Neither Saturday nor Sunday!

neither saturday nor sunday are sacred

By David M.

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Saturday is a man-made contrivance that originated rather recently, first in the Julian and later in the Gregorian calendar, which were not of divine origin. It is not the Sabbath. This was done purposely to obscure the real Sabbath and is easily discovered, what happened.

The real Sabbath was always calculated by the full or new moon, something someone everywhere could see, no matter their location. Since creation, man has used this magnificent timepiece to know what day it was, what month and what year. In other words by comparison, NEWS FLASH: “The sun, moon and stars are not a recent creation.” The Julian and Gregorian (Pope Gregory) calendars are of much more recent origin.

So what is the real difference if any, between the recent man-made system and the previous Creator’s calendar?  Much! And in every way. In His, all the previous Sabbaths in antiquity were calculated from the new moon. The new moon was the first day of each month (which it no longer is in the new system). Each month the new moon would interrupt the weekly cycle causing the first Sabbath to fall on the 8th day of the lunar month, yet on the 7th day of the week four week cycle. The next three Sabbaths would be on the 15th, the 22nd and the 29th of the lunar month, and always the seventh-day of the week.

Since His system was in place from creation, it was of course in place and used by everyone from creation to the day of the Messiah, our Savior and beyond. He did not use our “modern” system obviously; as it had not been fully devised. His practice was to be at the temple when everyone else was, on the same Sabbaths as they. Not on the Pope Gregory calendar Sabbaths. The “seeking to change times and laws” (years, months, Sabbaths, and days) (Daniel 7:25) had not yet been concocted by the man of sin nor accepted universally as it now is. This is a bigger issue than the Saturday/Sunday question, which churchmen spend their time looking at and arguing over.

The new system in place today has already changed more than just Saturday and Sunday set-apartness (sacredness), and it seeks to replace the heavens, which were designed to man-made-julian-and-gregorian-calendarsgovern/rule over man, for the purpose of changing the entire calendar from His to man’s, which includes entirely different Sabbaths. It seeks to institute foreign Sabbaths on which He is not present. Inspiration says man “seeks” (Daniel 7:25) to do this, for the heavens are still there and cannot be replaced, except in the deceived mind of man.

The new moon was a celebration day and qadosh (holy), just as the Sabbath is (Ezekiel 46:1). In other words, it was not one of the work days. And neither was it a week day. But every month it interrupted the weekly seven-day cycle, which would occur on day one of every month, the first day. The full moon was new moon day and announced a new month, then the seven-day weekly cycle would begin (for three more weeks) and last until the next month was to start. This in no way can compute with what man has come up with to take its place. In the two calendars, the Sabbaths are on completely different days.

All one needs to do to verify this is to recognize that the two calendars are not the same. Just this simple fact. Man’s calendar has an endless recycling of seven days, which has no relation to anything and is meaningless. It ignores the moon for its month and the Sabbath that is calculated by the moon, and then is called Saturday (by the religious).  In man’s system, Saturday would only fall on the true Sabbath on rare occasions and nobody would notice or care if it did or not.

The previous calendation used the sun, moon, and stars, as was the Creator’s intention. This is the one the Messiah, our LAMB observed. In it are found the true Sabbath days, which are written in the heavens and easily observed. To know where he is, one need not procure a calendar to hang it on his wall or to carry it with him. It wasn’t necessary.

So the argument between which day, Saturday or Sunday is to be kept set-apart (sacred), is completely moot and wholly meaningless. It is neither Saturday nor Sunday that is qadosh (holy). They are each work days, unless the moon places the Sabbath on one of them. If according to the moon, Sabbath falls on Sunday, that particular Sunday would be set-apart (sacred) along with the following three Sundays, which would complete the month. Even the religious today have bought into the substitute system and calendar. Now, the Creator’s calendar doesn’t pass their smell test.

If you were brought up keeping Saturday or Sunday qadosh (holy) as most are now, you were doing it alone, meaning the Creator wasn’t celebrating it with you as promised for the real one. But think what this means; you have yet to experience a real Sabbath—with Him.



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