

To the EAST Yahuah’s tabernacle was fixed and ordained. And Himself like a bridegroom shall proceed forth from His canopied chamber. He shall rejoice as a mighty warrior to hasten along the well-worn pathway. From the border of the shamayim His going forth is in the EAST, and His revolution—a circuit of time in space unto the end, and nothing shall be hidden from His wrath!  Psalms 19:1-6 (The Creator’s Calendar New Restored Interlinear Text)

For hundreds of years we believed what we were taught by the religious leaders, that true Scripture (Tanakh and Renewed Covenant) believers are to have nothing to do with looking to the stars, the moon, or even to utilize the sundial for marking the hours of the sun, etc. These once divinely ordained beacons of qodesh (sacred) appointed times became transformed to the institution of the zodiac (wheel of the stars), which was then further defaced by appointing the dark conjunction lunar phase together with the noon sun to mark the beginning of years and months.  It was ingeniously crafted to be used as the imperial system of the Prince of Darkness for measuring TIME wholly opposite from the Eternal Father and His qodesh (sacred) New Moons, Sabbaths, and Feast Days.  In abject rebellion this new model for measuring time was utilized for Satanic worship services with symbols of paganism and witchcraft. Over time, all the best known constellations acquired modified stories designed to identify future events and the character of those born into that designated sign.  All of this was orchestrated by the father of lies, wholly disassociated from the divinely inspired original order of the stars, as marked in the spring by the marvelous LIGHT of the full New Moon arising at the feet of Bethulah (Virgo).
No doubt, revealed by the Eternal Father to Adam and Eve after the fall, His epic story of LOVE was written among the starry constellations to be treasured and handed down from generation to generation. Its intended purpose was to foster genuine love for their Maker, and confident expectation beyond the grave for a full restoration to their Creator. A plan made possible only by virtue of Yahusha, the promised Messiah, the very Son of Yahuah who was to be the Lamb slain for the sin of mankind. Nearly unthinkable! Refer to book, Witness of the Stars.
All things good and perfect at creation have since been counterfeited by satanic design to confuse and undermine all believers to ensure they will miss out on eternal life. The most noble and grandest subjects of our Creator’s times and laws, and the plan of salvation have become the target of misrepresentation and slanderous ruin. But, these times of ignorance are finished, and forever ended. Our Eternal Father is calling His people to lift up their heads; to look up and observe the celestial bodies, for our redemption is drawing nigh (Luke 21:28)! He is now calling our attention to His beacons of marvelous LIGHT that He set up in the visible sky for synchronizing the worship rhythms of earth with the unmovable time principles of the New Jerusalem, in preparation for the return of the Son of Righteousness, our Melchizadik.   Click on astroplot image for a larger view.

full-moon-zodiac-time-measuring-astroplotThis is the reoriented true Scriptural Mazzaroth depiction of what the pagan world today commonly refers to as the Zodiac. (Might this term “Zodiac” originally referred to the “Zadik” or righteous.)  The Lunar-astro Line Time is the only time measuring system supported by Scripture. This illustrates the sun ruling by day only and the full moon together with the stars ruling by night, measuring years, months, and demarcating civil calendar dates.

A Woman Clothed with the Sun
This story that ends in Revelation had its beginning in Genesis. For it is there that we learn that through the combined endeavor of the sun, moon, and stars, we are given the beacons for all the Creator’s units of time. Naturally then, this pure woman portrayed in Revelation 12:1, is given as a GREAT SIGN by the Creator of the shamayim and earth, to punctuate an imperative application for each of these same celestial bodies. Our attention is drawn to her in these end times for the purpose of restoring the knowledge of the true Creator’s Calendar, His true time system, which declares His majesty from the shamayim.  For it is found that neither the “Zadik” Creator, nor His imperial “Zadik” time mechanism are subject to change.
A Sign Appeared in the Shamayim

Unexpectedly, it is discovered that the constellation Bethulah, the virgin, is the sign and symbol of the pure virtuous woman of Revelation, the Zadik followers of Yahuah. She makes her appearance, arising from the eastern horizon as a yearly perpetual “sign” in the spring. At nightfall she can be seen arising in the east in the Northern Hemisphere, in her entirety; her head, shoulders, body, and feet. See illustration below.

Please note that although each Stellarium image in this article was collected in 2013, the principles they illustrate are perpetual on a 19 year cycle.  So what is Bethulah a sign of that is significant for the obedient followers at the end of time?

A Woman Arose Arrayed with the Sun

Every year in the spring, usually in the month of April the constellation Bethulah appears and arises in the east in the Northern Hemisphere. She is depicted as standing upright upon her feet.


