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The Gold Standard of Our Creator’s Eternal Timepiece


Leviticus 24:1-4 Full Article in PDF

Presented in this Hebrew interlinear Word Study, you will find the very KEY OF TIME itself. For it has been discovered that the MENORAH IS THE GOLD STANDARD OF THE CREATOR’S ETERNAL TIMEPIECE.  It alone is the unadulterated and levitically uncontaminated candlestick beacon of TIME. The Menorah, as the standard of time, was masterminded by the Eternal Father for the purpose of sustaining His qodesh Statutes (fixed prophetic appointments) upon the earth amidst those who would seek to hide its truths from those earnestly seeking.

In the event that the Eternal Father’s sacred qadosh calendar record in Scripture were ever to be tampered with, this Menorah was to beacon His changeless Statutes from its divinely FIXED lunar phase branches.  It was to sustain our Creator’s full New Moons, lunar Sabbaths, and Feast Days if fraudulently changed according to the dictates of the crooked Israelites or the Beast Power spoken of in Daniel 7:25.  For we have it on good authority that the Beast power would seek to change “times and laws.”  Might this refer to all units of time, and the laws to the keeping of the true lunar Sabbath and the correct Feast Days?

All those at the end of time, who seek for truth as for buried treasure, who walk in the light they have been given, will be given more.  It is the conviction of this website that we are being called to restore this PURIFYING GOLD STANDARD, so that Yahuah’s New Moons, lunar Sabbaths, and Feast Days will find their rightful placements.

In the Eternal’s foreknowledge, might He have known that liberties would be taken by the Jewish leaders and lying pen of scribes (Titus 1:14; Jeremiah 8:8), to corrupt the Feast Day lay out in Scripture? While this appears to be an arrogant declaration or supposition, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the evidence and test it for yourself. It will either prove to be true or not.

“All truth passes through three stages. 
First, it is ridiculed.
Second it is violently opposed.
And third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860

Strikingly, we have discovered that the TRUE AND ORIGINAL Feast Days of Yahuah were FIXED in position to be beaconed predominantly at two times of the lunar month, on the full moon and the dark conjunction lunar phase, but with one exception.  This exception is the Last Great Day, the Eighth Day (Yom Shimini), the very last of the Feast days that follows after the seven days of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). Thus, each Feast Day can only occur either on the night of the full moon or on one of two nights of the dark conjunction lunar phase, and the last Feast occurring on the third quarter phase of the full moon lunar cycle.

According to the Menorah Standard, not even one Feast Day could occur on any other lunar phase or date other than the full New Moon or the dark conjunction days of their respective lunar months, or the last quarter phase. This presentation will identify why the full moon is the only lunar phase ever recognized as the New Moon by our Creator and Messiah.

No doubt each person reading this Article/Word Study has come to this place only because the Ruach (Yahuah’s Presence) has been leading. Some of you may be currently following a crescent New Moon, or a dark conjunction. Others of you may have never recognized the value the Creator places on the New Moon. Still, others of you, no matter what lunar phase you are keeping feel compelled to keep the qadosh Feast Days according to Leviticus 23 pattern currently printed in most Bibles, and you are free to do so. But please consider that the Eternal Father Yahuah may know something we have not known, and that He continues to lead His trusting followers ever forward.

What you are about to read may change all this, but I only ask that your heart remains open to His leading, and not mine. Each of us must continue to be like the Bereans who first hear the word, then study to show ourselves approved unto Yahuah. If we do these two steps, we can never be in error for long.

the-menorah-the-gold-standard-of-our-creator's-eternal-timepieceSetting the Stage

These four verses from Leviticus 24 arise on the heels of the Leviticus 23 presentation of what we have all assumed for the most part, was the correct layout of all Yahuah’s sacred Feast Days at the time of Moses. Yet, it is here, in the Hebrew Word Study of Leviticus 24 (also compare Exodus 27:21), where the Eternal’s KEYS OF TIME lay unfettered and unchanged, standing larger than life as the original FEAST DAY STANDARD. If this is true, as the evidence upholds, Yahuah’s honest and obedient must make every effort to compare all Feast Day candidates to the ETERNAL AND UNCHANGING PROPHETIC STANDARD OF HIS TIME-CENTRIC MENORAH.

