A.D. 31 Calendar

crucifixion year calendarDiscover in this A.D. 31 calendar, that Yahusha’s death and resurrection did not occur on the Roman calendar’s Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

There is only one calendar model supported in Scripture, namely the astro-luni-solar celestial timepiece. According to (Leviticus 23:1-39; Isaiah 66:23; Ezekiel 46:1-3; Revelation 12:1), it alone is the standard for which all time is measured in accordance with the time centric worship rhythms of the shamayim. All others are artificial witty inventions of men designed by the enemy of souls to bar the way of salvation and restoration to the Father.

According to our research, the year A.D. 31 remains the most consistent year for the date of the crucifixion and resurrection. Here, the types and shadows of theTorah Covenant Temple system, made with hands, met their realities in the true Temple above, not made with hands. Contrary to popular belief, the very system that is touted to have ended at the cross of the Messiah, actually, only then commenced. For, it was the earthly system that ended at the moment that the genuine was manifest in the work of our Messiah. At that pivotal moment the true system based on a more excellent ministry of our Messiah commenced, marking the first phase of the shamayim Temple’s New Covenant (Hebrews 8:1-13).

This New Covenant will continue in sync with Yahuah’s sacred feasts, in the courts above as the only place of confession and forgiveness until sin and sinners are no more at the culmination of that great coming Feast Day of Atonement.

It is only as we worship according to this rhythm in the shamayim that the words are fulfilled, “these are they who follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes” (Revelation 14:4).

This calendar overlay above perfectly illustrates the inherent conflict between the celestial timepiece and the modern Roman calendar. While each depict a seven-day week model, one was designed to cycle without end, entirely removed from the rhythms of the shamayim (sun, moon, and stars).

In light green you can see that Saturday floats throughout the Creator’s Calendar from week to week and month to month. But the Creator’s Calendar cycle of four weeks was designed to start and stop within the refreshing framework of one lunar cycle, from one full New Moon to the next full New Moon. As a result the sacred New Moons, Sabbaths and set-apart Feast Days will always occur on specific dates each and every month, as well as the same day of the week cycles, as they are counted from the full New Moon. This is NOT mere coincidence, but a divine principle of shamayim timekeeping.

The reason Passover is the Sign and Seal of the Living Yahuah in contrast to the Mark of the Beast (Exodus 13:9-10), is because by following the instructions in Leviticus 23:1-15 of counting to the 14th day of the full New Moon, the worship rhythms of the shamayim will always be kept correctly from year to year. The year will begin in spring, the months on the New Moons, the true Sabbaths will always fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of every month, and the Feast days will occur with precision on their dates as counted from the full New Moons.  This is how we enter into the Kingdom of Yahuah even though we remain upon the earth.  First we must humbly confess our sins that we may be forgiven, afterwhich, it is by obediently honoring the laws, statutes and judgments of His government that makes us citizens now.

What an amazing revelation this is as Yahuah’s restoration of His TIME-PIECE is coming to its conclusion. “Arise and shine for His LIGHT has come.” (Isaiah 60:1)

Are you hearing His call that you may be counted among His obedient followers, and one day enter in at the pearly gates, the eternal symbol of the full moon time-centric work of the Messiah.