These calendars will be populated soon.

New Year’s Day 2018 the true Rosh HaShanah in the spring, will occur on 03-31-2018

Passover 2018 will occur on 04-13-2018

Please remember these calendars represent the Pacific Standard Time Zone only.  Meaning that depending upon your time zone the New Moon Day and the four successive Sabbaths may occur on the previous day or the day following. This reality occurs because the arbitrary man-made International Dateline in the Pacific Ocean continues to regulate the Gregorian calendar.  Most often the New Moon Day will cross over two Gregorian dates in a 24 hour lunar cycle. (Refer to illustration.) Because the full moon is mobile, the Creator’s Lunar International Dateline (CLID) is mobile, causing the true lunar dateline to occur in a different location each month based upon the observable full New Moon location.

Simply go to  make sure through a comparison that in your time zone the first rays of the sun at sunrise occur at least five minutes prior to moonset.  Read more . . .