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Step by Step Guide

for Locating the Full New Moon Day


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Welcome to the Step by Step Guide for Locating the Full New Moon Day.  Because the Creator’s Calendars posted on this website are always announced in Pacific Standard Time, it necessitates the importance of each person learning how to determine the precise time the apparent full New Moon Day begins in your own geographic (time zone) location (city, state, country).  For our Creator’s divine plan and purpose of the full New Moon is to synchronize His obedient of earth with His eternal worship rhythms in the shamayim (heavens).

The Creator’s Lunar International Dateline (CLID)

While mankind has created an arbitrary dateline in the Pacific Ocean that corresponds to an artificial paper wall calendar and clock, by default it causes the dates to change out of sync with the Creator’s Lunar International Dateline (CLID) beacon. Most of the time, each lunar date will be bisected by two Gregorian dates causing some folks to be on one Gregorian date and others to be on a different Gregorian date.  But with the full moon as our guide, we are all brought into the same date of the full New Moon day as it is beaconed by the full moon.

Since each month starts in a new location on earth, personal observation will be very instrumental toward gaining an understanding of how it all works. Secondly, it is helpful to utilize modern technology whenever possible for verification, while it is available.

Because we have only been keeping the full New Moon a short time, some things are subject to revision. As we continue to learn, our understanding of the Creator’s rules will continue to be fine-tuned under His leadership. Each new concept is interrelated and enmeshed to several other concepts just as each single strand of yarn is woven together into a finely knit cloth, revealing a perfect fabric of truth.

Just as the sun marks an imaginary line from the North to the South Pole as the earth rotates to begin each new day, so too the sighting of the full New Moon marks the CLID.  Whether one is in the northern or southern hemisphere, the full New Moon will be seen, and sets an imaginary line from pole to pole.

This allows the entire world to be in harmony with the definitive lunar phases, with one phase followed by the next. In this way the earth revolves only once for each lunar phase, from the rising of the full New Moon through to the next full New Moon phase.  The entire world will experience the full New Moon during a single revolution of the earth, allowing commerce and trade to take place across borders, followed the next morning at sunrise with the celebration of New Moon day.  See illustration below.  (Click on image to enlarge it.)

chart-clid-idl 7x96 largest(The process of dividing the world up into the blue or orange divisions each month for posting on our monthly calendar, based upon the CLID, is no longer being done by this website, but the principles still apply, so the chart above is so important to understand.)

Illustrated above, it is shown that most 24 hour lunar dates are bisected by two Gregorian dates as the sun crosses the man-made IDL. In addition to lunar dates being bisected by two Gregorian dates, the same principle applies to astro-luni-solar years and lunar months.

The full New Moon sets the dateline for an entire lunar month, from one New Moon to another (Isaiah 66:23). The weeks and Sabbaths fall within the parameters of the New Moons.

The Sabbath which came down to the Jews from pre-historic [prior to Moses] times was the seventh day of the lunar week. The lunar week and the lunar month gave the simplest form of time division to early man . . . Moon and month meant the same thing. The division of the month into four weeks of seven days . . . and the weekly division begun again at the time of the next new moon. Sunday the World’s Rest Day, “The Sabbath, the Day Which Divine Love Established and Human Love Must Preserve,” Theodore Gilman, p. 479. Published for the New York Sabbath Committee, Doubleday, Page and Company, New York, 1916. [Emphasis mine]
As a result of the above illustration, each new lunar month and its demarcation of days is regularly signaled and established upon the basis of the full New Moon. Together with the sun, it alone is the ordained tool that fixes the time and place of the Creator’s Lunar International Dateline (CLID).

Five Differing Methods for Locating the Full New Moon Day

Here are five differing methods utilized by some full New Moon believers to identify their Rosh Chodesh (New Moon Day), first day of the lunar month.  With each method there are some months in which they will all commence Rosh Chodesh on the same day, and months when they will be a day different.  I have shared my personal thoughts on each one as it relates to consistent observable markers.  But at the end of the day each person must make this a matter of prayer and decide for him or herself.   Ultimately, Yahuah will in His compassion unite us all upon the correct day.