“And declared Yahuah unto Moses saying,” Leviticus 24:1

Verse 1 identifies that it is Yahuah, the Eternal, who is instructing Moses regarding the Testimony of the mo’ed.  This gives impact and gravity to the importance of the verses that follow it

And then the moon, ever punctual to mark the times, [as] an everlasting sign:  It is the moon that signals the Feasts, a luminary that wanes after being full The month derives its name from hers.  She waxes wonderfully in her phases, a banner of the hosts on high, shining in the vault of heaven [the shamayim]. Ecclesiasticus 43:6-8, circ.19-180 B.C.

As the explanation unfolds, we find ourselves in the pivotal landscape of the wilderness Sanctuary in which Moses was commanded to erect the Tabernacle according to the pattern shown him on the mount. This was the beginning of an era of over 1,500 years in which the Temple/Tabernacle was the focal point of Israel’s covenant with Yahuah. It was this earthly structure that was to be the model in types and shadows of the entire revealed plan of salvation that was to be performed by the promised Messiah. Absolutely everything performed for our understanding was based upon two factors simultaneously. These are TIME and EVENT. Each event was time-centric to a prearranged order in the shamayim (heavens).  

The temple is the arena of cosmic themes.
 ~ Rabbi Kieem

The Menorah Symbol for Israel Changed to the Star of David

Menorah coin issued by Mattathia Antigonus in 40 BC

During this time-period the uncontroverted symbol of the obedient children of Israel, was the Menorah. It was placed on their coins, and all things Hebrew.  This symbol was only replaced by the Star of David, when the FIXED time principles of the Menorah standard were no longer honored by the Nation of Israel.

This occurred by degrees between the crucifixion of the Messiah in A.D. 31 and the time of Hillel II, when he legislated upon the Jews, under persecution of Rome, the new calendar model with its Rules of Postponement for calculation purposes, in A.D. 358. It was these Rules of Postponement that allowed the Jews to harmonize their new lunar Feast Day count to a solar calendar model. Under pressure from Rome, they were also forced to give up their lunar Sabbath, but all the while causing it to appear that the Jews have always kept a continuous weekly cycle and a dark conjunction New Moon with all the cumbersome Rules of Postponement.

The very fact that the Rules of Postponement were necessary as an interface to blend the two calendar styles, is monumental evidence that this modern time-measuring system is fraudulent.  It reveals that the Feast Days and seventh-day Sabbaths had previously been wholly beaconed by the single astro-luni-solar calendar model. 

Scriptural Evidence

Although it was first proclaimed by Rome that the Feast Days of Yahuah had ended at the crucifixion of the Messiah, ALL Rome’s daughters, identified today as Christian Churches, have followed suit with this same proclamation. the-menorahYet, remarkably Daniel 9:27 details what was to end at the crucifixion. 

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation [grain offering] to cease . . .  Daniel 9:27

It was the sacrifices of animals and the grain offering upon earth’s stage that ended at the crucifixion.  Never was another animal to give up its life for a sinner, because that was to be the first work of the living Messiah, who paid the price once for all.  By default, this caused the Kohen’s work of the earthly Tabernacle to end as there was nothing left for them to do. Thus, the earthly Tabernacle in types and shadows had to end, because the true was now commencing on the same time-centric model, but with the promised Messiah in the shamayim Tabernacle above.  For He alone was to be the Lamb, Kohen, and King. All of the Messiah’s ministry was focused on behalf of redeeming the hearts of mankind back to the Father, that they may be synchronized perfectly, mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

Know you not that you are the temple of Yahuah, and that the Ruach of Yahuah dwells in you? 1 Corinthians 3:16

