Five Historic Methods of Time-Measuring

full moon syzygy

Most of us today, from all nations of the earth and within the confines of our busy lives, are unaware that there has ever been more than one way of measuring time. Most often we assume that years, months, weeks and days have always been measured as we were taught by our parents and teachers. Even the time references in Scripture we have believed to be accurately measured according to the same Roman Gregorian calendar. NEWS FLASH! This is simply not the case!


Creed of the Constantinople Church

foundation of all christian churches

Most folks are simply not aware that “Christianity” is the brainchild of the Roman Emperor Constantine, and does not originate in the New Testament Scripture. Discover if your church carries the DNA of the Roman Catholic mother church.


When Two Calendars Collide

Millerite movement

Discover what happens when two calendars collide. Scripture, History, and Astronomy come together to reveal the paradox of the 1844 New Moon and later seventh-day Sabbath.


Announcing an Official Paradigm Shift

By divine providence, we have changed our position from keeping the first visible crescent as the New Moon to accepting the full moon as New Moon. This has been a pilgrimage journey in truth and humility to arrive at this interchange.


The Lunar Sabbath’s Stunning Historical Evidence

Herein is a list of great lunar Sabbath quotes. The purpose of this library of historical quotes is to reveal how Daniel’s prophecy regarding the changes to TIMES and LAWS has already occurred, and its tentacles are much more far reaching than were previously known.


The 2000 Year Old Astro-luni-solar Computer

A museum curator cracked the code and discovered that it was the full moon together with the stars that the Greeks utilized to designate the New Year’s Day in spring and demarcated the count of the 29 or 30 day months.


Amazing Evidence from Antiquity

The historical record shows that as long as Israel was obedient to Yahuah’s laws and sacred days they remaind a sovereign nation. But if they went into idolatry, whoring after pagan gods and their calendar, Yahuah caused them to go into captivity.


Letter from Pontius Pilate

In this historical letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar of Rome, there are some inconsistencies with regard to time revealing its likelyhood that it was changed by the correctories of Rome.