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 The Sun was Darkened
from the Sixth to the Ninth Hour


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Discover in this Hebrew Study that the sun was darkened from the sixth to the ninth hour fulfilling the ancient Amos 8 prophecy of a solar eclipse on the day of the Messiah’s crucifixion. This celestial three hour phenomenon, magnified by Divine intervention, appears to have occurred during the dark conjunction lunar phase. By extension, the weighty evidence from this mid-month event portrays the extraterrestrial New Moon to have always been the full moon fifteen days previous, at that epic appointed time 2,000 years ago.


The Epi-Center of Time

The pivotal occasion of the crucifixion, while on an earthly stage, was the ground breaking work of the Eternal Most High for redeeming man. Upon that day the Son of Yahuah became the Lamb sacrifice by laying down His life as the ransom for mankind. crucifixion-lamb-sacrifice It was the first phase in His ministry to transform willing earthlings back into the image of the Father, and to transcend man’s finite perspective of his great need.

On that day, the epi-center of time, as foretold by the prophets of old (Amos 8:9-11), the most incredible event occurred. The price for sin and death was eternally paid for by the Son of the King of the Universe. As a result, the attention of all the created beings and messengers in the shamayim (heavens) was focused upon these final hours and aftermath of that great sacrifice occurring in Jerusalem that day, the 14th of Abib.

A profound truth and imperial time indicator for being able to determine which lunar phase is the true New Moon, is whether a “solar eclipse” occurred on the day of our Messiah’s crucifixion. That day was well documented as the 14th of the Hebrew astro-luni-solar month. If there was no possibility of a “solar eclipse” that day, then the chance arises that the first visible crescent (FVC) or dark conjunction may be the New Moon. If evidence can be provided that a solar eclipse may have occurred on that day, the true New Moon would be the full moon whether it is a popular concept today or not, and whether it is practiced by the modern Jews/Israelites or not.

Those who declare it is impossible for a solar eclipse to last three hours are simply not aware that many solar eclipses last three hours.  You can check this out for yourself on the free software program, “Stellarium.” And on that most noteworthy day in all earthly history would likely renounce the following events for similar reasons:

  • The creation of the shamayim and earth in six literal days.

  • Noah and his family saved in a boat, while a flood destroyed everything and everyone else on the face of the earth.

  • The parting of the Red Sea so Israel could cross over on dry ground.

  • Forty years Israel was fed manna, in the wilderness.

  • The shadow on the sundial went backwards 10 degrees for King Hezekiah and then returned to its natural progressive location.

  • Sinners can be forgiven and transformed into the image of Yahuah.

  • The promise of the Second Coming of the Messiah, and the total restoration of all His obedient followers to the ETERNAL FATHER along with a world restored to perfection.

It is natural to take a stand that something is impossible on the basis that we have never experienced it. But some things we must accept through trust as a miracle that is outside our own ability to produce. Some miracles we can measure from the sheer fact that our own lives have been touched and transformed by them, such is the case with forgiveness and becoming a new creation through the merits of Yahusha the Messiah.

Further still, is the uniqueness of this proposed miracle in that it related to the measuring of time itself via the sun, moon, and stars in bringing together prophecy’s long promised Messiah, with the Feast of Passover and the Lamb sacrifice. Might it be only by coincidence that on this epic time-centric day, the sun, together with the moon and stars, appear to have made an orchestrated and profound display?

As recorded by three Scriptural witnesses, this highly visual event declared that Yahusha was indeed, the Messiah, the promised Lamb slain from the foundation of the world at precisely Noon, from the 6th to the 9th hour. If indeed, this did occur, what impact would this have on our current perception of time relative to the New Moon? What would it tell us regarding the modern Roman calendar, the Jews, as well as all other religions that believe the crescent moon is the New Moon?


Was There a Solar Eclipse on the Day of the Crucifixion?

First, let’s establish a firm foundation.  All solar eclipses occurring since the dawn of time have done so during a dark conjunction lunar phase, and are observed somewhere on earth during the daylight. This is when the moon visibly comes between earth and the sun during the daytime, causing the sun to be obscured by the moon. With any mention of a “solar eclipse” or “darkened sun,” there is an automatic understanding that the lunar phase on that day is in conjunction with the earth and sun, and thereby blocking the light of the sun.

Since this darkening of the sun, was a day time event, it cannot be construed in any way to be a lunar eclipse, as these are only visible during the night.


