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The following videos have been provided by the graciousness of our friends and fellow truth seekers. It is our desire that you share them freely.

Disclaimer ~ Although some videos posted below may make references to the Lord, God, Jesus Christ, and even the crescent New Moon, we believe the use of these are in error.  The Eternal Father is Yahuah Alahim; the Son is Yahusha the Messiah; the true New Moon we have come to believe is the full moon from the time of Creation.

                                               Debunking the Flat Earth Theory

                                               Evidence for the Full New Moon

                                               The Lunar Sabbath

                                               Feast Days of Yahuah

                                               Sacred Name of the Father and Son

                                               Creation versus Evolution                                         

                                               End-time Events and Fulfilling Prophecies

                                               Exposing False Customs and Traditions

                                               Exposing ISLAM

                                               Preparing for Times Ahead

                                               Modern Discoveries

                                               Miscellaneous Subjects