How I Became a Full Moon Lunar Sabbatarian

About 15 years ago I regularly watched a local comparative religion class on public television. The teacher had different guests from different religions each week telling about their image-linda herbertparticular religion. On one Saturday when I was watching he had a wiccan witch as a guest. He asked her about wiccan holiday celebrations and she began to list almost every holiday on the current Gregorian calendar beginning with New Year’s Day, then on to Ground Hog Day, Valentine’s Day, Solstices and Equinoxes, Arbor Day, May Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. About Christmas she remarked, “I know you Christians think it’s yours, but it was ours first!”

As a result, I did a study on all the holidays and found info on the pagan roots of all the current “Christian” holidays. I knew from my own surface study that Yah never “Christianizes” anything from Satan as His own! At this same time I was attending a Messianic Congregation in my city as a learning tool or Bible Study class. The Rabbi was very informed and taught Hebrew word meanings. I began celebrating Yah’s holidays with them. At that time I considered myself as following Yah’s calendar. The little points of proof I now see never dawned on me-like the fact that Yeshua died on a Gregorian Wednesday, making Sabbath a Thursday! I figured the Jews knew how to calculate Yah’s calendar and relied on that.

One day last August (2011) two people asked me to look at the Creator’s Calendar web-site and tell them what I thought. That was the first time I had ever heard of the luni-solar calendar. As I studied all the Bible studies available there the light began to dawn. Everything clicked together and made perfect sense. I wondered why I had been so dumb as to not have seen it before! It answered so many questions!

As I am retired it is easy for me to adjust my calendar, but I know there are many who are faced with what to do now that they are learning about how Yah’s calendar works. I also have seen the divisiveness this subject can cause. Many people are faced with their whole SDA world falling apart! It is a paradigm shift for sure! I pray for all to depend on the Holy Spirit for understanding, power to stand for right, and discernment to know how and when to share this message!

An interesting sideline, my picture above was taken on top of Mount Carmel looking down over the Jezerel Valley, the site of the showdown between Elijah’s God and Baal. How appropriate!!!!

Linda from Florida