It is self-evident, according to the order of the lunar phases that the New Moon must occur 15 days prior to a dark conjunction lunar phase or eclipse event. So, only if the New Moon is the “full moon,” for the start of each month, would it be possible for the dark conjunction phase to obscure the sun in a classic solar eclipse on the day of the crucifixion.

If indeed, it was recorded that “the sun was darkened” because of the conjunction moon at noon on the day of the crucifixion, this one factor alone would establish evidence that the “full moon” has always been the New Moon from the time of Creation, the flood and the Exodus from Egypt. Thus, it is paramount to let Scripture and the astronomical witnesses that Yahuah divinely ordained, reveal the truth on this so weighty a subject. For these declare how His clock/calendar system works and not the other way around. Strikingly, we have it on good authority, that the moon is “the perpetual and obedient witness in the shamayim (Psalms 89:37).


Another primary evidence for this view is that it is fully supported by the declaration of the Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus.


When the true New Moon and the wheel of the stars are restored by 180 degrees to their original and rightful positions, the sun continues to perpetually arise in the constellation Aries on the 14th daylight of the lunar month of Nisan (Abib). This removes all possibility that the stars have lost time since the time of Moses. Our compassionate Father continues to keep His clock in perfect running order. It is only as the elements of His time were changed that it has come to appear the celestial clock, via the constellations, is speeding up.

This statement by Josephus was by divine design, as it holds a grand key to identifying the true Messiah and the facts surrounding that great day. The same sign that Josephus applies to Passover at the time of Moses, is prophetically fulfilled by this extreme and epic event that highlighted Yahusha as the promised Messiah and Passover Lamb. Visibly, this was the appointed time, as it was the only day of the month and year, it could occur.

Three Recorded Eye Witnesses in Scripture

It is a known fact that neither lunar eclipses nor solar eclipses last for the duration of more than a few minutes, and by no means, never three hours.  Yet, four eye witnesses who are intricately familiar with the movements of the celestial bodies, and whose names are recorded in Scripture, lay claim that the “sun was darkened” from the 6th to the 9th hour on the day of the crucifixion. This is the period between Noon and 3:00 P.M. on the modern clock. The primary clarification they each make is with regards to its unusual length. This along with the intensity of the darkness was the only difference between the occurrence of this “darkened sun” and all the previous darkened sun events, which are generally referred to today as “solar eclipses.”

Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land. Matthew 27:45

Now when the sixth hour had come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. Mark 15:33

Now it was about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour. 45 Then the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was torn in two. Luke 23:44-45

In the record of Luke above, it is of great importance to note that the word “then” does not belong, and was added by translators to make it appear that first “there was darkness over all the earth, then the sun was darkened. . .” But this is not the case. Rather, the phrase “the sun was darkened,” was declared by Luke as the required explanation for why there was darkness over all the earth. These were not two separate events, but one and the same event.

Individually, yet in one accord, each of the Renewed Covenant (NT) writers determined that the miracle of this “darkened sun” event lay with its profoundly unusual length. It was Luke alone who overtly stated the darkness over all the earth was directly related to the fact that “the sun was darkened,” but the others covertly stated it. But, you may ask, “how did both of the others really declare the darkness was related to the sun itself?”

The answer lay in the fact that they all identified the time of day as the 6th to the 9th hour. Remember, there are precisely 12 hours allotted by the ruling sun for every daylight as presented on a sundial or divided in the sky (John 11:9). All are agreed that the sun was shining as usual from sunrise to the 6th hour. Then the sun was obscured until the 9th hour. At the 9th hour the sun was shining again as usual until it set at the end of the 12th hour at its natural time. So the “sun” ceasing to shine was predominately the focus of the darkness.

Dionysius the Areopagite (Greek Astronomer mentioned in Acts 17:34)

Living in Heliopolis at the time of the crucifixion of Yahusha, the Messiah, was the Greek Astronomer, Dionysius the Areopagite.  He described the events of that day as appearing to be the end of the world, and clarified that there was a solar eclipse on that day.  If this were simply a darkened sky, dark clouds, or a premature setting of the sun by six hours, he would have said so, as that would have been extraordinary. He had no reason to lie or cover up the truth regarding the sun being eclipsed by the dark conjunction lunar phase. Rather, he describes that “solar eclipse” as an epic event.

dionysium-the-areopagiteIf, as some have suggested, the full moon was the 14th, in which a solar eclipse occurred, we can be certain that the trained eyes of these ancient students of the shamayim, would have recorded this most unusual occurrence in their testimonies. They would have each declared with enthusiasm that the moon had been moved either forward or backward by a full 180 degrees to place it in position to darken the sun.