Know you not that your body is the temple of the Ruach, which is in you, which you have of Yahuah, and you are not your own? 1Corinthians 6:19

Fixed Set-Time Events

But the Feast Days were FIXED SET-TIME events directly dependent upon the shamayim (sun, moon, and stars in the heavens) and the time-centric work of the Messiah, and were NOT DEPENDENT UPON THE EARTHLY TEMPLE, ITSELF. During the years that the Tabernacle was in full operation upon earth, it had been orchestrated in harmony with the shamayim, but the reverse was never true. The shamayim (sun, moon, and stars) was never dependent upon the Tabernacle services. So when the earthly Tabernacle, with its sacrifices and oblations finally came to an end, it marked the moment that the true Temple, not made with hands, moved into full operation, as the true LAMB, the Melchizedek Kohen, our Messiah commenced that work above. Thus, the Feast Days, as prophetic FIXED TIME promises of a better way through the Messiah in the shamayim Tabernacle, continued forward perpetually into eternity.

But now has He obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also He is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises.  Hebrews 8:6

Only the People of the Aleph and Tav Covenant bring the Pure Oil

“Appoint the Aleph and Tav covenanted children of YAishraEL and they shall bring unto you olive oil beaten pure and clean for the luminary lamp to burn perpetually.  Leviticus 24:2

In Verse 2 the Israelites at the time of Moses are identified as those who were part of the Aleph and Tav Covenant. For only those who were purified in the Covenant could legitimately bring olive oil beaten, pure and clean according to Yahuah’s specifications. For this was to be no ordinary oil, but it was to be qadosh (sacred), as it was to be the fuel consumed by the luminaries in the Temple of Yahuah, as perpetual signals of His qodesh set-apart Feast Days, carrying the promise of the Messiah. The role of these luminaries was to shed LIGHT upon the pathway of the Messiah so mankind could understand His work, and that they may follow Him (the LAMB) whither soever He goes, as He journeys through each of the phases of His seven-part ministry in the Temple not made with human hands.


This image above is illustrating the difference between the Eternal’s FIXED lunar-astro time system and the solar time-measuring systems of Babylon, Egypt, Rome, and Book of Enoch. The Menorah is announcing New Year’s Day as depicted on the east branch with a full New Moon in the eastern night sky against the backdrop of the ruling starry constellation Bethula (Virgo) (Revelation 12:1), all from earth’s vantage point.

the-menorah-the-gold-standard-of-our-creator's-eternal-timepieceIn contrast, each of the solar time systems measure time from the earth through the sun in the west prior to setting against the backdrop of starry constellations that are not even visible. All solar measuring systems that utilize a lunar phase employ the dark conjunction or count an additional day to the crescent as day one. In this way they apply things that cannot be seen for results that cannot be visualized. Using this system, on occasion the dark moon will cover the sun, in a solar eclipse, and the stars are not visible by day. As a result, there is a perfect alignment of the occult: the dark moon, dark sun, and invisible stars.

Application to Our Day

At this pinnacle end-time period in which we live, all the nations of the world are coming together to launch the official New World Order, unified for a common purpose that is NOT under the banner of the Eternal. Folks, this is nothing short of a repeat in concept, of the days of Babylon a few hundred years following the flood. That was when all the people under the leadership of Nimrod (delegate of Satan) arose up to 1) build a city; 2) and a tower, for the purpose of reaching to the shamayim; 3) and to create a name for themselves in rebellion to the NAME of Yahuah, and as a mark of honor, power, and fame. And we know how that story ended.

This time there will also be a dispersal of people, but it will be Yahuah’s people, who will be the targeted enemy of the New World Order. Yet, Yahuah will protect His people from the ravages of the seven last plagues, and the angry nations of the earth because they 1) obediently keep His commandments and honor His Torah law; 2) and they will hold to the testimony of Yahusha their true Messiah. This allows them to know what is coming and when, and that Yahuah is in control.” This does not simply mean that they believe in Yahusha the Messiah. Rather, it ties His obedient people to His set-apart Feast Days that they keep according to the TESTIMONY of the MO’ED SYMBOL according to the true Tabernacle of the Testimony, which is according to the lunar order of the MENORAH in the shamayim (heavens).

