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Five Historic Methods
of Time-Measuring

full moon syzygyMost of us today, from all nations of the earth and within the confines of our busy lives, are unaware that there has ever been more than one way of measuring time. Most often we assume that years, months, weeks, and days have always been measured as we were taught by our parents and teachers.  Even the time references in Scripture we have believed to be accurately measured according to the same Roman Gregorian calendar. NEWS FLASH! This is simply not the case! Could it be that wondering after the Beast is primarily a result of utilizing the popularized Roman calendar and its sun-cult method of time-measuring as a replacement for the Creator’s original method for locating all His kadosh (sacred) days for worship? “And all the world wondered after the Beast.” Hagilu Natan Elohim (Revelation) 13:3 

The common premise that Saturday must be the true seventh-day Sabbath of the Scriptures, because the modern Yahudim (Jews) worship on that day, is an erroneous assumption made by all. But, in light of the fact that the Yahudim themselves acknowledge that their modern calendar is not the same as the one used prior to the 4th century A.D., scholars of Scripture and those seeking to be obedient Sabbath keepers, would be wise to reexamine the 1,700 year old neo-tradition as compared to the available stunning historical evidence. For those who deem it imperative to worship on the precise day as the Eternal Father above receives corporate worship from all His created beings, the correct and original calendar model of creation must be utilized. 

. . . Shabbat [weekly Sabbath] originally arose from the lunar cycle, containing four weeks ending in Sabbath. . . The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia: An Authorative and Popular Presentation of Jews and Judaism Since the Earliest Times. Volume 10 Cohen, Simon (1943 p 482-483.). Week. In Landman, Isaac

The aim of this article is to bring together the astronomical, historical and Scriptural perspectives on this foundational subject of the true Creator’s Calendar and its corresponding Sabbath of Scripture.

The Basis of Artificial Time

Artificial time was crafted for the purpose of removing the Creator from time and man from the binding claims of His Torah laws. The true Sabbath can only be found by using the Creator’s true calendar in which the lunar months begin with the full New Moon day, with the cycle of four weeks beginning the next day. Atomic time is mankind’s most recent invention that simulates seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.  But, it is only utilized because its rhythm coincides nearly perfectly with TIME beaconed from the sun, moon, and stars. 

So why use a substitute when the original is still available?  Might it be because rebellious mankind strives to eliminate its need for a power greater than themselves, i.e., the Creator and the time-measuring method of His ordained timepiece? Might it be that the scientific society is hell bent on an evolutionary model that will stop at nothing to cause mankind’s time-measuring perspective to be wholly divorced from the TIME principles born of the sun, moon and stars, the stunning SIGNS OF A CREATOR? Other substitutes include the calendars, clocks, and even the international date-line, that we have all been taught to trust.  Amazingly, these are only viable as they stay in harmony with each other anPassoverd simulate a cohesive time-measuring model. Still, these were wholly altered from our Creators original. His principles are only proclaimed from the right use of the sun, moon, and stars, the astro-luni-solar calendar model, He placed in the shamayim (heavens)

If your education was anything like mine, you may have been taught to believe the wheel of the stars, together with the sun and sun dials, and even the use of the moon for measuring time, were all heathen pagan practices.  While the wrong method of utilizing these makes this statement true, we were simply not told the whole story.  We were not told that the current Roman Gregorian “Christianized” time-measuring method fully utilizes the Zodiac each and every year and month, with only the sun as the pointer to identify each new month of this sun cult and its corresponding constellation.  This is why the continued interest and discussion of “what’s your sign” is so prevalent today.

Four Historic Methods of Time-Measuring


What is a Syzygy?

The order of the view from earth in each of the time-measuring methods above is central to the title given it, as illustrated in the image above.  But because true time-measuring requires a Syzygy that includes the earth in the nearly perfect alignment with the moon and sun, the counted order will only be from one to three and does not include a constellation in the mix.  Rather, it is only the three part Syzygy (alignment) that can identify and point to the ruling constellation for the month.  In the four examples of time-measuring above, only two are measured with the three part Syzygy alignment. These are #1 and #4.  This fact exposes the Roman Gregorian time-measuring method, and the first visible crescent after conjunction model, as time-measuring imposters. 