But none of these four astronomically proficient men recorded anything of the sort. Amazingly, they were all silent on this point, which speaks equally as eloquently as what was recorded in their Scriptural statements. The shear lack of evidence in Scripture for a “full moon” occurring at the time of the crucifixion identifies this theory as a modernly popular, yet faulty hypothesis.

Other Recorded Testimonies
  • The 3rd-century Christian historian Sixtus Julius Africanus in a section of his work surviving in quotation by George Syncellus, stated that the chronicler Thallus (A.D. 52) had called the darkness during the crucifixion a solar eclipse. Chronography,George Syncellus, 391. 
  • The church historian Eusebius of Caesarea (A.D. 264 – 340), in his Chronicle, quotes Phlegon [second century A.D.] as saying that during the fourth year of the 202nd Olympiad “a great eclipse of the sun occurred at the sixth hour that excelled every other before it, turning the day into such darkness of night that the stars could be seen in heaven, and the earth moved in Bithynia, toppling many buildings in the city of Nicaea. Chronicle, Olympiad 202, trans. Carrier (1999)
Laws of Time Created for Signs

The law of time was laid at creation as a foundational principle, ordaining the sun, moon, and stars to beacon signs, seasons, days and years (Genesis 1:14). Every time a solar eclipse occurred throughout all history, it was consistently the moon that blocked the light of the sun causing the “sun to be darkened.” From this standpoint, is it reasonable for the Creator to change this well-known and recognized time phenomena and replace it with something never seen before, on this most time-centric event of history? NO!

Rather, might the Omniscient Creator, whose very signature is “time,” govern events, especially this most important of all events, to occur in sync with His perfectly maintained and orchestrated astro-luni-solar time system to fulfill prophecy with precision on a specific day?

In fact we know this to be true, because for at least 1500 years the blood of the Passover lamb had been shed and placed on door posts representing both the first Passover in Egypt, and more profoundly the promised Messiah, yet future. The specific “time” of His death was to fulfill the prophetic criteria in types precisely on astro-luni-solar time. If His death had not perfectly met the requirement of the laws of love, justice,  and time, we would know He was an impostor.

Might it have been reasonable for Yahuah to have utilized a dark conjunction lunar phase to highlight a “three hour” solar eclipse to bring attention to this most weighty event of His Son’s selfless act for mankind? Knowing the end from the beginning, solar-eclipsemight He have known that in the years following the crucifixion the New Moon would be the subject of great conflict? Might He have known that the reckoning of the “month” would be changed 180 degrees from His marvelous light of the full moon to the first visible crescent, or even the dark conjunction, under the leadership of the prince of darkness?

All that would have been necessary for Yahuah to do, without changing the cycle of the moon, would have been to bring the moon closer to the earth for a period of three hours to totally block the sun. He could have made the shadow cover the entire earth.

In the last 100 years, science has revealed that the moon’s proximity to earth has a tremendous effect on earth’s magnetic field, so that if it was brought closer by Divine intervention, that alone would have caused a great earthquake. A naturally scheduled solar eclipse would not have been necessary for this to occur, but only the precise time of the lunar conjunction. By bringing the moon that was already in proximity of conjunction closer to the earth, the Almighty Father could easily have created a profound solar eclipse.  Amazingly, this would not haven even needed to change the moons orbit or true time keeping for the remainder of either that day or month as all of this can be adjusted by speed in relation to the distance from earth.

  1. Does Yahuah have the power to move the sun forward or backwards on the sundial 10 degrees? YES. Have you seen this happen or simply trust that it can happen, because of King Hezekiah’s testimony in 2 Kings 20:11?
  2. Then there was the battle in the book of Joshua in which the sun stood still and the moon stopped until Israel avenged their enemies (Joshua 10:13).
  3. Do you believe Yahuah has the same power to move the moon closer to the earth for three hours on the day of the crucifixion of His only son, the Messiah that was promised from the foundation of the world?
  4. Are two disciples, one apostle, and one Greek astronomer’s testimonies of equal value to that of one King named Hezekiah and Joshua? YES.