For it is the Menorah that testifies of all the work of the Messiah on behalf of restoring sinners back to the Eternal Father. It does not just represent the Feast Days, but it gives the precise and exact day that each event occurs for us to rehearse  yearly until all is fulfilled to the honor of Yahuah in real time. Praise Yahuah!!!

Friends, now is the time that Yahuah wants to purify a covenant people in preparation for the coming events, who will obediently walk in His Torah, keep all His time-centric Statutes (Feast Days), and know His Judgments. For He is the ALEPH AND TAV, THE FIRST AND THE LAST, THE BEGINNING AND THE END. Today is the day to choose if you will be His covenant people, and His purifying oil to burn brightly for His PROPHETIC APPOINTED FIXED TIME SYSTEM, AS SIGNALED IN HIS TABERNACLE OF THE TESTIMONY. THIS IS BEACONED BY HIS CHANGELESS MENORAH, WHICH ANNOUNCES OUR MESSIAH’S SOON RETURN.

The Menorah – the Testimony Outside the Veil

From outside the veil, THE TESTIMONY IN THE TABERNACLE is the MO’ED, THE PROPHETIC APPOINTED FIXED TIME SIGNAL.  Aaron, the High Priest shall arrange it in order, keeping it from ALEPH TO TAV, FIRST TO LAST, from SUNSET UNTIL SUNRISE before the presence of Yahuah perpetually, as A STATUTE OF FIXED-TIME LIMITS forever for your revolutions of time. Leviticus 24:3

In Verse 3 this great TESTIMONY for Yahuah’s MO’ED (H#4150), AS THE PROPHETIC APPOINTED FIXED TIME SIGNAL, is described as being in the Tabernacle of the Testimony, just outside the inner veil. This Testimony of the luminaries was to be arranged by Aaron the High Kohen. Aaron was the earthly type of the Messiah (in the role of Kohen), who was also NOT A LEVITE, along with Abraham and Moses, but of the blood line of the promised Melchizedek (Righteous King). 


The guidelines were given that this TESTIMONY OF THE MO’ED was to be arranged in a specific order, preserving it from first to last, during the period from SUNSET TO SUNRISE ONLY.  This was a most sacred thing, and must be kept from losing its significance. Not just any order would be sufficient, and none of Aaron’s arranging could occur during the daylight. Simply said, the “SUN” COULD NOT BE PRESENT!  Strikingly, take note that this special attention to this luminary testimony was to occur only during the dark of night, the period when the MOON RULES TOGETHER WITH THE STARS.

This arranging was to be accomplished before the presence of Yahuah perpetually, as a Statute of Set-time Limits, forever for your revolutions of time. It appears that this may have been a daily event for Aaron, but it could have been on an “as needed” basis for specific occasions every month or year as a perpetual ordinance forever. But whatever the case it was to be consistent, for the purpose of preserving its significance as it related to YAHUAH’S MO’ED, THE PROPHETIC APPOINTED FIXED TIME-SYSTEM.

  1. According to what has been revealed thus far, is it fair to say that this Testimony of Prophetic Set-time Limits is signaling or highlighting something that only occurs following sunset?
  2. Might it be that this Testimony is connected in some way to the description in the verse below?
    “It shall be established forever like the moon, even like the perpetual testimony (witness) in the sky.” Psalms 89:37
  3. Might it be that this testimony is entirely orchestrated by the FIXED set-time of the moon, which was ordained in Genesis 1:16 to rule with the stars by night, to represent the work of Yahusha the Messiah?
  4. Based upon the location of this luminary witness being identified as outside the veil, might the veil carry a significant role in this story line? For it is common knowledge that the veil protected the officiating Kohen from being consumed by the brilliance of Yahuah’s presence revealed by His Shekinah that rested above the Ark of the Covenant at the west end of the Tabernacle. Representing the sun at sunset.
  5. While the moon appears to be the primary focus that gives its testimony, might its east/west position in relation to sunset in the west, be symbolized by the Shekinah brilliance being behind the veil in the west?
Statutes of Fixed Time

