How I Became a Full Moon Lunar Sabbatarian

Dear Creator Calendar Team,

I have been a “Seventh-day Adventist” in Australia, and 5 months ago a friend told me of the Biblical Sabbath, and I have spent every free moment searching for the truth since. My family (husband, 3 daughters and theirs) are in the SDA church. My brother was a pastor and is still very involved as is my elder brother as well.

As I became more and more convicted of the true calendar and it’s Sabbath, I naturally shared it with my family. My immediate family is tolerant of this, but my brothers are strongly opposed. Their continual stance is that the Lunar month and the New moon are only for the 7 Feasts. No matter what evidence (mostly from your site) that I presented, they strongly withstood.

I spent earnest time in prayer, knowing that my Father knows their hearts, and prayed for a Biblical Witness.

A text that you presented that was very instrumental in my own understanding He gave again. Ezekiel 46:1. As I continued to read and pray, I realized that this was the place where The New Moon Day and the Seventh Day Sabbath were finally linked, and the Feasts were separated from this special act of worship.

Irrefutably, both the New Moon Day and the Sabbath were set apart as the days of perpetual worship by the very fact that only these two days were accessed by the East Gate, from where the Glory of the God of Israel came (Ezekiel 43:1-4). When worship finished the East Gate was used to leave. When the day of worship finished, in the evening, the gate was shut, indicating worship during the “day” only.

But the solemn Feast Days were accessed by the North and the South Gate. When finished, the opposite gate was used to the one they entered, either North or South.

This shows the difference between the perpetual worship “From one New moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come and worship before me” and the yearly feasts.

This appears to be the beginning of a new paradigm for my brothers.

Thank you so much,
Loretta from Australia