Notice in the image above that Spica, the largest star within Bethulah’s constellation, highlights the barley wave sheaf in her left hand, while she carries the palm branch in her right hand. The palm branch is an ancient symbol of rejoicing, triumph and glorification. Palm branches were waved in jubilation at important seasonal ceremonies to celebrate the rule of a king or in the Hebrew annual fall Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot). Strikingly, our Savior made His last entry into Jerusalem on a donkey as the common folks waved palm branches during the first month of Abib, just 5 days prior to Passover, marked by the constellation Bethulah.

Consider the fact that both her entrance in spring and exit in fall are designed for divine appointments. Might this be because she arises in the lunar month of Abib in order to announce the spring Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread? Could it be Bethulah that announces the ripening barley harvest, as the wave sheaf of grain in her hand so aptly depicts? Might she continue her journey through the sky to make her exit at the Feast of Tabernacles, with the final waving of a palm branch, a promise of the Second Coming of the King of Kings? Add to this fall event, that the constellation Aries the lamb, highlighted by the full New Moon, arises in like manner in the fall to highlight Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles, and signal the appointed time of the second coming of the Messiah.   

The image below depicts the same night as the one above, but from the perspective of facing south with the east and west coordinates in their proper positions. The green line represents the horizon. Here we can see the position of the moon about to arise after sunset.

woman-clothed-with-sun-arises-in-the-springWhen Bethulah, as first in the order of the wheel of the stars, arises above the eastern horizon line, we can know that there are six major constellations yet below the horizon, which makes seven; and Aries is descending from above the opposite horizon as the eighth. These are followed by the modern, pagan terms of Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Then Leo brings up the rear as the twelfth month or last constellation of a regular year, but only as it is highlighted by the full moon.

When there is a thirteenth month the full moon will occur visibly at Bethulah’s waist or above at its commencement. Spring’s true Rosh Hashanah (New Year’s Day) full moon will also occur in Bethulah’s constellation, but at her feet. When we see the full moon occurring at her waist or above we can have assurance that there is a month left before the New Year begins.

A most profound and unexpected discovery in this research has been the unearthing of a well concealed lie that has become a long held tradition. Who would have thought that the modern Zodiac, that is said to commence with Pisces/Dagon in the spring each year, is actually 180 degrees off its original starting point. How can we know? View the astroplot below.

luni-solar-zodiac-time-measuring-astroplotThis pagan Zodiac that we are all familiar with today, remains relatively the same as it was in Samaria and Babylon nearly 4,000 years ago. It was uniquely designed to be measured and viewed through the SUN to mark its order commencing in Pisces or Aries. It is the belief of this website that this is the altered version of the Creator’s original Mazzaroth time-measuring system, having been changed by 180 degrees by Nimrod for his ingeniously crafted sun cult. So while this manipulated time system was based upon the sun during the day, the Creator’s timepiece was based upon the full, as the true New Moon, with the starry constellations by night.

The Hebrew names for some of these constellations are: Bethulah (Virgo), Moznayim (Libra), Taleh (Aries), and Ari (Leo). Not yet provable, these may be the only remnants of the original wheel of stars. If there were other names and icons for the remainder of the spring, summer and winter months they have surely been lost or covered up. One must also question whether the Eternal would have ordained any creature considered unclean, such as scorpions, crabs, or the amalgamation of man and beast for His Mazzaroth constellation icons.

Also, knowing how the Eternal felt about Dagon, the pagan sun-cult fish god, is there any way He would have begun His sacred and prophetic year with the sun marking Dagon to tell His-story in the wheel of the starry constellations. For in the narrative found in 1Samuel 5:1-7, because the Ark of the Covenant was inadvertently placed by the Philistines in the Temple of Dagon, the next morning Dagon’s head and hands were broken off at the very threshold of the temple or house of Dagon. Might this have been recorded for the purpose of declaring that the Eternal’s true Mazzaroth, wheel of the stars, has NEVER commenced its year at the threshold of the house of Dagon/Pisces? There are only two choices: 1) Either new names and constellation icons were supplanted over Yahuah’s original system, or 2) Nimrod’s sun-cult used the same symbols, but rotated the timepiece by 180 degrees while exchanging the full moon for the sun along with the dark lunar phase was set as the marker of the constellations. We firmly believe #2 was the route taken.