The last point in Verse 3 recognizes the FIXED STATUTE OF SET-TIME LIMITS. How often have we read in Scripture the phrase, “the Torah, Statutes, and Judgments,” and not fully understood that the term Statute refers to PROPHETIC FIXED SET-TIME APPOINTMENTS? I added the word prophetic, because FIXED SET-TIME identified in advance is always prophetic. This verse identifies that these cyclical appointments are to be kept forever for your revolutions of time. This revolution of time IS NOT SOLAR, as this ordered system occurs only after the sun has set. This is all about the revolutions of the moon that cycles from full New Moon to full New Moon.  And all things are measured from east to west as they are visible.


From one full New Moon to another represents one lunation. Each numbered lunar phase above begins its 24 hour orbit from this position at sunset. Profoundly, it is self-evident that each lunar phase demarcates one of 29-30 calendar dates each lunar month. This illustrates that only two lunar phases reside upon the horizon line at sunset. These are the full moon and the dark conjunction lunar phase. One at the beginning of the lunar month and the other in the middle.

Notice how each lunar phase has precisely the same amount of light shining on it from the perspective of the sun or space. But from the perspective of the Earth at the center of its orbit, every lunar phase is unique and different from the others. So depending on its position along the lunar orbit, it will be either a waning (decreasing in light) or a waxing (increasing in light) lunar phase.


This image above illustrates three months or three lunations, each commencing their lunar month with the full New Moon.

The Menorah the Gold Standard of Our Creator’s Eternal Timepiece   

Accordingly, THE MENORAH is the UNADULTERATED, AND LEVITICALLY UNCONTAMINATED PURIFIER, which He shall arrange in its order from FIRST to LAST as the LAMP before the presence of Yahuah perpetually.”  Leviticus 24:4

Here in Verse 4 we find that all the significance is given to the MO’ED PROPHETIC APPOINTED FIXED TIME-SIGNAL outside the veil, yet within the Tabernacle of the Testimony, it is specifically describing the Menorah. For it is the Menorah that is the unadulterated, levitically uncontaminated purifying STANDARD. All the Eternal’s Feast Days must be compared with this PURIFYING GOLD STANDARD.

the-menorah-the-gold-standard-of-our-creator's-eternal-timepieceThe MENORAH is pure and perfect as an arranged symbol of the order of the FEAST DAYS from FIRST to LAST. For it is the special candlestick that stands before the presence of Yahuah perpetually. It is by reason of this that the purpose of the Feast Days that are described in the previous chapter of Leviticus 23 regarding the MENORAH is found to stand as the unchangeable Testimony before Yahuah.  For it resides in the Tabernacle of the Testimony outside the veil, before the presence of Yahuah perpetually.

The Menorah orrery is all about the MOON with no visible SUN involved, as it was to be cared for specifically from sunset until sunrise, the time that only the MOON and stars rule in the shamayim. The Menorah Orrery, is a planetarium that illustrates the full moon and conjunction lunar phases only from the perspective of earth.

Menorah Feast Days Compared to Leviticus 23

The image below illustrates that these are not just any lunar months in random order, but rather each commences with New Year’s Day on the first day of Abib in the spring. It is the Menorah that appoints each Feast Day event and fastens it to a specific lunar phase giving us the very calendar date of each event that the Messiah is working out on mankind’s behalf.