For example, in using a clock, we begin an hour with both the hour hand and the minute hand in the straight up position in a three part alignment with 12 o’clock (similar to a Syzygy).  We do not start the first hour of any day without any regard for the minute hand, or five minutes past the hour.  Applying this principle to the 360 degree lunar orbit around the earth, it would be 12 degrees off the mark and a whole day late, as is utilized by those who reckon time with the first visible crescent after conjunction, when conjunction is utilized for the Syzygy starting point.  In pursuit of staying in sync with the worship rhythm of our Creator for His New Moons, Sabbaths, and Feast Days, we don’t want to be “a day late and a dollar short.”


SyzygyAstronomy. An alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet: Syzygy in the sun-earth-moon system occurs at the time of full moon and conjunction moon. Dictionary.com

Syzygy – the nearly straight line configuration of three celestial bodies (as the sun, moon, and earth during a solar or lunar eclipse) in the gravitational system.  Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary

Although both definitions do not place the sun, earth, and moon in the same order, consider that the following Scriptural witnesses all place the order as SUN, EARTH, MOON (full), pointing to the starry constellations by night.  So the rule in this regard appears to be from largest to smallest. 

The Testimony of Four Witnesses

From Genesis to Revelation there is only one time-measuring method supported in Scripture. No other orientation of the moon or its phases will do for there is only one standard that meets all the criteria.  four witnesses in Scripture for Astro-lunar-solar calendarThe true order from the viewer’s vantage point remains the full moon and then the constellation that is positioned directly behind it, marking the commencement of that 29-30 day lunar month.

Throughout this website, most often we will be referring to the Creator’s Calendar method as Astro-lunar-solar, mostly because it is the true syzygy order of the three spheres with the designated constellation as lined up in the image below, but also because it rolls off the tongue easier than Lunar-astro-solar.   But either way is essentially correct.

Lunar Sabbath History 101

The following historical quotes represent only a small portion available on this subject.  For more refer to The Lunar Sabbath’s Stunning Historical Evidence.

. . . the week of seven days was connected with the lunar month, of which it is, approximately, a fourth . . . The Jewish Encyclopedia, “Week”

. . . The Hebrew Sabbath (i.e. Creation Sabbath) was originally a Sabbathon . . . it was celebrated at intervals of seven days, corresponding with the changes in the moon’s phases . . .  Encyclopaedia Biblica, 1899, p. 4180.

The Hebrew month is a lunar month and the quarter of this period – one phase of the moon – appears to have determined the week of seven days. Encyclopaedia Biblica, 1899, p. 4780.

And then the moon, ever punctual to mark the times, [as] an everlasting sign: It is the moon that signals the Feasts, a luminary that wanes after being full.  The month derives its name from hers.  She waxes wonderfully in her phases, a banner of the hosts on high, shining in the vault of heaven [the shamayim].” Ecclesiasticus 43:6-8, c.a. 19-180 B.C.

The [early] Hebrews employed lunar seven-day weeks, which ended with special observances on the seventh day, but none the less were tied to the moon’s course. Rest Days, Hutton Webster, p. 254-255

The weeks do not continue in a regular cycle regardless of the moon. Each month has four weeks, the beginning with the New Moon. I have no doubt that this was the old Hebrew system. Babylonian Menologies and the Semitic Calendars, p. 89.

The connection of the Sabbath with lunar phases, however, was (later) discarded by the Israelites . . . The New Schaff-Herzog Religious Encyclopedia, p. 135-136.

. . . the Jewish festivals being regulated solely by the moon, may fall on any day of the [modern Roman] week. Oxford English Dictionary, 1971 Edition, Vol. 2, Pentecost.

It is certain that the Jews celebrated . . . Pentecost  . . . without regard in either case to the day of the [modern Roman] week. Oxford English Dictionary, 1971 Edition, Vol. 2, Pentecost.

In the years following Clement of Alexandria’s time (A.D. 150-215), an ominous change started to take place that was to radically change the Christian concept of the Sabbath. This intimate connection between the week and the month was soon dissolved. It is certain that the week soon followed a development of its own, and it became the custom — without paying any regard to the days of the month (i.e. the luni-solar month) . . . so that the New Moon no longer coincided with the first day of the month.   Then, on page 4179 of the same encyclopedia, we read: “The introduction . . . of the custom of celebrating the Sabbath every 7th day, irrespective of the relationship of the day to the moon’s phases, led to a complete separation from the ancient view of the Sabbath. . . Encyclopaedia Biblica, 1903 p. 5290.