  1. The Book of Enoch Method
    This method teaches that the true full moon only Book of Enoch Methodoccurs on the night that it arises from below the eastern horizon after sunset, in contrast to already being above the horizon at sunset.  The full New Moon Day will always commence the following morning when the first full moon and sun greet each other from opposite horizons.  Yet, in charting this method out over a complete year period, it was discovered that less than half of the months each year produce the Book of Enoch DUAL EVENT results, and half the months do not. In seven out of 12 months of waiting until the full moon arises from below the horizon in the east, the following sunrise will be the second morning that the moon greets the sun from opposite horizons. This system simply does not consistently work with the dual event markers it proclaims.  Add to this the other many inconsistencies on other subjects, and we have found no value in utilizing the Book of Enoch as a source for truth.  (Click on image to enlarge it.)
  2. First full moon that arises after sunset announces the New Moon Day will begin the next morning at sunrise Method.
    Similar to the Book of Enoch Method, this view utilizes only the first of that two part dual event.  This method utilizes as its single observable marker the full moon lunar phase that arises in the east from below the horizon at sunset.  It is this visible night event that announces the New Moon Day (Rosh Chodesh) will commence the next morning at sunrise.  If however, the full moon is already in the sky at sunset, another day is added, making this month a 30 day month.  This method only utilizes the full moon arising at sunset marker and pays no attention to what occurs just prior to moonset the next morning.  Therefore No attention is paid to whether this commencement of the month is begun on the first or second day that the moon greets the sun at sunrise.
  3. Astronomical full moon flash during the dark of night Method.
    If the astronomical full moon flash takes place between sunset and sunrise, the full New Moon day will begin on that very next sunrise.  However, If the astronomical full moon flash takes place during the daylight hours, the full New Moon day will begin the following sunrise.  This method is ONLY viable with modern technology, as it is not based upon any observable event with the naked eye for either the full moon night or full New Moon day.  For the astronomical full moon flash (the split second that the moon is in opposition to the sun) cannot be discerned with the naked eye, and thereby could not have been utilized in antiquity.   This view ignores the surest evidence that the full moon has occurred no matter what NASA says.  For when we can observe the sun and moon on opposite horizons at sunrise, this testifies that the line of opposition (invisible line running from the center of sun through the center of the spherical earth to the center of the full moon) has been crossed by the moon.  As the previous morning at sunrise the moon is not visible above the horizon, and the following morning is the second day the sun and moon are visible at the same time on opposite horizons.
  4. The Jerusalem Longitude Method
    Those few in this category believe the astro-luni-solar year, lunar month and even the calendar date commence and terminate in Jerusalem, making Jerusalem the real International Dateline.  However, there are many problems with this method:  1) The Creator created a large spherical earth.  2) He told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiple and fill the earth.  3) Those occupying other continents for 95% of the last 6,000 years had no way to communicate with Jerusalem, nor were they even aware of their existence, and by extension were not able to synchronize themselves with Jerusalem 4) Today, by way of technological advances, we can know when the month begins for Jerusalem, yet it is illogical to believe that this method was ever required by the Creator previous to the last 100 years. 5)  If the Creator intended Jerusalem to be the commencement of His clock/calendar, the moon would consistently become full in that location first, but it does not.  6) If the moon did not exist at all, we could surmise many things.  But the fact that the moon does exist, we find that it is the appointed observable instrument in the shamayim (heavens) to beacon the true mobile Creator’s Lunar International Dateline (CLID).  And strikingly, time exists in the present, wherever one lives.
  5. First morning the full moon greets the sun from opposite horizons Method
    1) The eastern and western horizons are the Creator’s lines of demarcation and orientation.  2) There is a dual requirement that the moon must visibly appear full on the eastern horizon near sunset, and then remain in the sky long enough to greet the sun from the western horizon at sunrise. 3) The moon is considered full on the night the sun sets in the west and the moon is anywhere from 12 degrees above the eastern horizon to 12 degrees below at sunset.  4) The full moon in its brilliancy (G#4582 – Selene – brilliant moon) shines the whole night through, from its rise to its set together with a specific starry constellation. Revelation 12:1, Tehilim (Psalms) 72:5-9, MatithYAHU (Matthew) 24:27.  5) Yet with all this said, the SUREST SIGN confirming that the full moon has indeed occurred, and that the New Moon Day (Rosh Chodesh) has commenced, is on the morning that the first observable full moon greets the sun for the first time from the opposite horizon prior to moonset.  6) When we can observe the sun and moon on opposite horizons at sunrise, this testifies that the line of opposition (invisible line running from the sun through the spherical earth to the center of the full moon) has been crossed by the moon. For the previous morning at sunrise the moon is not visible above the horizon, and the following morning is the second day that the sun and moon are observable from opposite horizons. 7) We have chosen this method because its natural observable markers consistently synchronize the full New Moon Day (Rosh Chodesh) with the first morning the moon greets the sun from opposite horizons after crossing over the line of opposition.