Note that from the commencement of each full New Moon the progression of time along each monthly orbit of the lunar phases begins with the SIGNAL of the FULL MOON as the true New Moon announcing the month begins the following morning at sunrise.  Each successive night the waning phases follow until the middle of the month after the light is entirely extinguished, the crescent is followed by each night by the waxing phases. In all cases the middle of the month is marked by the dark conjunction lunar phases, represented on the west side of the center line. The perpendicular center staff signifies earth and earth’s 6,000 year timeline from Creation to the Second Coming.

lunar phase menorah w datesIn the Tabernacle of the Testimony of the earthly Temple, first in the wilderness Sanctuary and then later in the Temple at Jerusalem, was placed the Menorah orrery. Perhaps it is the oldest and most famous orrery of all time. While not generally recognized as an orrery of time, it is strikingly different from all the others. For it demarcates FIXED LUNAR DATES, NOT SOLAR. With arms that sweep out in quarter rounds, they do not move. The Menorah is SET IN TIME as three branches reach to the east and three to the west, signaling only the Eternal’s qodesh lunar Feast Day layout.

It appears that Mt. Zion is the reference to where the Menorah stood in the Temple.  But it may be more accurate to define it as Mt. Zion is wherever YAHUAH and YAHUSHA are worshiped according to His correct astro-lunar-solar time-measuring model as embodied by the Menorah.  If this is the case, it means that no matter where you live upon this spherical earth, you have the KEYS that synchronize you to the worship rhythms of the New Yahrushalom, and are granted entrance into the ETERNAL KINGDOM OF YAH!!!  HalleluYah!  Jerusalem in Israel is not a required destination point for His obedient.

Here are the two views side by side for comparison.  While I have chosen to illustrate the last three Feast Days on the sixth month, the jury is still out on whether this was indeed the sixth or the seventh month.  As this is a work in progress.  I remain open to dialog on this. But note that each Feast Day event falls on a consistent progression from full moon to dark moon, full moon to dark moon, etc., but with the exception of the final Feast of Yom Shemini, which occurs on the 3/4 lunar phase. 

the-menorah-the-gold-standard-of-our-creator's-eternal-timepieceWithin the Tabernacle of the Testimony, both Shekinah and the Menorah are light sources. It appears that the Shekinah is as the sun, and the lights on the Menorah represent the moon. There is a logical possibility that each branch of the Menorah was only lit in accordance with the time of year and its Feast day.  So on Rosh Hashanah (New Year’s Day in spring) the far left branch in the east may have been the only branch lit. Then 14 days later both the outer branches may have been lit, and so on.  

The arms of this orrery are fixed to denote specific, immovable prophetic time, or history in advance. No one can know this prophetic time or make this known except the Creator of time itself, and the progenitors of Salvation for fallen mankind. But He is now making His time-centered events known to mankind through His GOLD STANDARD, the Menorah Orrery lunar time map.

Menorah Facts
  1. The Menorah stood for approximately 1,500 years along the southern wall of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in the presence of Yahuah. It existed for the entire duration of the Tabernacle, whether of the wilderness model or the Jerusalem Temple. Also, it held a primary role that was to be visible and understood by the officiating Kohens, but not merely as a piece of art, but as a transcendent prophetic time revealer of the Eternal.
  2. The Menorah is entirely made of one beaten work of gold. (Exodus 25:31)
  3. Three FIXED branches reached to the east and three to the west. (Exodus 25:32)
  4. The visible Menorah branches illustrate only waning

    Menorah: An ancient black glass token.

