How I Became a Full Moon Lunar Sabbatarian

In the early 1970’s jobs were plentiful for a young person. My life at the time was free of surrounding concerns. It felt good to hold a steady job, play football a little, and hike in the nearby woods image-davidwithout a care in the world. But one firm, cut in stone, rule of my Father was that every Sunday the entire family of seven children was to pile in the car, and be taken off to church. During these hours I longed for more of the past week’s outdoor activities. Church was a place I did not want to be.

Many years passed, then one day my oldest daughter Kristina received a flyer in the mail announcing the evangelistic series, “Revelation Promises Hope,” and featuring speaker David Asscherick. The series was to testify of end time events. She mentioned in passing her interest and intentions to attend, but I was so involved in Sunday church activities nearly every night that I was not able to attend.

Toward the end of that evangelistic series, Kristina called my cell phone while I was out witnessing and praying with the street people in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was busting at the seams with excitement and wanting to share what she was hearing from these meetings. It was so great and new to her ears, she stated, “Dad, you just have to come and check this out.” I was compelled to attend the meetings with her. While they were very interesting, it was the end of the series. She purchased a few tapes and shared them with me. The heavenly Father began speaking to my heart as I watched the videos over and over again.

Three years later, in 2001, David Asscherick came again to Grand Rapids area with a slightly different message. After doing some local investigating of churches and digging into the local Catholic library for answers, I decided a single meeting could not be missed. Eighteen months later I was baptized into the Bauer Seventh-day Adventist Church by Pastor Ron Mills. What a wonderful day that was.

Almost overnight I got involved with responsibilities at church. Soon I was helping out with the sound booth and then given the responsibility of producing the bulletin and keeping the web site current. Later I became the church clerk, Sabbath school facilitator, communications, personal ministries leader, elder, janitor and treasurer. All of this was out of sheer joy to be a part of the Father’s true church.

Spending time with my Father on His Sabbaths had become of monumental importance to me. I would arrive to church every Sabbath an hour early to activate the sound board, place the in the hymn numbers on the hymn board and just spend time with my Creator. Church had now become the place I would rather be than anywhere else.

Then in January of 2010, while searching the web, I discovered a series entitled, “Three Months in a Row, The Exodus, the Manna and the Mountain.” The truth there presented rocked my world as it had never been before. After 8 years of keeping Saturday holy, believing it to be the Creator’s true seventh-day Sabbath, I was presented with a life changing message, which was contrary to what I had been studying and sharing.

“How could this be,” I questioned. But it made Bible sense. While the seventh-day is the Sabbath, I had failed to recognize that the Creator’s true Sabbath could only be identified by His lunar solar calendar as defined by the sanctuary service in the Bible. “How could it be that so many people have missed this pivotal point?”

During that time I spent as much time as I could with my loving mother until she passed away. Lucifer has had his way, far too long.

With so many things changing in my life, I really needed to go for a long drive and just watch the birds in the air and spend time with my Father. With my mother just passing; being without work now for over a year; and my Sabbath changing, along with my time to meet in fellowship with my Creator and Savior. All of these I thought had been stolen away from me. I could no longer hold back the torrent of emotions. It was a breaking point for me. I could only cry out to my Father and beg, “Father, What do I do now”, “Father, Please give me direction and an understanding of your will.” The loss of my job, the foreseeable loss of church membership and friends, my loving mother just laid to rest and my Sabbath day stripped from me. What more could a guy take.

During this time I did an extensive study of the pagan gods and their application to the names of the days of the Gregorian calendar. This only added to the agony as an additional reason I could no longer worship my Father on a day that falls consistently on a pagan Saturday of the Roman calendar.

After the funeral and saying goodbye to all my brothers and sisters from out of state, I returned to my obsession of learning more and more of this new light of the Creator’s true seventh-day Sabbath that can only be found on a lunar solar calendar as described in Exodus 12, 16, and 19.

I have shared the lunar Sabbath truth with many, along with the ramifications surrounding it. For example, how just prior to our Savior’s life on earth the Romans developed an eight-day market week that utilized the pagan unbroken cycle of weeks. Two other folks from my church soon joined in a Bible study with me, but the deeper we got the more the focus was on the perfect timing of the New Moon. One by one they saw the ramifications of loosing their jobs if they were to abandon the Gregorian wall calendar manufactured by Rome, the Beast power as spoken of in the Bible, Daniel 7:25. Each ultimately decided to keep their jobs and turn their backs on the truth as brought to bear by the Holy Spirit. It is so sad to see friends and family come to a knowledge of the truth, only to turn away and settle back into Babylon for the mere convenience of maintaining there employment, or to maintain a “normal” life in harmony with the world.

I have dedicated my life from this point forward to proclaiming these wonderful truths, and seek to remain faithful to what ever means my Father would open before me. This message is so profound, so pure, so simple, and from the Bible. It’s last day message on “time” cuts across all religious and cultural barriers to reach the hearts of individuals around the globe.

It is paramount to every person that is led to Jesus Christ, that they understand that He, along with His truths, are the only way to the Father. This “new light” has been demonstrated to be from His Word through the efforts of The Creator’s Calendar web site articles, for which I am truly grateful.

The light you are shedding on the lunar solar seventh-day Sabbath commandment of Exodus 20 is spelled out so well in Exodus 12, 16 and 19. From this narrative it is demonstrated that the calendar of the Bible is in no way connected to a pagan calendar and there are mountains of Bible evidence for this as defined in the article, “Sabbath’s Consistent Monthly Dates.”

I am sharing this to encourage you and others just like you. This is the message that will unmask Lucifer’s masterminded deceptions and cause the Roman Beast power’s counterfeit calendar to fall like a house of cards.

Also, I thank for the opportunity to tithe where these end-time truths of the true Sabbath, New Moon’s and Holy appointed Feasts are being brought to light.

As we each day draw closer to our Creator and Savior, He will guide us as we continue to walk in the light of truth.

I thank the heavenly Father for all He has done through this web site.

David from Michigan (now Equador)