Discounting the evidence on the bases that a three hour “solar eclipse” does not occur in the natural world, and has never occurred before or since, simply does not allow for the Divine intervention factor. This belief also undermines the four eye witnesses and their recorded statements.

But Yahusha looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with Yahuah all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 NKJV

Evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls

According to an article by William Doehring- “James C. Vanderkam, and John A. O’Brien Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at the University of Notre Dame, has written extensively about the Dead Sea Scrolls community. Set up approximately 200 years prior to the birth of Jesus [Yahusha], the Qumran community split off from the mainstream population of Judea, because the community believed that the religious system at the time had become corrupted. One crucial conviction of Qumran, was that the religious system had corrupted the Jewish calendar, thereby corrupting all of the Jewish Sabbaths and Holy days. ibid


In Vanderkam’s article, Calendrical Texts and the Origins of the Dead Sea Scroll Community, he reveals that the Qumran community followed a Jewish calendar, which is different then the calendar that Jews use today. More crucial to the paradox, he reveals that the Qumran community taught that the full moon commenced the month, which would mean that Passover, which occurs mid-month, would have occurred when the moon was dark. Thus, if Passover was celebrated within Ancient Judaism at the dark of the moon, rather than at the full of the moon, then it would be very possible for a total solar eclipse to occur, simultaneous to Passover and the Crucifixion of Jesus. ibid
Note: Hillel II, the last president of the Sanhedrin, established the modern Jewish calendar, approximately 350 years after Jesus [Yahusha]. Other arguments have been made as to why the Jewish calendar may have been corrupted as well.” Christianity Shrouded by Solar Eclipse,, William Doehring, May 19, 2012.

Although, it is argued above that the Qumran community split off 200 years prior to the Messiah, it is more likely that these calendar corruptions did not begin until the early years following the crucifixion of Yahusha the Messiah. As the true Son of Yahuah, the Messiah gave His life as the Lamb slain for us on the precise day of the ancient Jewish Passover. This signified at this epi-center of time that the Creator’s true calendar had not yet become corrupt.

Stellarium Images at Conjunction 2000 Years Ago

Each of the following images from Stellarium are a simulation of what appears to have occurred in these respective years, and are based upon NASA’s UTC time coordinates of GMT. Each image depicts the 6th hour (Noon) with the sun straight up and the moon at or nearest conjunction and a possible solar eclipse. This is the view from Jerusalem facing due south for four different years of A.D. 30, 31, 32 and 33. Do not be confused by an apparent night sky or the fact that the constellations are visible, for these are examples of what might have been visible when the sun was in an extreme eclipse on the 14th day from the full New Moon in the first month of spring. Each image will be addressed from left to right.

Note: Unless the boundary markers (in red) were marked differently 2,000 years ago (and very possibly so), the sun does NOT occur in Aries every year in the middle of the first lunar month of Abib. You will see that the sun is often very near the border most of the time and not actually within the borders.

Year A.D. 30









Image A above illustrates the “sun” at mid-month just outside the boundary of Aries, in the year A.D. 30. The moon is the nearest to conjunction it will get this month at noon when visible from Jerusalem. This is a month too early for the Passover.
Image B above illustrates the sun in Taurus for the middle of Abib, just beyond the boundary of Aries. The moon is visible directly under the sun. This is the closest it will get at noon to conjunction.

                          Year A.D. 31                                  stell-luke-31-3-11-4-11

Image A above illustrates the sun at noon in (03-11-31), in the constellation Pisces (a 30 degree portion of the sky represented by the fish) nearing conjunction. This is the closest the moon will get to the sun during any daylight portion of this month from the perspective of Jerusalem at noon. On the following day (not pictured) the moon has leapfrogged beyond the sun. This is too early.

Image B above illustrates the sun the following month of 4-10-31 at noon in the constellation Aries (a 30 degree portion of the sky represented by the he lamb). Here the moon is just below the sun nearing conjunction, and is the closest the moon will get during any day of this month. This is the most likely choice for a “darkened sun,” i.e., “a solar eclipse” during the crucifixion for A.D. 31. As stated above: “A natural eclipse would not have been crucial for this to occur, but only the approximate time of conjunction.  By bringing the moon that was already in proximity of conjunction closer to the earth, the Creator of all things in the shamayim above and below could easily have created a profound solar eclipse.  Amazingly, this would not have needed to change the moons orbit or true time keeping for the remainder of either that day or month as all of this can be adjusted by speed in relation to the distance from earth.”

