My doctrinal paradigms have not changed because of the following story, but rather in Yahuah’s divine plan, He has used it to confirm to me what I have in the last few years discovered through Scripture study and prayer. The first step was to humbly declare my willingness to obediently walk in the new light of Scripture as it would be revealed.  With this in mind, I now share my dream and journey, and pray it will encourage another seeker of truth as revealed by the Father of Lights (James 1:17).

My Dream and Journey began in 1970, when I was 13.  Dad was a workaholic seeking fame and fortune in the van camper industry. Mom did her best trying to keep everything together in the home. From an early age she consistently taught us children our Sabbath School lesson and took us to church every Saturday and Pathfinders on Tuesday nights. My two brothers and I attended our local Seventh-day Adventist church school from the time I was in 4th grade. In addition, I had a dear grandmother who was a prayer warrior, and whom loved me very much.
While I had always loved school, and was a good student, seventh grade was different. There was one girl in the grade above me that was making my life miserable. It was a period of intense unhappiness, and felt that I was under a dark cloud. One particular evening while doing my homework in the living room, my Mom came in to ask or tell me something. I do not recall now why I became enraged, which was out of character for me. Most likely I was frustrated with a paper I was writing, but I stood to my feet and threw my school books at her. Then I ran to the safety of the bathroom and locked the door. But while there alone in the bathroom I began crying out to Yahusha, the Messiah for help. I felt so angry, guilty, and remorseful, all in one. I did not know why I was empty, unhappy and utterly miserable. Why did I feel so ugly inside? Where was the joy and happiness? Life had no meaning or purpose. I then asked Him for help. After what seemed like hours I finally came out and went straight to bed, for I wasn’t yet ready to meet up with my Mom.
That night I had a dream that lasted all night. I had never had a dream like it previously, nor since. This dream was in high definition and living color. The scene opened and there I was alone with Yahusha standing in the expansive universe. I experienced His love in that he understood my deepest self. From this vantage point the earth was visible as well as the sun, the moon, and the stars. He was dressed in white and had the Scriptures in His left hand. With His right hand He began pointing to specific lights in the universe around us. He was teaching me things I had never heard before regarding the sun, moon, and stars. After that He went through the entire Scripture, verse by verse, from Genesis to Revelation, showing me from the Scriptures that what He was teaching me was also written there. I remember feeling overwhelmed, that there was no way I could remember all that He showed me. He assured me that I had no need to worry as all would be brought to light in due time.
When I awoke the next morning, my life was profoundly changed, for I had been with Yahusha, the Son of Yahuah. While I could recall with vividness the scene, I could not recall even one Scripture verse He had shown me. Also, I could not recall the details of what He was teaching about the sun, moon, and stars. At the time this was most disconcerting. For if I shared it with anyone it would appear that I had made it up, as I could not recall the content of the message. All I was left with was the scene as He pointed to the sun, moon, and stars and then verified it in many, many places in Scripture.
I then went directly to my mom’s bedroom where I found her making her bed. I first told her how truly sorry I was for becoming so angry, and for throwing the books at her. I asked her to please forgive me. Then I told her of my experience, that overnight my life had been changed by the love of the Messiah.  I told her of the dream and that it had something to do with the sun, moon, and stars. I told her how He loved me, a mere child, enough to spend a whole night with me showing me lessons for the future, and revealed that I was to have a part in it.
I could not then, or even now fully wrap my mind around this profound encounter.  In my anger, He had brought me peace; in my loneliness He had shown me friendship; for my sadness He gave me joy; and in my hopelessness He gave me a future.
As the years rolled by I often leaned on this encounter with a loving Savior when life was difficult, and just as often I forgot the experience of how He would continue to lead me. Other than my mom, I never shared it with another soul until I was 50.
On several occasions over the years I have prayed and asked Yahuah for guidance as to what these things meant. But no light was given.
Shortly after my 50th birthday, I was driving home through the canyon from town. The full moon was up and came into view as I maneuvered my car around the many turns. I began talking to Yahusha, and asking what the purpose is for the many differing phases of the moon. I said, “I am now 50, how long must I wait before you reveal to me the meaning of the dream you gave me 37 years ago?” Then all of a sudden it dawned on me, that He was waiting for me, rather than the other way around. He would reveal these truths to me only when I would seek Him with all my heart. I was overcome with the reality of my need of Him and His truths from Scripture.
Arriving home, I got on my knees and asked Him to change my life again, and to bring me into harmony with Him. I asked Him to teach me new light as it is in Scripture and to equip me with obedience to walk in that new light. Once again He gave me a renewed heart and joy. I knew something incredible was about to happen, and I lived the next few days with anticipation.
Through the course of events, and my newly established photography business, I had an invitation to photograph a wedding. On July 13, 2007, two days prior to the wedding I met with the bride to discuss her photo needs and to check out the wedding location.
Just before I left, the bride to be shared with me that she and her soon to be husband, were enthusiastically studying Scripture. When I shared that I had missed them both at church, she said, “We’ve discovered that Saturday is not the true Scriptural seventh-day Sabbath.” She then went on to say, “This month the sacred seventh-day Sabbath falls on the pagan Gregorian Tuesday.” I was in shock!