    lunar phases, from the full New Moon beacon in the east, swooping down and around to the dark conjunction lunar phase in the west. If the dark conjunction lunar phase or crescent were the true New Moon the Menorah of necessity would need to be upside down.  No doubt it is for this reason, among others, that the Menorah can no longer be the symbol for the Jews, as it only demonstrates a system 180 degrees opposite of their current calendar system that commences with the crescent lunar phase.
  5. Each lunar phase symbolized along the sweeping arms of the Menorah marks its starting position at precisely sunset. So when we see the lunar phase during the day light hours these are only an interim position of that visible lunar phase.
  6. The seven branches represent the full circuit of each lunar month, although only half of the circuit is needed, as this portrays the horizon line upon which only the full moon arises in the east, and the dark moon sets with the sun in the west.
  7. The center staff represents earth, and so from this vantage point the lunar phases on the branches to the east can only be full moons, while those to the west can only be dark conjunction lunar phases.
  8. The East Gate can only be associated with the full New Moon as it is the only lunar phase that arises in the east when it rules, as do the sun, and stars. (Genesis 1:16)
  9. When transported, it was to be covered in cloth of blue, identifying it as of the shamayim. (Numbers 4:9)
  10. It was described as a candlestick with seven pipes with seven lamps thereon. (Zechariah 4:2) But this may be a reference connect to the seven trumpets of Revelation.
  11. A day is as a thousand years. (2 Peter 3:8) This verse is describing a truth about the Menorah’s center shaft, represented by the six knobs, and then the final seventh at the top. This provides evidence for six thousand years of earth’s history and a seventh (period of 1,000 years), when the Righteous will be taken by the Messiah to live with Him.
  12. The term Orrery is derived from the Hebrew word “ore” (H#216 אור). Therefore it does appear that the Hebrew’s were once familiar with the concept of the Menorah being an Orrery. (Genesis 1:3)
  13. Because the Feast Days identify the full plan of Salvation, the Menorah was the time-centric model that stood in the Tabernacle to demonstrate that each Feast Day event to be performed by the Messiah was permanently FIXED in time to a precise lunar phase. It TESTIFIED that all was preset according to the APPOINTED TIME as governed by the Eternal Father.
  14. Here at the end of time, as we seek truths from the book of Revelation, we find much in the way of reference to the seven golden luminaries of the Menorah. Might it be that Yahuah is calling us to recognize that His Menorah held the secrets of His 1) Astro-luni-solar Calendar; 2) New Moons; 3) Qodesh Feast Days; 4) Lunar Sabbaths; 5) Age of the Earth; 6) Assurance for His Righteous; 6) The secrets of Revelations End-Time Prophecy; 7) Announces the Day of the Second Coming; 8) Even declares the date when the Qodesh City, the New Jerusalem will come down from Yahuah out of the Shamayim, as Yahusha makes His Eternal home upon Earth. (Revelation 21:10)

Folks, the bottom line is that Satan’s all-out attack on the Eternal Father was aimed at Yahuah’s entire TIME-MEASURING model of WORSHIP, for Satan’s most pompous declaration was:

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into the shamayim! I will exalt my throne above the stars of Alahim! I will sit also upon the mount [har] of the congregation [mo’ed #4150 – fixed worship assemblies], in the sides [#3411 relates to #3405 moon] of the north [the east and west positions of YAHUAH’S FIXED FEAST DAY LUNAR PHASES]!  I will ascend above the heights of the clouds! I will be like the most High! Isaiah 14:13-14 

In order to hurt the Eternal Father, Satan’s aim has always been to lead mankind away from their Creator and from honoring Him according to His eternally FIXED laws of time and His sacred Worship Appointments. Who are we to say that the Feast Days have never been messed with, when that is defined in the verse above as the PRIMARY TARGET OF THE ENEMY OF YAHUAH AND HIS RIGHTEOUS FOLLOWERS?

Finally, it is the redemptive work of Yahusha the Messiah that is quantified by the Menorah, eternally signaling His seven part work from first to last as the Aleph and Tav.

And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.  Revelation 22:12-13

As we invite the Ruach (Yahuah’s presence) to indwell in our heart temples, may we be filled with His purifying oil that our lamps may burn eternally for Yahuah.  My prayer is that we may each be counted among the wise, who have their lamps trimmed and burning in preparation for Yahusha’s soon return. 

At the end of the day, I recognize this subject to be a great leap, and so I simply ask that you consider this possibility.

Kerrie L. French

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