Most theologians and some scholars assume that mainstream Jewish society, at the time of Jesus [Yahusha the Messiah] . . .was practicing a fixed seven-day week which was the same as the modern fixed [cycling planetary designations] seven-day week. This is extremely doubtful. The change, from a lunar to a fixed week, was brought about by the power and influence of Rome. As long as the Nazarenes held power in Jerusalem, all Roman practices and customs, including that of the consecutive week, were held at bay. Shawui Sabbath: Ancient Sabbath Observance 

How Five Astroplots Utilize the Wheel of the Stars (Mazzaroth), Yet are Different

The four time-measuring methods from the first illustration above can be compared below as they would appear in the larger scheme of the wheel of the stars, the constellations that follow the ecliptic circular path, which are then marked by either the sun or the full moon. 

The heathen world has referred to this wheel of stars as the Zodiac, and always reckon it strictly by the either the SOLAR or LUNAR-SOLAR time-measuring method.  Yet, it is the Creator who designed this wheel of stars within the expanse of His universe for His specific time-measuring purpose, calling it the Mazzaroth (Job 38:32), and preordained His circle of stars to be measured by the full moon together with the stars by night, and never by the sun with the stars during daylight, as is done by all the rebellious pagan sun-cult time-measuring methods.

Below are five Astroplots depicting the the four basic categories pictured above that have been utilized throughout earth’s history for time-measuring.  An Astroplot is essentially a map of the constellations utilized for time-keeping, together with the set positions utilized of the sun, earth, and moon for marking and measuring time.  Some would refer to it as the Zodiac, others as the Mazzaroth.  The purpose of these astroplots is to better illustrate the differences in how time can be divided and measured from an unlimited amount of choices within the circle of the constellations.  But only one method reflects the DESIGNATED STARTING OF YEARS, MONTHS, WEEKS, AND DAYS, as designed by our omnipotent and loving CREATOR. (Click on each image to enlarge them.)

#1  Ancient Babylonian and Modern Jewish Time-Measuring Model

This conjunction (dark lunar phase) based Syzygy of lunar-solar time-measuring is 180 degrees opposite of our Creator’s method as identified in Scripture (Four Scripture Witnesses Testify Chart).  This was the first time-keeping system developed in rebellion to the Most High that utilized all the elements of the sun, moon, and stars, but in their opposite placements.  The fabrication and introduction of astrology by the Babylonians was a useful tool to cause the would be modern followers of Yahuah to shun the entire knowledge of the wheel of the stars. 

This ancient Babylonian (Chaldean) and modern Jewish model is viewed from earth by day, through the sun, marking the constellations that are not visible. So on occasion when there was a solar eclipse, the moon was black, the sun was hidden in obscurity, and the stars entirely invisible.  The most appropriate term to describe this phenomena is the OCCULT. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

It appears that this time-measuring model was adopted in-part to replace their full moon original, around A.D. 358, while under pressure from Rome. But at the time of adopting this lunar phase as New Moon, they also adopted the Roman successive weekly cycle.  Holding one calendar in one hand and one in the other, this two calendar system created the necessity for a harmonizing instrument known today as the Nineteen Rules of Postponement. So when utilizing this fraudulent system, when a Feast Day was about to fall on the seventh-day Sabbath, the Feast Day was promptly postponed for a different day. The fact that such a set of rules was necessary to bring harmony to the Yahudahim (Jewish) calendar from that year until now, SHOUTS THE TRUTH that the Yahudahim have indeed changed calendrical systems.  Such a document of rules is never necessary when consistently keeping the Scriptural astro-lunar-solar time-measuring model for lunar months, lunar weeks, and the demarcation of days according to each unique lunar phase. Yet, this unscriptural time-keeping model remains popular today among the Jews.

But notwithstanding the decision of the council [of Nicaea] there were some Quartodecimen [Fourteeners], as they were termed [by the Romans], who remained pertinaciously attached to the celebration of Easter [Passover] on the fourteenth of the moon, and among others the Audeans, schismatics of Mesopotamia. They found fault with the council, reproachfully remarking, that this was the first time that the ancient tradition [of properly locating Passover by the moon], through complaisance for Constantine, had been departed from. Ecclesiastical History, Eusebius, Chapter 22 Council of Nicaea. 

Intercalations [of the calendar] were determined at meetings of a special commission of the Sanhedrin. But Constantius, following the tyrannous precedents of Hadrian, prohibited the holding of such meetings . . . How difficult the fixing of the annual calendar consequently became may be judged from an enigmatic letter addressed to Raba . . . and preserved in the Talmud . . . . Almost the whole Diaspora depended for the legal observance of the feasts and fasts upon the calendar sanctioned by the Judea Sanhedrin; yet danger threatened the participants in that sanction and the messengers who communicated their decisions to distant congregations. . . . As the religious persecutions continued, Hillel II determined to provide an authorized calendar for all time to come, though by so doing he severed the ties which united the Jews of the Diaspora to their mother country and to the patriarchate.I. Singer and S. Mendelsohn, “Hillel II,”  www.JewishEncyclopedia.com.

