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David M.

“Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8). Who pays any attention to this command anymore? The answer to this question is that there are indeed some who do remember it. But not necessarily the ones who think they do, or who you think are keeping it.

For those who remember, for those who intend to obey the great Creator, this is what He said to do. So then, who is it that remembers and knows how to calculate when His true Sabbath day occurs?

Okay, let’s start out with this most startling fact: Saturday is not the Sabbath! As it turns out, it isn’t Saturday keepers who remember the Sabbath day or keep it holy. The keeping of Saturday is NOT what the commandment is talking about. Saturday keeping is how men “forget” the Sabbath day. And Saturday is not the seventh day; not when you remember creation and how TIME was determined, or what was ordained to rule it.

Then we who intend to keep it holy, how do we successfully do so? Of this, be sure He has not left us ignorant. To truly keep the Sabbath day holy, it must be done in unison with our Creator or it will be done alone. And strikingly, those doing it alone are not keeping it at all, but doing it in vain. In other words, it must be kept on the same day He keeps it or we have utterly missed the mark. It is not just for man to keep, “it is the Sabbath of Yahuah” the Creator of the Universe. This providential information comes to us from the same commandment.

In order to obey the fourth commandment, one must know on which day He intends to meet with you. What could be more obvious? And if you belong to a worship assembly who has forgotten how to know when He is keeping it, you will not be able to “keep” the Sabbath or the fourth commandment. This, no matter how sincere you are, or how hard you try, break this one commandment and you “break them all.”

So, how does one forget the Sabbath day and NOT keep it holy? He does this by forgetting the Creator and His creation and when the Sabbath was made. It is from the Scriptural record that we know on which day Yahuah is keeping His Sabbath. Or did you think it was His intention that we be left ignorant or confused as to which day was the Sabbath day?

“It shall be established forever like the moon, even the faithful witness in the sky.”  Psalms 89:37

“A faithful witness does not lie, but a false witness will utter lies.” Proverbs 14:5

And how do people forget the Creator? We forget Him by forgetting what He created and how He ordained the two great lights to rule and measure time,:  1) The sun to rule by day, and 2) the moon to rule together with the stars by night. Forget this, and forget the moon and its faithful function and you will naturally forget the Sabbath. This means you will have no clue when it takes place.

Most who are guilty of this nefarious practice don’t even realize their error. And there are also some it seems who would not care to bother themselves over which day it was, the Sabbath day. Keep it on some other day; they don’t mind, as long as it conforms to their tradition and worship convenience. It seems they would rather not realize any error they might make. And so they won’t look. For these the beauty and value of truth has lost its luster.

But for those willing to have a look, what they see is creation and the Creator, His moon, the faithful witness and the lunar Sabbath day, along with how they were forever inextricably interconnected. These are actually what bind mankind to their Creator, and it is not a trivial matter. Creation and its Sabbath blessing is not man’s doing, but His. This is not really news, or a recent occurrence as if it should surprise; it has always been so.

From the beginning of time the New Moon and the count to each Sabbath have been there for man, and the corresponding blessing intended has never been changed.

The most that man can do to destroy the three-part harmony of the New Moon, the lunar Sabbath, and its accompanied blessing is to “seek” to change their relationship. It is only by turning your back on Yahuah the great Creator that men can “think” to change any aspect of creation so as to forget the Sabbath. They “think” to change times and laws which in reality cannot be changed at all. They can only attempt to accomplish what is actually an impossibility for man. But the damage they actually “accomplish” is only in their mind and for the destruction of their eternal reward. They cannot really damage creation or even fool with it, but only think to do so, which is what inspiration describes as their intention.

In the original calendar, which was created in the very beginning, and still exists, it was from the New Moon that the Sabbath day was calculated. It still serves this function today. What could be a more faithful timepiece, really? Believe it or not, the Sabbath day has always been determined in this manner. If you want to obey the fourth commandment you simply count the days from the New Moon, seven of them. How difficult is this? This is how it has always been done. Those using some other method, producing their own Sabbath day, a holy day of their own devising, have in reality, changed nothing. The Sabbath is still the seventh day from the Creator’s New Moon.

The seventh day from the New Moon is the first Sabbath of every month. And then with seven more days you have the second Sabbath day and so on throughout the lunar month, which always has four Sabbath days in it. Using this method, no one will forget the Sabbath day. Do it some other way, use mankind’s hand-crafted Roman calendar hanging on your wall for instance, and without fail, you will be forgetting the Sabbath day along with the rest of the world.

Forget creation’s system and you forget the Sabbath, a violation of the fourth commandment. This is how men fail at it. And you, doing the same as they, will not be able to avoid that same infraction. This, no matter how faithful or strictly you think to “remember it” according to a fraudulent system, will not be correct, and it will not be holy to any degree.

By connecting the Creator’s Sabbath command to man’s calendar system (if this is what you have always done) you have indeed been forgetting the Sabbath day to keep it holy. This is just how easy that particular mistake is made.

Yahusha our Messiah did not make this mistake, as He always kept the Sabbath day holy. And so did everybody else that worshiped with Him in those days, as they came together on the correct day for the Sabbath. This included Yahuah His Father.

How did they avoid making the mistake so common today? Not a difficult question to answer.  For in their day, the Roman man-made system of calendation had not yet been enforced upon the Israelites. Although the pagan nations of that day did utilize opposing calendar styles, while faithful, Israel adhered to the correct use of the moon, stars, and sun to rule their sacred times and laws as it had been done since creation. Well of course, this was the practice of the faithful from the beginning. This is why they did not forget the Sabbath, and by the same token, it is how the Sabbath day is not forgotten today (for those who know how to recognize it). Now you know too.

But today, the majority of mankind including “official religious leaders” have forgotten the Sabbath, by forgetting creation and the Creator’s calendar. To what end: the world has utterly forgotten how to keep the Fourth Commandment, the symbol that identifies His true followers.

If you and your church are depending on the “faithfulness” of Jewry to indicate what day on which the Sabbath should fall, you will be just as mistaken as they. For you will be depending on the very ones who purposely forgot it.

Since the time when the Savior walked this earth, the Jews have forgotten the Sabbath day by forgetting how to calculate it. Today, they make the same mistake everybody does; they follow the Roman calendar, a witty invention, which is now become convention. This, instead of the Creator’s calendar. They no longer regard creation and the Creator’s Sabbath, which is the seventh day from the New Moon day (the first day of every lunar month). It is only the original system that remains intact to this very day, which provides a continual invitation to enter in. And as there have always been, there are still men today who find it and are blessed with His presence, which is not an inconsequential blessing.

His calendar makes no reference to October or November.  For example, while the New Moon indicates the first day of every lunar month, it has nothing to do with man’s substitute month divisions or their names. The start of man’s months and cycling weeks are meaningless, entirely divorced from ALL the great LIGHTS designed and ordained for measuring time by our Creator (Genesis 1:14-16).

Simply said, the Sabbaths are not the same on man’s calendar as they are on His. The Roman man-made calendar was deliberately designed to forget the Creator’s Sabbath days. As a result, by following it instead of His, you will be in violation of the command to “remember….” This will cause you to forget to be present on His day, when He is present. And there is no Sabbath promise for any other day.

The Roman Gregorian calendar was designed in such a clever way as to cause you to not only forget the Creator’s Sabbath day, but also by following it to effectively prevent you from keeping it holy and receiving the blessing as His true follower. How can you keep it holy if you no longer even remember how to calculate which day it is?

Who is it that can “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy?” Only those who remember their Creator, what He created, and how He ordained it to measure and rule time. And now that you have this evidence and history as well, you can be included among them, the faithful.

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