Also, of interest is that Jupiter and Mercury are within Aries boundary markers on this day.

Year A.D 32












Image A above illustrates the sun is in the constellation Aries (03-29-32). The moon is entering conjunction and is the closest the moon will be to the sun during the daylight hours for this month. This appears to be the most likely day for this year that the crucifixion might have occurred.

Image B above illustrates the sun is well into the constellation Taurus (04-28-32) (a 30 degree portion of the sky represented by the bull) as represented by this middle of the month image. The moon is in conjunction. This depicts a partial solar eclipse, but this month appears to be too late for Abib.

 Year A.D. 33

stell-luke-33-imagesImage A above illustrates this 14th day of the month the sun remains well in the constellation of Pisces. The moon is very close to conjunction, and a partial eclipse. But this month appears to be too early for Abib.

Image B above illustrates this 14th day of the month with the sun just inside the border between Aries and Taurus. The moon is the closest to conjunction it will get during the daylight. If divine intervention were utilized, by bringing the moon closer to the earth, a solar eclipse could have been created in any fashion Yahuah ordained.     

Note: A.D. 33 is the year for which the Catholic Church and most of her Sunday keeping daughters claim was the year of the crucifixion. It was of primary importance that they harmonize this epic event with Rome’s new calendar so the Resurrection would appear to occur on a Sunday, the sacred day of their creation. So today they claim the crucifixion occurred on Friday, April 3, 33 A.D (middle image above). Strikingly, that was the night of the full moon, placing them 180 degrees removed from the solar eclipse, the GREAT SIGN in the shamayim, and the truth.

Prior to the seventeenth century Rome adhered to a different date altogether. It was not until Sir Isaac Newton pointed out that their previously established date did not actually line up with a Friday Crucifixion and a Sunday Resurrection that they opted to change their view. Newton provided two options: Friday, April 7, A.D. 30; and Friday, April 3, A.D. 33. The rest is history.

Sun, Moon, and Stars in Concert

What profound and significant details can be surmised by the above images?

The true miracle of gross darkness that day may have been two-fold: 1) The extraordinary length of time the solar eclipse lasted, from start to finish; and 2) The intensity of the darkness it created so the stars could tell their story and reveal redemption’s long promised mystery. As mentioned earlier, all that would have been necessary from Divine intervention would have been to bring the moon either closer to earth or cause the moons orbit to harmonize with the sun for three hours.

Also mentioned earlier and recorded by Phlegon, this solar eclipse occurred in the fourth year of the 202nd Olympiad.  Its darkness was so passover-crucifixion-eclipsecomplete that the stars could be seen in the shamayim and there was a great earthquake.  As stated earlier, this earthquake may have even been the result of the moon being bought closer to the earth.

What is recorded here must not be overlooked with regards to the stars shining at noon.  In addition to the Hebrews, the Greeks were expert astronomers who fully utilized  the sun, moon and stars for all their timekeeping. So what might the sorrowing and compassionate Father want to portray through an epic three part orchestrated event of the sun, moon and stars?
As a sign portrayed in this image above, if a conjunction moon “darkened the sun” that day for an unusually long “solar eclipse” not only would the stars as a whole have been visible in the shamayim, but their placement would have been most profound
On this year, month, and day, sacrificial-lambboth the sun and the moon would have been centralized to one location in the shamayim, which was in the constellation Aries, at the feet of the he lamb. Might our sorrowing Father above have utilized this timely astronomical event to announce to the whole earth, “Behold the Lamb of Yahuah, who takes away the sin of the world?”

Among all these time-centric illustrations there is on
ly one that meets all the criteria necessary that could succinctly work together with Divine intervention. This is the illustration for 04/10/31. So what sign in the shamayim marks this day that could not occur on any of the other days? It is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8).
Other Miraculous Events of the Day

During the violent earthquake the rocks were split and even graves were opened up. This exposed the bones of their fleshless prisoners, awaiting the Messiah’s resurrection on the third day that they too might be raised to life (Matthew 27:52).