In this calendar model the solar based Syzygy points to Pisces as the start of the year and first lunar month.  The term Pisces means fish and has replaced the original term Dagon or (Dag/Dog) in many Zodiac models.  Thus it is, that the modern Jews pay homage to Dagon the Fish God as sitting in the premier honored position for their time-reckoning method.  Refer to the Scriptural story found in 1 Samuel 5:1-12 illustrating Yahuah’s stand against Dagon when the Ark of the Covenant was placed in the Temple of Dagon.

#2  Islamic and Karaite Jewish Time-Measuring Model

This would be identical to the Lunar-solar Line Time in #1 above, with the exception being that the crescent moon is never in alignment with earth, sun, and starry constellations. Thus it has its own place on the chart as #2. The first visible crescent moon is always a full day of 12 degrees off alignment and is therefore never part of a Syzygy.  This example is similar to measuring an hour, starting with the minute hand at five minutes past the hour.  This Islamic and Karaite Jew time-measuring model is viewed from earth by day, through the sun, after the sighting of the 1st crescent moon is seen by night, marking the invisible constellations.

crescent-lunar-solar-line-timeThis time-measuring model remains popular among the Karaite Jews today, and was adopted by William Miller and Samuel Snow for their final calculations of the 2,300 day/year Daniel 8:14 prophecy.  This they believed to be the fulfillment of the Anti-typical Day of Atonement.  Counting from the crescent moon as new moon, making October 22, 1844 (the Seventh Month Movement) the luni-solar Feast Day date that year.  This event was later referred to as the Great Disappointment across America and abroad, all because the Messiah did not return that day as originally proclaimed.  Those who later testified that this date was correct, but that the event had been mistaken, including Ellen White, the presumed prophet of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, were wrong again, as this day remains 168 degrees out of alignment with our Creator’s designated time-measuring Syzygy, as testified by four Scriptural Witnesses.  Each of the Scriptural testimonies identify that the Creator’s original New Moon of Creation is and has always been the FULL MOON. There is absolutely no mention in the Scriptural narrative of the crescent or dark moon being the New Moon. 

Following the modern Yahudahim (Jews) for any time-measuring method, because it seems impossible they should lose track of time and the Sabbath, is itself faulty thinking.  For if we apply the same principle to their acceptance of the promised Messiah, who would have thought that the long promised Messiah through the seed of Abraham would be so thoroughly and extremely rejected by the very ones through whom the promise was given.  Yet, we know this to be true.  Shocking as it may be, the very same is true of the Jews with regard to their modern method of time-keeping.  Today, there remains among the Yahudahim (Jews) not a single unit of time as was ordained by our Creator and recorded in Scripture. 

#3  Modern Roman Gregorian Time-Measuring Model

Unlike the first two time-measuring methods that begin the year in the spring, the Roman Gregorian method commences 10 days after the winter solstice. The Roman New Year begins with the sun marking the constellation Sagittarius (some say Capricorn).  Yet their boldest move was to eliminate the moon entirely from all units of time, i.e., New Year’s Day, New Moon day, and the count of each lunar seven-day week.  This system will NEVER produce a Syzygy as ordained by our Creator, to start the Year or Month, as no time unit is based upon the three part alignment of the sun, earth, and moon.

This most popular system of time-measuring in modern times epitomizes the sun-cult and pays homage to Lucifer by default or by design. The historical record shows that Julius Caesar first removed the moon from Roman time-measuring in 45 BC.

“In the mid-1st century B.C., Julius Cæsar invited Sosigenes, an Alexandrian astronomer, to advise him about the reform of the calendar, and Sosigenes decided that the only practical step was to abandon the lunar calendar altogether. Months must be arranged on a seasonal basis, and a tropical [solar] year used, as in the Egyptian calendar. “The Julian Calendar,” Encyclopedia Britannica. 

All the points mentioned earlier regarding the Nineteen Rules of Postponement applies here as well.  For the Yahudahim adopted the Roman week that cycles without end that cannot be harmonized with their New Moons to ensure Feast Days will not fall on the seventh-day Sabbath.  The fact that the added rules are necessary is the surest evidence that this calendar does not bear the seal of our Creator.

