Our Messiah’s True Prophetic Birthday


Our Messiah’s true prophetic birthday has been found. The details of which identify if your serve the true or the fraudulent Redeemer of mankind. One’s birth is celebrated on December 25 and the other is not.


Three Days and Three Nights


Three days and three nights was the appointed SIGN of Yahusha our Messiah. It was to be the riddle and time-centric icon that synchronized the true Messiah with His true calendar model.


Creed of the Constantinople Church

foundation of all christian churches

Most folks are simply not aware that “Christianity” is the brainchild of the Roman Emperor Constantine, and does not originate in the New Testament Scripture. Discover if your church carries the DNA of the Roman Catholic mother church.


Behavioral Conditioning Agenda

Shabbat Shalom Fellow Truth Seekers, PRAISE YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH for all He has done to rescue and prepare a pathway out of the mess this demonic world has created.  He died that you and I may receive pardon for sin and … Read More…

Unraveling the Lies

“Unraveling the Lies” illustrates that is the intention of the churches, synagogues and other world religions to groom and maintain the lies passed down to us from Babylon all these years later.


The Hegelian Dialectic Model

The Hegelian Dialectic Model is the system used of obtaining power, used by the Elite for thousands of years to control the people and world events, and to pad their bank accounts.