How I Became a Full Moon Lunar Sabbatarian

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank You, Father, for the revelations that you have blessed me with these past 10 years. I was led by You to get away from the city and live in the rural area away from the material madness and to be in nature away from a crowded life style. I prayed to you for a bible-based church to be part of when I moved to the mountains.

As you recall, after parking my truck on the street and I was walking toward the house, I saw a piece of paper on the ground and I picked it up to keep our area free of litter. I looked at it and read that it announced a class on the book of Daniel at a local church. I attended the class and then they later added on the book of Revelation, and I became a member of that church for the past 10 years. I learned the importance of Your holy seventh-day Sabbath and how it had been changed to Sunday by a powerful religious organization, for many wrong reasons.

As a boy I always wondered why people went to church on Sunday instead of the Jewish Sabbath. Later I learned that Sunday was referred to as the Lords’ day. I have always felt that it was the wrong day despite the belief system of the Christian world. I found no scripture stating that the Sabbath had been changed to a different day. The Seventh-day Adventist Church had it clearly figured out and had it biblically supported as the seventh-day as I learned in the classes I took, Genesis 1: 7-8.

I have become an avid user of the local church library and therefore very blessed with a wealth of information that I never knew existed. I have been known to nearly drag people into the library so that they can also be blessed with this wonderful knowledge waiting to be heard. While experiencing the library books and videos I kept seeing a certain woman’s name on the check-out cards of the books and videos and one day I met her and we shared our love of learning from this wonderful source of an endless knowledge about God and His Word.

Just this past year, this same woman shared a discovery she had made about Your Calendar and the name of her friend who also was excited about this information and how the whole world is following after the beast instead of you, as it states in Revelations 14:18. Her friend Kerrie French then shared with me a book, “The Great Calendar Controversy, Time Through Time” by 4angelspublishing. Kerrie’s website, is full of revelations about the Your calendar that governs all of heaven and the unfallen worlds from eternity past to eternity future. She defines how it has been corrupted and lost for 1700 years, and how important it is that the people of the world need to undue the lie that is being perpetuated by the “little horn” that grew and blasphemes our Lord, Revelations 13:6.

The importance of following the Your commandments is stressed throughout Your Word, the bible, pointing us to the source of truth. In this case what is the truth and how does it connect to the calendar? This has been expressed in the many articles that Kerrie has written. I have gone to the scriptures to confirm her findings and what has been lost or twisted by the beast that changes times and laws, Daniel 7: 25.

Thanks to you heavenly Father, you gave Moses a well-defined lunar calendar to follow and you repeated parts of it over and over in the five books of Moses, Psalms and the books of the prophets and the New Testament disciples. Jesus healed on your seventh-day Sabbath. Maybe if I studied your calendar and read Your Words as they were written, I might be able to figure out if 3 days = 3 days. Maybe I could learn that you mean what you say. Certainly you expressed that to the multitude of Jews fleeing from Egypt. You loved and cared for them, saved them from destruction many times, fed them and led them to the Promised Land and you recorded it in your calendar. Why?

Why did you take Jacobs family into Egypt on the 15th day of the first month of your calendar? Why did you take Moses and the captive Jews out of Egypt on the night of 15th day of the first month 430 years later, of your calendar? Why did you lead the Jews into Canaan, the promised land, on the first month and celebrate the Passover there and then stop the Manna on the 16th day of the first month of the 40th year out of Egypt? Why was Jesus crucified on the Passover, the 14 day of the first month AD 31? What!!! AD is not your calendar. Oh, I forgot, it is Roman. Then what year was Jesus crucified according to your calendar?

A related question that has puzzled me has to do with “what constitutes a day”? Does a day begin at sun down, at midnight or at sun up? If a day begins at sundown as stated in Exodus 16: describing the Feast of Atonement calendar date lasting from even to evening on the seventh month 10th day, then how do you explain that the Passover is on the 14th day of the first month of the year at night after sundown, Exodus 12:8? Does the Sundown time of the 14th day belong to the 14th day or to the 15th day (the Sabbath)? Thanks to Kerrie, she has researched these questions and has given biblical answers to these and more unanswered questions. Read, and see for yourself.

Because of your leading, I have been so blessed by having joined the S.D.A. church and appreciate their courageous efforts in speaking out for Your seventh-day Sabbath of worshiping to worship You. It has an international mission field, and is active in doing the great commission of Christ. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn and understand prophecy from Daniel and Revelations. Still there are unanswered questions that are unfolding about the calendation differences that were instituted by the Romans and the roman church and how it conflicts with the Your true lunar seventh-day Sabbath, which defines how to recognize and honor the forth commandment.

Well Father, are we on the right track to ask questions about your word? Does it need to be investigated further? I’ve got many more questions and I am very grateful for your help and this website.

Thank you for your calendar!

Sincerely yours forever,

Charles from California