I had attended Seventh-day Adventist grade school, Academy and College. I considered myself to be quite well read in all the church publications and doctrines, along with the writings of Ellen White. As a hobby I even studied other religions for the purpose of witnessing. In addition, I had been a Sabbath School teacher for 20 years. Yet, I had never even heard of this concept, at least not from this frame of reference. While my mouth was still open in apparent amazement and for lack of words, she pointed out that I could easily do my own research online by Googling: lunisolar calendar, lunar Sabbath, Hebrew calendar, and calendar history.
Completely forgetting my prayer about the moon, all the way home I actively prayed for her, her husband to be, and their families. Certainly, this would be a weighty burden for all of them to bear. Upon reaching home I went directly to my computer and began the ordeal of researching the Creator’s Calendar and the lunar Sabbath belief and comparing it with Scripture, line upon line. I was obsessed with these new concepts, and could not let them go. My prayer to the Eternal Father was that He would continue to lead me into all truth. I had momentarily forgotten that I had asked Yahuah to reveal new light and to teach me about the lunar phases. I didn’t yet understand nor could I believe that the moon had any connection to the Sabbath. I had previously declared to Him that I only wanted truth that proceeded from the mouth of Yahuah.
No longer was I satisfied to follow after the traditions of men that were not supported by a “thus saith Yahuah.” My heart’s desire was to get just as close to Yahusha and truth as possible. I was hearing a call to wake up and come out of Babylon and be restored fully to the truth as it is in Scripture. Babylon, as I have discovered is the false teachings and traditions of men that have been linked with the truths of Yahuah, but can be easily identified by their lack of Scriptural support in contrast to the actual “thus saith Yahuah.”
I fully believed at the onset of my research that this whole celestial calendar concept would be found to be in error and not be provable from Scripture alone. After all, at the time I believed Ellen White to be a prophet, and she supported a Saturday Sabbath. Yet, I made up my mind that if it was the truth, if it bore the sacred seal with a “thus saith Yahuah from Scripture,” that I would with His help alone, walk in this new light.
To my great surprise it soon became apparent that Scripture supported the Creator’s Calendar and its corresponding lunar seventh-day Sabbath without exception. I read through and studied every article and every website I could find on the subject and found that while all of them were not in perfect agreement on every detail, such as what constitutes the New Moon, it was evident that a very strong golden thread of truth ran consistently through the lunar Sabbath teaching.
  • I discovered that William Miller of the 1844 Great Disappointment, utilized the crescent new moon of the Karaite Jews to locate the seventh month for the Feast Day of Atonement. This illustrated that the Biblical seventh month regularly commences sometime around October. I no longer believe the first visible crescent phase is the true New Moon of Scripture, for I have found it to be the full moon as traced back to the covenant with Abraham, the Exodus, and the Crucifixion of the Messiah. But, perhaps the most important truth William Miller brings to the Reformation table is that the true time-keeping of Scripture continues to this day to be based primarily upon the moon rather than on the sun.
  • All the given dates in the Scriptures clearly identify that each month actually begins with the full New Moon day followed by four successive weeks, which are to be counted following the New Moon day. As a result the Sabbath always occurs upon on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the astro-luni-solar calendar and not of the Roman Gregorian calendar.
  • I discovered that the continuous weekly cycle since creation was after all a Roman myth to keep unsuspecting souls in harmony with the pagan Gregorian calendar and counterfeit “holidays.”
The Jewish Encyclopedia states clearly that the Jews have not always kept a Saturday Sabbath as we have been lead to believe.
Under the reign of Constantius the persecutions of the Jews reached such a height that . . . the computation of the calendar [was] forbidden under pain of severe punishment. The Jewish Encyclopedia, “Calendar.”
Sabbath and New Moon (Rosh Chodesh), both periodically recur in the course of the year. The New Moon is still, and the Sabbath originally was, dependent upon the lunar cycle. Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 410.
  • The sun has 365.25 days each solar year, but was designed to be brought into harmony with the moon every 19 years. For mankind to follow only the sun’s circuit for calendation each year is like using only the hour hand on a clock for keeping time. Although, the moon is on a completely different yearly cycle than that of the sun, it also designates years, lunisolar years, which are 354 days in length on regular years, then 384 days on years that have a 13th month. The true time of the Creator (Genesis 1:14-17) is kept according to the sum of all the parts, not simply one part.
  • While the sun gives us 24 hour civil days and 12 hour natural daylights, the full New Moon announces each new month, it demarcates each day with a date and sets the count for the week cycle with its Sabbaths. With each New Moon the month dates and week cycle starts over.
  • Whether one believes Ellen White is a prophet or not, all her references to the Sabbath were in regards to it being the seventh-day, and she clearly assumed that seventh-day was synonymous with Saturday. (Can someone be a prophet of the Most High and still teach error of this magnitude?)