The Tanakh’s (OT Scripture) time system was established upon the foundation of the sun, ruling alone by day, and the full moon and the stars ruling in unison by night to measure time and announce the new day that occurred at sunrise. All constellations were ordained to follow in their order.

virgo-is-the-woman-of-Revelation-12-1The reason it is believed by some that the constellations have changed their positions over time is that they are trying to utilize the wrong lunar phase for the New Moon. It is only as the brilliant full moon is recognized as the New Moon that the entire sky is restored to its consistent and correct position. Otherwise the 15 day, or even a month and a half discrepancy will cause it to appear that the constellations have plummeted ahead by one day every 70 years since the time of Moses, which many are declaring today.

We must remember that our Creator patterned earth’s clock/calendar after the one that circles the New Jerusalem for the purpose of keeping His true followers in sync with His worship rhythms. To believe that this very clock is losing time, assumes that Yahuah is somehow incapable of maintaining it, or too busy to notice. Rather, we can have confidence when He says, “I am Yahuah, I change not. . .” Malachi 3:6. Time, via the LIGHTS (sun, moon and stars) is the very signature of Yahuah’s creative power, testifying that He is who He is, and His clock will NEVER lose time. We must recognize that mankind under the leadership of the Prince of Darkness artificially crafted the New Moon change by 180 degrees, simply by choosing either the mostly dark crescent moon, or the fully dark (occulted) conjunction as the New Moon.

The Moon Under Bethulah’s Feet

The brilliant moon shows up under Bethulah’s feet once every two or three years. This event marks both the end of a thirteen month (embolismic) year and announces the following morning at sunrise as New Year’s Day. In addition, it pinpoints with precision the fulfillment of this prophecy. Following twelve month years, the brilliant moon also arises in the constellation Bethula, for New Year’s Eve, but it is located either near her hip or her knee.

Progression of Bethulah Rising at Sunset with the Full Moon

It must be understood when discussing the attributes of stars in the shamayim; the sun must be in the set position in the west for the succession of starry constellations to arise in the east to commence their night of ruling. The sun and stars rule opposite portions of each 24 hour period, for Genesis 1:16 declares the “sun to rule by day and moon and stars to rule by night (Genesis 1:16).” Therefore this principle must apply to Revelation 12:1 in its description of Bethulah and the moon rising.

  1. Bethulah rises with the moon at her feet as the sun is setting. The sky is still bathed in the light of the sun, causing the starry constellations to not be visible for 30 minutes to an hour. The greatest clue that this is the night of the full moon is that this constellation is depicted as being bathed in the sun while it is arising and because the moon is in proximity to her feet it must also be bathed in the full light of the sun. As a second witness, it is only the full moon that arises at sunset. So while Bethulah is invisible when clothed for an hour at sunset, the moon is at its maximum brilliancy, in a marvelous, complete and perfect display.
  2. Within an hour, Bethulah’s brightest star, Spica, becomes visible and is visible all night from the eastern horizon to the western, where she sets with the full New Moon shortly after sunrise.
  3. The brilliant full moon arises well below Spica near the position of Bethulah’s feet announcing three things: 1) This is the last night of a thirteen month year. 2) The following morning at sunrise is New Year’s Day. 3.) The full moon is the New Moon after all, and commences the first month of the Rosh Hashanah (New Year’s Day) the following sunrise.
  4. Only after the sun has been set for over an hour will the twelve stars of Bethulah’s crown be visible. Each night thereafter as the moon diminishes in light and moves further away, her tiara of twelve stars will become more visible to the naked eye.

These four facts of the sun, moon, and stars, work in concert to identify that the full moon is the only possible lunar phase at Bethulah’s feet, announcing New Moon day and New Year’s Day.

Sunrise in the Fall

What might be the implications of Revelation 12:1 being fulfilled by Bethulah arising in the fall at sunrise, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and twelve stars above her head?

  1. Bethulah is a constellation of stars, as such they are never visibly ruling the sky during the daylight.
  2. Neither a conjunction nor crescent lunar phase would be visible at sunrise for the sheer fact that this lunar phase is so close to the sun.
  3. No stars are visible above Bethulah’s head, because her head is made of stars that are not visible during the daylight.

Below is an image of what this would look like. Can this really fulfill any part of Revelation 12:1, which begins with the words, “Now a great sign appeared in the shamayim. . .?”  The only thing that is appearing in this image below is the sun.

stell-sunrise-on-water-2013-11-3-no-starsEach of the Stellarium images below illustrates the beginning of night after the sun has set in the west.