The Roman Julian/Gregorian calendar went through many changes since its inception, including an eight-day cycling week.  It consistently continued to ignore the moon for measuring astro-luni-solar years, lunar months, lunar weeks, and lunar days, all in contempt for their Creator and adulation of the craftiness of their Emperors.

There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.

Mashali (Proverbs) 14:12 
#3b Enoch’s Solar-Line Time-Measuring Model

This astroplot below illustrates the ever-growing in popularity, Enoch solar calendar with its Solar-Line Time, also entirely independent of the moon. It is similar to the modern Gregorian calendar in that it is based upon the principles of a 364-365 solar year with a comprehensive rejection of any involvement of the lunar phases.  Note that this calculated time alignment, measured by day includes only the earth, sun, and starry constellations. But this is where the similarities end. The Enoch calendar is all about the sun-cult and the vernal equinox with consistent 30 day months. Each quarter, one day is added bringing its total to 91 days. Then an additional day is added on the last day of the year, bringing the total number of days of the year to 365.  This model continues to utilize a week that cycles without end just as does the modern Roman Gregorian.

Enoch's-calendar-zodiac-time-measuringWhile this calendar entirely disregards ALL New Moon’s of Scripture, it is surprising how many folks claiming solo Scriptura continue choosing to support and teach this form of time-keeping. They must disregard Scripture’s mention of the New Moon over 300 times. This is twice the number of times that Scripture refers to the Sabbath.  In this model, the sun is the primary time indicator, which continues to mark the ruling constellation of stars on the opposite side of the universe by day, when they are neither visible nor ruling according to Scripture’s standards. Remember, according to Scripture the sun was designed to rule alone and never with the stars.  In contrast, it was the full New Moon that the Creator designed to perpetually rule together with the stars by night.  Refer to article/study, New Moon Changed by Formal Decree.

So it is that any method that falls short of the Creators template for time-keeping, although intelligently designed, is unlawful within His Kingdom. Anyone continuing to follow a Solar-Line-Time system once they have been shown ample evidence, remains in rebellion to their Creator. Please take the time today to review your options. The Messiah has already made a way of escape from the prevailing Roman Calendar bondage and is now restoring His divine truths to those who seek to be obedient.

To the Torah and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no LIGHT in them. YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 8:20

The Torah refers to the first five books of the Tanakh (OT), or it can include the entire Tanakh. The Testimony denotes the seven prophetic qodesh Feast Days ordained to tell the Messiah’s salvation story every year from beginning to end, and from full New Moon to full New Moon. No doubt the Testimony also includes the entire Brit Hadasha (NT Renewed Covenant), revealing the life and sacrificial death of our Messiah. The Torah and the testimony are like a GPS Unit that pinpoints where the truth may be found. If the Book of Enoch, or any other writings (i.e. Emanuel Swedenborg, Ann Lee, Joanna Southcott, Joseph Smith, Ellen White, Charles Taze Russell, Mary Baker Eddy, Alexander Dowie, David Koresh) perceived to be inspired, come between a person and the TRUTH as found in the Torah and the testimony, then one can no longer claim Scripture as their foundation or guide, and there is NO LIGHT in them.

What the Roman and “Enoch” calendars do that no other time-measuring models ever did, was to eliminate the moon entirely from our Creator’s trinity of time-measuring markers. By doing this, they eliminated the use of the Syzygy (the alignment of sun, earth, and moon), allowing themselves to arbitrarily choose when to commence the year, and month, and also chose a fitting week model that cycles unendingly regardless of the start of its new months or years. Or in the case of the Enoch calendar utilize the Equinoxes as the primary start of the year.  It is these very systems that are heathen to the core, as they are the most far removed of all from the Creator’s plan and His pre-ordained design for His beacons of LIGHT.

#4  The Creator’s Lunar-Astro-Solar Time-Measuring Model

By divine design, nearly 6,000 years ago, our Creator appointed His time-measuring method to be marked by the His most marvelous andunique three part Syzygy, with the focus on the brilliant full moon as His true New Moon pointing east at sunset. This Syzygy, and three part pointer alignment marks, in its marvelous and visual display, each New Year, commencing with the constellation Bethulah (Virgo) in the spring.  “Then an exceedingly important sign appeared in the shamayim (heavens); a woman arose, arrayed with the sun and the brilliant (#4582 selene) moon at her feet, and above her head was a crown of twelve stars.”  Revelation 12:1.  It also marks each new month in their order, ending in Leo in its twelve regular months.  Then seven times in nineteen years the full New Moon will commence the year beginning at the feet of Bethulah (Virgo) and end the year at her head for thirteen months (also called an embolismic year).