Within a week I acquired a two part DVD of Elaine Vornholt speaking on the subject of the lunisolar calendar and its relationship to the true Sabbath and cover-up by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I was truly astounded that some of the leaders of the church had knowledge of this time system since 1938, and earlier, and yet had hidden it from the people.
In 1938 Grace Amadon, along with the General Conference appointed research committee met to study the affects that the highly promoted New World Calendar would have on the S.D.A. church, if it were implemented. In the process of their research, the discrepancy of the crucifixion date with the Saturday of the Gregorian calendar was discovered. When it was taken to the Church leaders, it was decided that it would only confuse the common people, and cause them to lose trust in their leaders with regards to the true Sabbath. So the whole discovery was shelved.
There are over 5,000 letters and documents preserved in the Grace Amadon Collection, which is kept safe in a vault at Andrews University. The most compelling evidence from the Grace Amadon Collection has been placed into a fascinating book entitled, The Great Calendar Controversy by Elaine Vornholt and is available to read in a PDF format in my book section. Also refer to article, Hiding of the Lunar Sabbath by the S.D.A. Church, and The Great Easter Controversy Cover-up.   
I sat and watched this video in amazement, and only then did it finally dawn on me that this was the light of truth that Yahusha had revealed to me in the dream so long ago. He had revealed His divinely ordained celestial time-piece, THE CREATOR’S CALENDAR.  It is the only one that in all aspects portrays the three-part orchestration of the sun, moon, and stars for months, weeks, days, and years (Genesis 1:14-18). This alone is the calendar that recognizes the true full New Moon, the lunar seventh-day Sabbath, and locates all the set-apart Feast Days.
  • Some months later I discovered in the first Adventist Yearbook, published in 1883, that not all Sunday keeper objections to the Saturday Sabbath could easily be met with Scripture. For it was even known in 1883 that there existed at least “one unanswerable objection to a Saturday Sabbath, the cross.” Because of this I realized that I was not willing to uphold a doctrine that clearly had a flaw and to its discredit even one known Scriptural objection. How could I stand before kings and courts against a Sunday legislation while knowing that Saturday also is not founded on the rock, on the clear word of truth, specifically a “thus saith Yahuah” from Scripture, in a similar manner as Sunday?
  • I discovered three identical months in a row were outlined by Yahuah beginning with Israel’s exodus from Egypt. This is one of the most amazing and self evident examples from Scripture that the seventh-day Sabbath can be neither Saturday nor Sunday, and it comes directly from the story of the manna. See article, Three Months in a Row.
  • It became evident that this pre-ordained calendar truth is the light that dispels the darkness and confusion of Babylon and all her false pagan holidays and traditions. Every single pagan holiday falls right off the calendar as the Roman artificial time-system is replaced by the Creator’s celestial timepiece. Only then can each appointed Feast Day of Yahuah be restored to its rightful place unencumbered by false calendation and traditions of men. This very fact that the Roman holidays, which are kept worldwide, could never be harmonized with the astro-luni-solar calendar of Scripture, is in itself evidence that these two calendars are light years apart.
It appears that our final test of loving obedience will indeed be over time. And yes, ultimately it would be over the true Sabbath, but not between Saturday and Sunday as we have been taught. Rather, this final test of obedience will be determined by which calendar we keep, whether the artificial wall calendar of Rome with its cycling week and Sabbath, or the Creator’s lunar-astro calendar in the shamayim, upon which the true Sabbath is counted from the full New Moon.
In this last hour of earth’s history the Messiah is calling His true believers out of the false teachings of all religions and churches. The cry has gone forth, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen (Revelation 14:8),” “Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins (Revelation 18:4).” He is restoring His “times and laws” (Daniel 7:25) to a despairing and dying world.  These truths have been so cleverly hidden under the rubble of Rome’s artificial time-system. Who knew? Who would have thought that one day the calendar we choose, as we seek to honor our Creator, may significantly determine our future reward, our eternity.
When the magnitude of all of these new concepts began to settle into my mind, I could not go on with life as usual. I was gripped by the knowledge that this was truth and that at this late hour Yahuah, the Most High was restoring it to His true followers around the world. I was thrilled that I was given an invitation to follow as well as the ability to understand. With His power He has enabled me to walk in this new light of truth, all the while the whole world continues to march to the beat of the Gregorian drum, a Satanic and witty invention that just as with the Pied Piper will lead all its followers over a cliff and into eternal damnation.
I will for all eternity be grateful to Yahusha, the Savior and those He used to minister to me and who have gallantly testified to the truth for such a time as this.

Final Notes:
  • The main reason I had not shared my dream all these years is because I could not support it with details, as all the specific details were removed from my memory as I awoke.
  • It is my desire that by sharing this dream it may bring honor to the Creator.
  • Many more advancing Scriptural truths have come to light on the subject of the astro-lunar-solar calendar, the New Moon and Sabbath since my first discovery in 2007.
  • If this dream and testimony has had a special influence on you, or you would like to share your testimony of COMING TO THE LIGHT of the lunar Sabbath, I invite you to email me at: TheCreatorsCalendar@wildblue.net