In the Fall Bethulah Sets with the Sun
The only time that the sun arises and sets in the constellation Bethulah is in the fall. So, the question is: Can the reference to Bethulah in Revelation 12:1 be describing an event that occurs at sunset in the fall when she is upside down and her head is no longer above the horizon (exhibited by the green horizontal line)?
In the image below, both the sun and the moon are at Bethulah’s feet at the time of conjunction in the fall. (The dark occulted conjunction moon appears bright so we can see it in this image, also highlighted with red marks, but it is really invisible and dark.)


In the image above, both the sun and the moon are at Bethulah’s feet at the time of conjunction in the fall.
Some assert that Revelation 12:1 is fulfilled with Bethulah setting with the western sun in the fall.  If this were true:
  1. One would have to ignore the fact that all the luminaries’ voices are only heard when they arise in the east until they set in the west. This is the period of time Genesis says that they are ruling.
  2. The entire constellation of Bethulah, including both her head and body, have already set with the sun and thereby, are not visible above the horizon.
  3. There is no visible lunar phase as it is still too close to its conjunction with the sun. The only time the sun can ever be directly upon Bethulah, she will be upside down in the fall.
In this image below some may assert that the crescent moon (marked by red markers) is under her feet. In this Stellarium illustration the sun is set by 15 minutes just under the western marker and the crescent moon is only at 8 or 9 degrees above the horizon, causing it to not be readily visible. The following night the moon is visible but it is not even close to her feet.


The image below illustrates that Bethulah is arising in the east and clothed with light from a newly set sun in the west. Yet, as the light from the sun fades into the night Bethulah becomes visible, along with the brilliant full moon at her feet.


It must be remembered that this constellation was configured by our Creator to display Bethulah in the upright position, upon her feet, to those living in the Northern Hemisphere near Jerusalem. Those choosing to live elsewhere must make astronomical compensation for this one time signature.

Above Bethulah’s Head is a Crown of Twelve Stars

The Scriptures tell us that there is a crown of twelve “stars” above Bethulah’s head. This appears to be the case after all, as there is a faint circle of stars encircling her head, announcing Bethulwoman-clothed-with-the-sun-moon-at-her-feet-in-springah as queen or first constellation of the year. On this one night the brilliant moon will arise in the east under her feet just before or after sunset in the west.

It is discovered that the word star (#792 aster) together with its root word (stronnumi #4766) forms the English word “astronomy.” This string of twelve stars above Bethulah’s head may symbolize twelve starry constellations in addition to the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve disciples, which together represent the obedient followers throughout history. Strikingly, it is the full moon that highlights the ruling constellation among the twelve, symbolizing the work of the Messiah among the twelve tribes and His twelve disciples.
Whether these stars above her head represent the twelve constellations or not, this twelve starred tiara still appears to crown her as queen and first in order and rank in the yearly count of the twelve constellations.

Now, add to this picture the brilliant moon arising one night only every two or three years, and we have discovered a jaw dropping truth. Here within the harmonious orchestration of the sun, moon and stars, John the Revelator has indeed revealed the sign in the shamayim of when the New Year is to begin following a thirteen month year. But deeper still, this is announcing that all the prophetic events of Revelation 12 commence on a brilliant full New Moon following a thirteen month year. This narrows down when these final prophetic events will commence, which will never be following a 12 month year.

Does this mean that here, in these last days, Yahuah’s obedient believers are given a new and different time to commence their year, and a new and unique lunar phase upon which to commence their months?  Absolutely not!  Rather, He is re-establishing the same system that has been known and kept consistently down through the ages from Adam to the Messiah.
In this Stellarium image below, it is illustrated that during the summer the constellation Bethulah appears to be flying horizontally over head above the Southern Coordinates. Each month she moves approximately 30 degrees to the west. The only lunar phase that will show up in proximity to her feet during June is the waxing quarter phase as shown here. Every time the moon is straight up at sunset, it is always in a quarter phase.


Bethulah with Child

From the moment she arises during the spring after sunset she may be represented as being three months pregnant, carrying the wave sheaf in her left hand and the palm branch in her right hand, she begins her journey across the sky a little more each night. But, she is not actually delivered until the 15th of the seventh astro-luni-solar month (Oct./Nov.), when she is lying flat on her back.
It is a wondrous thing that she is with child as she is a virgin, also defined by her name, Bethulah. While symbolic, she represents the Virgin Mary. This is the identifier as to who the child is, which was a one-time miracle and physical event foretold by the prophets of old, and recorded in real time in Scripture. For this wondrous event speaks in prophetic truth of the real physical birth of the Messiah to the Virgin Mary, in the fall of the year. But, additionally this testifies of His Second Coming as birthed by the prophetic fulfillment of His obedient watchers, also in the fall.

