How I Became a Full Moon Lunar Sabbatarian

Dear Creator’s Calendar Team,

I am from South Africa. Since 1993 our Heavenly Father has been urging me to discover His true calendar. One day in a very strange manner I landed on a website where I found the booklet, “It’s About Time.” I was NOT looking for a calendar at that time or anything related to the matter. But I started reading the booklet. I had a bit of difficulty with the terms, so I asked my husband to read it. He read it for a while and then told me that it stirred something in him. This man had the “full moon” as the new moon. My husband was quite enthusiastic, which is very strange for my husband.

Before I received this booklet, for months I read all the information about the dark moon and the crescent moon as the new moon, but my spirit was fighting it. Then our Father lead me to research the pagan religions and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the pagan connection to the crescent moon.

To make a long story short, one day after I received the booklet, “It’s About Time,” I was desperate to get the truth, so I asked YHWH to please reveal the true calendar to me. I needed to know if the New Moon was the full moon, the dark moon or the crescent moon. I told Him that I refused to listen to people on this subject, and wanted His answer, alone.

The next moment I received a clear vision of a solar eclipse. I thought to myself. What does that mean? Is this the answer? I got up from where I was praying and I went to my husband where he was in his study, busy reading “It’s About Time” on his computer. I was not aware of what he was reading as I approached him, but I wanted to tell him what had just happened. As I stood next to him, he scrolled down to the next page and there on the screen was a picture of the exact same solar eclipse that I had just seen! My jaw dropped and I asked him, “why is that picture there?” He told me that this man said that a solar eclipse can only happen during a dark moon. Now I was starting to get excited because he also said that our Messiah was crucified on the 14th of the month Abib and that was the time of the solar eclipse (the dark moon).

From thereon I really started praying about the matter more than ever and in the meantime we began keeping the calendar according to the information in the booklet, “It’s About Time.” Then on 18 April 2013 about 3 A.M., I was at my computer busy with the Word and I was pondering about the calendar. I have been praying and praying for more confirmation from YHWH because that previous morning I read information from a man who said that he received the dark moon as the new moon from YHWH. He sounded so convincing, and I was fed up with all the “opinions” of people, so I told the Father to please, please help me. I do not want to be deceived and I do not want to deceive other people.

While I was still pondering what that guy had written, suddenly Yahshua spoke into my spirit so clear that I thought my husband in bed could hear it. He said:


and IN ME there is NO DARKNESS!”
[Revelation 22:13 and James 1:17]

Wow! I could not believe my ears! That made so much sense! He is the beginning and the end of a year, a month, a season, etc… He is LIGHT and there is NO DARKNESS in HIM! So what does that tell you? I was ecstatic with joy to receive such an amazing proof right from our Creator Himself!

I did not know about your website at that stage. Two days after this incident I received a vision while I was wide awake. I saw a calendar in the air with no numbers in it, but only the blocks where you put the dates in. The blocks were all empty except for one block more or less in the middle and to the right side where the word “conjunct”’ was neatly typed in. I could not understand what the meaning of that was so I went to the booklet, “It’s About Time,” and I read the following:

“The conjunction phase is fixed and always occurs on the fifteenth day AFTER the New Full Moon. Several times a year, the dark moon also appears on the fourteenth day. The fourteenth day of the first month is also Preparation Day for the evening Passover. (Leviticus. 23:5). Chodesh is from the verb “chadas” (2318) meaning to be new or rebuild. Rebuild is exactly what each monthly lunation does after the decline of the waning phases. In the waning phases, the moon’s light diminishes down to conjunction and rebuilds to a full moon again in the waxing phases. Thus, the rebuild/renew is necessary because it follows the declining days in the waning moon phases and dark days of conjunction.”

Then I took the calendar that I made myself from the information in the booklet and I saw that the word “conjunct,” which was on the blank calendar was exactly on the 9th of May 2013, the day which was the 14th day of the month, the day of Yahshua’s crucifixion!

Then also very strangely just the following day – do not ask me to explain how I landed on your website, because I still have no idea how I discovered it, and read the page about Dionysius the Areopagite, historical record of the solar eclipse, etc. I was praying for confirmation of the solar eclipse at the crucifixion from ancient writings and I could find NOTHING until the day I landed on your site. For the full article and details on Dionysius, refer to “

I hope you find the testimony I just gave you helpful. Please let me know of anything else you have to share with me.

Greetings in Yahshua our Messiah