Occasionally NASA as well as Time and Date identify the full moon as occurring after the sun and moon have already greeted each other prior to moonset.  Yet, how can this be true, as the only way we can observe the two greeting each other in the early morning sky is because the moon has already crossed the line of opposition also referred to as full moon flash. While this can be unsettling for some, we continue to believe and follow this observable manifestation as it remains the BEST and SUREST SIGN that indeed the full New Moon Day has begun.  This is the very sort of visible marker a loving Creator displays for His trusting and obedient children of all ages.

It is recommended that each of you find when the true full moon will exhibit itself in your local night sky as a gauge to determine when it will appear along with the sun in the morning sky on New Moon Day. We recommend the following link to compare moonrise/sunset and sunrise/moonset times for your location:  Time and Date

Please feel free to share your discoveries as we travel this road together, that the following may be said of us:

Those from among you shall build the old waste places; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Paths [of the Creator’s Calendar] to dwell In.  YashaYAHU (Isaiah) 58:12  

Stellarium Image Illustrations

The following images are from Stellarium software illustrating first the sunset/moonrise followed the next morning with sunrise/moonset oriented from the Northern Hemisphere on Pacific Standard Time. The orientation is facing south, and the green line is the visible horizon.

chart-locating-full-new-moon-day-1 chart-locating-full-new-moon-day-2


How You Can Achieve These Results

This is all about comparing the moonrise with the sunset on the night prior, but even more importantly, comparing the sunrise with the moonset the following morning for the commencement of New Moon day. Please be advised there are times that the official full moon at sunset does not produce a full moon on the horizon with the sun the next morning.

As mentioned before, there are times, once or twice a year that the moon will appear together with the sun on opposite horizons for 5-30 minutes, yet www.timeanddate.com  shows that the moon has not reached its 100% full for 1-4 hours.

At this time The Creator’s Calendar Team believe that when this occurs we must consistently choose to follow the visible manifestation of the full moon’s appearance together with the sun at sunrise. We believe this to be the best choice because 100 to 6,000 years ago no one on earth had technical instruments to aid them other than what they could know to be true with the naked eye.  So we maintain that the visible moon in the west, along with the rays of the sun in the east at sunrise constitutes the commencement of the month. 

The moon must be in its whole state (visibly round) before disappearing below the horizon (a five minute period of time), but only the first rays of the sun are required and not the whole sun, as sunrise commences with the first rays. We have not found any visible qualifier for recognizing the moment of Full Moon Flash without the aid of technologies that were not available during the previous 5,900 years.

  1. Click on this link to TimeandDate.com 
  2. Choose your Country, State, and City most closely representing your longitude line north and south.
  3. Choose the Month, Year and Body (choose Moon first), then (choose rise/set), and click SHOW.
  4. First look down the right hand column for the Full Moon.  It will be important to jot down the moonrise and moonset for three dates: the date prior, the date suggested as Full Moon and the date following.
  5. Go back up to the Month, Year and Body, and choose (Sun), rise/set, and SHOW. Now choose the same dates you choose for the moonrise/moonset times and write the sunrise/sunset times next to them.  Verify this by utilizing Stellarium, the free downloadable astronomical software.

For a thorough comparison it could look something like this:

lunar-month-calculating-formClick HERE to open a Blank Chart for documenting your own sunrise/moonset records.

In all four months shown in this model, the moon arises after sunset the night prior to the moon being yet visible on the opposite horizon at sunrise. In the six months that follow these, the moon rises prior to sunset, yet it remains in the sky the next morning at sunrise to declare New Moon day has begun.

All of this may be a little tricky at first, but it is all about comparing the moonrise with the sunset on the night prior and even more importantly, comparing the sunrise with the moonset the following morning. It’s that simple.

Bottom line, the visible rules predominately support the fact that the most important comparison is not at night after all, but at sunrise the next morning, the commencement of New Moon day itself. If the apparent full moon is visible at sunrise, then this is the best confirmation that the New Moon day has begun. It illustrates visibly that the alignment of the moon, earth and sun occurred within the 24 hours previous and that the new month has indeed begun. It is recommended to take every opportunity to make this your own visible experience. For this is a sanctified and marvelous event to take in the visible display of the full moon arising the last night of the previous month to make its journey across the sky together with the constellations, and culminate together with the sun for the refreshing of a new month.


Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the splendor of Yahuah is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but Yahuah will arise over you, and His splendor will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your [the] light and kings to the brightness of your [its] rising.  Isaiah 60:1-3

If you have any questions or input regarding this step by step guide, feel free to send an email.

May Yahuah guide you as you seek Him, the Father of Lights.   YAHcob (James) 1:17

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