How I Became a Full Moon Lunar Sabbatarian


Dear Creator’s Calendar Team,

I believe in this site soooo! Truth is on every page. I can see Yahuah working through you.

At the young age of 70, I have had a lot of experiencesimage-jerry-hepler. I graduated in 1958 from a Catholic school and was even an altar boy. Later on in life, when standing up for my brothers wedding I did a confession to the priest. I told him about my sins of stealing, lies, cheating and taking communion without going to confession, etc. He told me he could not forgive me, so that was the end of that church for me.

I still loved Yahuah, but fought Him over the Sabbath issue. This eventually led me to the S.D.A. Church where I worshiped for around 25 years. Later, during my time as an Elder, they didn’t like me teaching some truths that Yahuah had shown me, like being a repairer of the wall and Sabbath truths. They voted me to step down as an Elder. That’s when I found Worlds Last Chance, and there was a lot I liked about it. But Yahushua had other plans for me, and that’s when providentially, I stumble upon The Creator’s Calendar site while searching the web with this iPhone.

Well as a seeker of truth, this site led me to so many truths that I have been seeking all my life. I might be living in the woods alone, but I have Yahushua in my heart and want to bring everyone into this truth that this site has.

I am hoping to find other truth seekers that are keeping the “full” New Moon truth in my area, so if any one within my area may want to home church with me in Pennsylvania, Western New York, or Ohio, let me know. Hope to build up and branch out just like in Acts. With Yahushua’s Spirit anything is possible. We are truly living in exciting times.

Anything you can do to help out like finding me other believers nearby or giving out my name, email or address, PLEASE do. Gerald Hepler, Corry, PA 16407 or email

My sins like taking the host were unpardonable to the priest because I did not go to his confession. But I have a High Priest that forgave me my sins on my cross that He took for me. Yahushua died

in my place
                      for my sins
                                           on my cross,
                                                                    so I can be with Him eternally.

                                                                                                                          Forgiven Jerry