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My New Discovery

Testimony of David M.  

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It has recently occurred to me that I have lived a large portion of my life and have never kept a Feast day. Now I find out that neither have I kept a real Sabbath day, except once in a while, by accident, of all things. All this time I had considered myself in compliance. But now I discover that I have yet to keep my first Sabbath day. And this while all my life I thought I was among Sabbath keepers. What a surprise, what a discovery! Earth shaking actually!

Another Day

What I discovered was another “day,” of all things. One which I had never noticed. I had always known of work days and of Sabbath days of course, and these were the only kinds of days that had ever come across my purview or entered into my field of vision. But then opening my Bible a couple days ago, there it was. YAHUAH no less, He was the one speaking there. Along with Sabbath days and work days, He spoke of another day He called “the New Moon”. Ezekiel 46:1. To say the least, this was a new day for me, one that I had never noticed. What would it mean?

Not Two Days Now, but Three

Now, this was according to YAHUAH Himself. It came not from man, prophet or great teacher, there were three kinds of days. Not just two, as I had always thought. Just as the Sabbath day would not occur at the same time as a work day, neither would the New Moon do that. In other words, the days would not be simultaneous, none of them. Each one had its own day or “twelve hours” as indicated by the Messiah. And no day would share its time with another. Each one of the three was to be treated separately from the others. The East Gate for instance was to be open on the Sabbath, closed on the six work days, and opened again on the New Moon day. We are not told that these three different days would “overlap” with each other. Each day is treated separately, on its own, from the others. What would this mean?

YAHUAH’S Economy

This would mean that YAHUAH had an economy that was unknown to me. And quite unlike mine. Both economies had days and weeks, months and years, but the weekly cycle in which I existed was nothing like His. The most obvious difference is that while His economy included “New Moon days,” mine did not. What could be more obvious? Indeed, what could be more different? So then, whose was best, His or mine? Mine came from man, given me without another option, while His had another origin (not man). With New Moon days in His and not in mine, how would this represent any real or significant change? And if it would represent a difference, how significant would it be?

A Revolving Unending Week Cycle 

If New Moon days actually exist, this would represent a serious change from the revolving, unending cycle of seven day weeks to which the world is now so recently become accustomed. It would mean that the weeks were regularly separated by days which YAHUAH calls the “New Moon days,” once a month. And it would be from these days that we get the months (which should not surprise anyone). What did surprise me was that the discovery of these new days would mean that in His economy, the seven day cycle was not without interruption. In other words it had a specific start and would not revolve unendingly as I had always thought it should. There would be at least 12 New Moon days in a year (obviously) and also another, as necessary to fill out an entire year. Man has his own ways of doing this, to make his system come out “right.” But man’s ways are not His ways, in case you had not noticed.

Keeping Sabbath by Accident

This meant that while I had been obedient to keep what I thought was Sabbath, it had only now and then been so, and entirely by accident. It was only a real Sabbath when it fell on one of His Sabbath days in His economy. Do I need to point out that man’s economy cannot produce a real Sabbath. And since my system had no New Moon days, His Sabbaths and mine would only coincide periodically and by accident. What a surprise!

The Sabbath of the Messiah’s Day 

This meant that the Sabbath our Messiah observed did not occur as it now seems to, by those like me who knew no better. In the system popularized and familiar to the modern world, the Sabbath days occur on completely different days than on YAHUAH’S time-system. This, to say the least, was stunning. I plan to observe my first real Sabbath today. It will happen on what the world calls Monday, June 27, 2016. How do I know this? By counting it from the start of the month, or by the full New Moon. What could be more obvious; it is how He does it. What will this mean and how do I think it will be different from what I have always done?

The True Sabbath

This means there really is a true Sabbath (rest). And more, it means there really is a Kingdom. More still, it means there is a Kingdom economy, which is to provide for man. It is not the churches or governments that provide for man’s needs, including more than the spiritual, but also for the physical. It all comes from Him, not from man or from any of his systems.

The Future?

Not just for the last six thousand years, but into the future His Kingdom and economy will continue to deliver. This is not from me, here it is from Him:

“And it shall come to pass, that from one New Moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, says YAHUAH.” Isaiah 66:23

Man is not just to worship Him on Sabbath days, but also on the New Moon days. “From one New Moon to another.” How would you like to be among them? Those who accept and learn to do it now, it will be natural for them to be the ones doing it in the future as well. Or do you think the present system that man has recently put in place should work just as well and should really be preferred for being more convenient?

Show me Your Ways

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