Metaphorically, Bethulah represents the pure and dutiful Bride of Yahusha, which includes all who are lovingly obedient to His Word and testified as witnesses of the first coming of the Messiah in word and deed. While under great pain and duress, many throughout history gave up their lives to deliver the truth of salvation in Him alone.

Many of the pure and obedient Bride of Yahusha, our Messiah, will in the days ahead do the same to prepare the way for His Second Coming, which is divinely designed to occur at the time of the fall Feast of Tabernacles, a culmination of His sacred seven months of feasts.  

The image below illustrates Bethulah setting with the sun in the fall, in time for the fall feasts. She is lying down on her back in the position for giving birth. Notice her head and shoulders are not even above the horizon. Bethulah has given birth and her work is done. At this time of the year the brilliant moon arises in the constellation Aries (the he lamb) in the east, nowhere near her feet. The full moon is on the green horizon line as the constellation Aries arises in the east, a profound symbol of who the child is who was born at this time of year, but also announcing the Messiah’s eminent second coming from the east.


Using this illustration alone we find that Bethulah’s setting in the west does not meet each of these criteria:
1. A great sign appearing.
2. The woman arising.
3. The twelve stars above her head cannot be utilized as part of the sign because they are below the visible horizon.
4. Neither the star Spica nor the barley wave sheaf are visible, but are both below the horizon.
5. While it can be said that Bethulah is clothed with the sun, from earth’s perspective, the moon is on the opposite horizon and no where near her feet.
So, what is the significance of the sign of Bethulah for the true believers at the end of time? It appears that all who testify of the truth are grafted in as the pure woman, the Bride of Yahusha. These will together and in one accord, worship Yahuah in Ruach and truth. In harmony with the courts above, their years are beaconed by the great sign in the shamayim.
Bethulah, as it has been discovered, is the symbolic pure woman of Revelation 12:1-2, fulfilling all its requirements:
  1. Bethulah is Queen of the Shamayim monthly wheel of starry constellations.
  1. Together with the sun and brilliant moon  (#4583 selene), Bethulah makes her yearly circuit to announce that the New Year is beginning the next day.
  1. She announces the length of each year in orchestration with the brilliant full moon and sun.
  1. Her consistency is then relied upon by the prophet John in relation to the final events on earth, which begin at the close of a thirteen month year.
  1. Bethulah arises in the east each spring fully clothed with the light of the setting sun for an hour until the sky becomes dark.
  1. It is because of the proximity of the moon beneath Bethulah’s feet that it too is fully clothed, but not in darkness. A fully clothed moon is a moon wholly bathed in the effervescent LIGHT of the sun.

sphinx-of-Egypt-virgo-leo-start-of-yearIn Conclusion

It is now seen that Bethulah represents the true obedient witnesses of all ages who testified of the coming Messiah, both His first coming and His second coming. Many of whom were willing to give up their lives in bearing their testimony. She is once again travailing to give birth as things on earth are coming to an end and the ministry of our Messiah in the shamayim is reaching its completion in preparation for His soon return.

It appears there is a Queen of the Shamayim after all, but this is neither, Ishtar or Mary, but the ruling constellation of the Creator’s great celestial astro-luni-solar clock/calendar in the shamayim. This constellation known as Bethulah, crowned in first position within the wheel of the stars, was divinely ordained to rule the year as she arises in the spring to announce the moment of the Creator’s true New Year.

Bethulah testifies of the Creator, as she is the aleph and tav constellation (alpha and omega), the beginning and end of each year. But she cannot announce or demarcate specific days without the aid of the brilliant full New Moon. So it is, that the predominant time measuring system for years, months, and specific calendar dates is borne out of the uniquely divine mechanics of the full moon as it relates to each starry constellation, but commencing with Bethulah. This little understood timepiece has continued unaltered from Genesis to Revelation, and we have it on good authority that it will continue into eternity. The sun is not left out, for its primary role is in measuring each day from sunrise to sunset and shine its marvelous light upon the lunar phases. So in this way, the three part harmony is achieved, declaring that Yahuah is love.

This rebellious earth is the only planet in the entire universe whose inhabitants are out of harmony with the worship rhythms of the shamayim. In the last day, only those who bear fruit in harmony with all His moral laws, statutes, and principles of time, will be included in the great harvest of earth. Sealed by the living Yahuah, these alone will stand in that day as the chaff is sifted out.

Are you preparing for that great day? Are you willing to give yourself over to Him that you may be transformed into His image? Are you ready to worship Him in Ruach (Spirit) and in TRUTH according to His unchangeable time principles?

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