The miracles of that day were many; however, in relation to the sun being darkened, the only phenomenon recorded in Scripture in connection with it was in relation to its three hour duration from start to finish. It appears that the Most High Father dramatized the “eclipse” by making it last longer and with such a full and complete lunar coverage of the sun, that the stars may have come out as testified by Phlegon. In this way bringing attention to that day that it may be recorded and considered throughout the world as the grand miracle it was, and highlighted by a predominant dark conjunction lunar phase. 

Not to be overlooked, is the sister event that most likely occurred at the 9th hour, at the end of the solar eclipse, when our Savior declared, “it is finished!” The veil or curtain that had, since the days of Ezra and Nehemiah, hung as the separating wall between the sacred outer room and Most Qodesh place of the earthly temple at Jerusalem, was torn in two from top to bottom at the moment of Yahusha’s death.  This revealed that the presence of Yahuah was no longer there. But also, that the mediatorial work of our Savior had now begun, as He is also represented by the curtain or interface between the Father and his children. So while the “darkened sun” commenced the three hours of darkness the curtain was torn at its end at the moment of our Savior’s death.

While this was no doubt, the saddest day ever to occur in all eternity from Yahuah’s perspective, the Most High’s absence in the Most Qodesh Place of earth, was also a sign that this phase of ministry had ended. The prophesied and promised Lamb of Yahuah was now slain on the cross for our sins. The work of restoring mankind was at that moment moved to the shamayim temple above, not made with hands, where the remainder of the process for the salvation of mankind, was to be embarked upon. There are three basic phases of the Ministry of the Messiah, which continue to be identified by the prophetic feast days. Only the first prophetic phase was completed and finished at the cross. At the moment each prophetic phase ends, the next one begins. Today, we are on the edge of our seats recognizing that our Messiah is about to change to the third and final prophetic phase prior to returning for His people, which could then be considered a fourth phase.

Time-keeping Changes Begin to Be Made

There is evidence which can be dated back to the third and fourth centuries A.D. showing that efforts were begun in order to debunk the idea that an actual “solar eclipse” had occurred on the day of the crucifixion.  So, one must ask the questions: what brought about this quarrel over such a well recorded solar eclipse event? And, why did a conflict not become prominent until two and three hundred years after the crucifixion?  Might it be that at so late a date, a transformation in time keeping had begun among the Jews, as well as the by Romans, whereby a cover-up pin-pointing the true crucifixion date was necessary?  The following quote is an example of many such arguments:

Third century critics declare Thallus’s statements as false because the lunar phase was 14 days from a crescent moon, naturally making it “full.” And solar eclipses cannot occur on the full moon. ~ Loveday Alexander, ‘The Four among pagans’ in Bockmuehl and Hagner, eds, The Written Gospel, (Cambridge University Press, 2005), page 225.

At the time of Constantine in A.D. 324, the Babylonian seven day continuous weekly cycle was permanently integrated by law into Rome’s new calendar. Then just over 30 years later, in A.D. 358, the Jewish Sanhedrin, under the leadership of Hillel II, appear to have adopted this same continuous weekly cycle that originated in Babylon. But the question is, “might they also have adopted, at the same time, Babylon’s first visible crescent New Moon?” The prophet Daniel declared that the beast power was at work and would “think to change times and laws.” Daniel 7:25. This agenda was designed to utterly destroy any resemblance to the Creator’s true time system.

Egypt was the first to do away with the New Moon for calendation, leading the way for Rome to eliminate the moon altogether in 45 B.C. It was this single elimination of the New Moon day that caused the weeks to cycle without end. Whether earlier or later, the evidence reveals that the Jews under the Sanhedrin leadership gave up all their Scriptural time-keeping ordinances that kept them in harmony with the former temple services and thus, with the Creator’s Calendar and New Jerusalem, itself. Therefore, it only makes sense that they would have also chosen to abandon their historic full New Moon and adopt Babylon’s concept of a crescent New Moon, and resort to figuring their calendars by calculation rather than by visual sighting.

Evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls

According to an article by William Doehring— In Vanderkam’s article, Calendrical Texts and the Origins of the Dead Sea Scroll Community, he reveals that the Qumran community followed a Jewish calendar, which is different than the calendar the Jews use today. More crucial to the paradox, he reveals that the  Qumran community taught that the “full moon” hebrew-textcommenced the month, which would mean that Passover, which occurs mid-month, would have occurred when the moon was dark. Thus, if Passover was celebrated within Ancient Judaism at the dark of the moon, rather than at the full of the moon, then it would be very possible for a total solar eclipse to occur, simultaneous to Passover and the Crucifixion of Yahusha.

Note: Hillel II, the last president of the Sanhedrin, established the modern Jewish calendar, approximately 350 years after [Yahusha] Jesus. Other arguments have been made as to why the Jewish calendar may have been corrupted as well.” Christianity Shrouded by Solar Eclipse,, William Doehring, May 19, 2012.

I recommend the following book as it relates to the full moon:  Calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Measuring Time, James C. Vanderkam

The testimony of the Dead Sea Scrolls declare the original and ordained New Moon in the Qumran community was the full moon, which may have underwent its modification by the Jews under the Sanhedrin High Priest, Hillel II, in A.D. 358. This may have all been a proactive plan rid themselves of the incriminating evidence that was displayed by the prophetic solar eclipse event, which occurred in A.D. 31, testifying that Yahusha, whom they had killed, was indeed the promised Messiah.

Lack of Evidence for a Crescent New Moon

Strikingly, you will never find any Scriptural evidence for the avowed Jewish belief that the first visible crescent is the Scriptural New Moon. Rather, it is only by manipulating Psalms 81:3 that the full moon can appear to be located in the middle of the month, on the “chag” feasts.  However, the true meaning of the term “chag” can be demonstrated to include any or all of the feasts, and not just the ones that are specifically designated to commence on the 15th day of their respective months.  Consequently, Psalms 81:3 cannot be used to determine either a crescent or a dark conjunction New Moon.  This topic will be covered in its order in a following study.

Does a Cover-up Continue Today?

Is there a sustained cover-up by the Jewish leaders today that mandates NASA’s records to be skewed with regard to solar eclipses around the time of the crucifixion? I cannot say. All the other astronomical organizations would have to be in on it. Yet, a cover-up of this magnitude is not entirely impossible. The Scriptural evidence and eye witness accounts are solid, yet the modern astronomical data does not match the Scriptural record.

While NASA claims accuracy up to the minute, I myself, am able to show that they have two areas on their website that are in conflict by nearly three hours time difference for all of their lunar and solar eclipses. 

A little known fact, is that “NASA,” while an English acronym is also a word of Hebrew origin (nasa נָשָׂא #5375- bring forth; lift up, take away). Might the term “nasa,” have been specifically selected as it defines both a bringing forth of knowledge, while at the same time obscuring, or taking something away?

If evidence could be produced that illustrates a continued attempt by the modern translators to conceal the Tanakh’s (OT) prophecy in this regard, might it be a wake-up call? The prophet Amos declared what the sign of the true Messiah’s identity would be. He revealed to us that on the very day of the true Messiah’s death “the sun would be darkened at noon,” turning that feast day into mourning. Is there evidence that this occurred? Yes!  Refer to article/study, “Amos Prophesied a Solar Eclipse.”

So, does a time-centric cover-up continue today to hide the identity of the true Messiah and the actual date of His death? Is it possible that the method for this colossal cover-up is concealed within a modern yet, falsified crescent or dark New Moon belief? For the prophetic word study in Amos 8:9-11, click on this link:  Amos Prophesied an Occulted Sun.


According to this Scriptural evidence at the time our Messiah walked the earth, the New Moon was the full moon. Might a thorough review of all the evidence in both the Old and New Testament reveal to us that this is still true today?

Whether or not a matter is popular among the modern Jews or lunar Sabbatarians, Scripture must be our guide, and it must bear two or three witnesses in its defense. Refer to new study on the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 15:12, 17 entitled, The Night was Dark 430 Years Prior to the Exodus, to the Very Day.

For this most important subject of the darkened sun, the Most High Father has provided us, not with just two or three, but with five testimonies whose names are recorded in Scripture as witnesses to the facts that a monumental solar eclipse event did occur on the day of the crucifixion of Yahusha, the Messiah. These witnesses are Amos, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Dionysius the Areopagite of Acts 17:34, who was a Greek Astronomer as well as a Gentile, whose writings did not succumb to the Roman Correctories or the necessity of the Jews and Romans to change time itself.

If you currently follow the FVC or the occulted lunar phase for the New Moon, take this to Yahuah in prayer. Then ask Him to help you be obedient to the new light. That is what I did, as truth is more precious than gold or being in one accord with the popular view of mankind.

If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear!

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