Wheel of the starsSabbath and New Moon (Rosh Hodesh), both periodically recur in the course of the year.  The New Moon is still, and the Sabbath originally was, dependent upon the lunar cycle.  Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 410.

This is the only time-measuring method supported in Scripture as revealed in The Four Scripture Witnesses Testify chart above.  It identifies the unique interplay of THE SUN RULING BY DAY, and THE MOON RULING TOGETHER WITH THE STARS BY NIGHT, each ruling within its boundary markers from the eastern horizon unto the western horizon.  Of upmost importance is the Scriptures reveal that when the SUN RULES, it rules alone by daylight, and WHEN THE MOON AND STARS RULE TOGETHER THEY RULE IN OPPOSITION TO THE SUN, ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE EARTH FROM THE SUN, BY NIGHT.

Artificial time was crafted for the purpose of removing the Creator from time and man from the binding claims of His Torah laws. The true Sabbath can only be found by using the Creator’s true calendar in which the lunar months begin with the full New Moon day, with the cycle of four weeks beginning the next day. 

But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the LIGHT, for whatever makes manifest is LIGHT. Ephesians 5:13

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the FATHER OF LIGHTS, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning [full sun, full stars, and full moon].  Ya’akov (James) 1:17


But the path of the just is as the shining LIGHT, that shines more and more unto the perfect day. The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble. Mashali (Proverbs) 4:18

There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.

Mashali (Proverbs) 14:12 

Perspective from the Dead Sea Scrolls

This is just a snap shot of the calendar wars that pervade the Dead Sea Scrolls.  A terrific book I recommend that goes into much greater detail is by James C. Vanderkam, titled, Calendars in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Measuring Time.

“James C. Vanderkam, and John A. O’Brien Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at the University of Notre Dame, have written extensively about the Dead Sea Scrolls community. Set up approximately 200 years prior to the birth of Jesus [Yahusha], the Qumran community split off from the mainstream population of Judea, because the community believed that the religious system at the time had become corrupted. One crucial conviction of Qumran, was that the religious system had corrupted the Jewish calendar, thereby corrupting all of the Jewish Sabbaths and Holy days. ibid (continued in the next three paragraphs)

In Vanderkam’s article, Calendrical Texts and the Origins of the Dead Sea Scroll Community, he reveals that the Qumran community followed a Jewish calendar, which is different than the calendar that Jews use today. More crucial to the paradox, he reveals that the Qumran community taught that the full moon commenced the month, which would mean that Passover, which occurs mid-month, would have occurred when the moon was dark. Thus, if Passover was celebrated within Ancient Judaism at the dark of the moon, rather than at the full of the moon, then it would be very possible for a total solar eclipse to occur, simultaneous to Passover and the Crucifixion of Jesus. ibid

Note: Hillel II, the last president of the Sanhedrin, established the modern Jewish calendar, approximately 350 years after Jesus [Yahusha]. Other arguments have been made as to why the Jewish calendar may have been corrupted as well.” Christianity Shrouded by Solar Eclipse, Examiner.com, William Doehring, May 19, 2012.

The Time-Centric Rhythms of the Soul Temple

Through the rebelliousness of men’s hearts over the centuries, they have intentionally devised a plan whereby on every day, and in every way they are out of synchronization with their CREATOR mentally, spiritually, and physically.  So what is to become of their Soul Temple?

Know you not that your body is the temple of the kadosh Ruach which is in you, which you have of Elohim, for you are not your own? 1 Corinthians 6:19

“IN THE BEGINNING (בראשׁית)!” These three Hebrew words are most often associated with the beginning of TIME ON EARTH. But they also define yours and my beginning. For indeed we each had a beginning in our mother’s womb. The Lunar Calendar associated with the CREATION of EARTH as beaconed by His LIGHTS (Genesis 1:14), has a striking application to your very own beginning. 

Are you aware that from the moment a young woman begins to have her life-giving menstruation cycle, it is measured from month to month on a lunar calendar?  What this means is that she will ovulate and menstruate on specific lunar phases consistently from month to month. All she needs to do is keep an eye on the moon. 

Astonishingly, from the moment of conception, the gestation or developmental age of every unborn baby (fetus) is also consistently measured in lunar months.  So what does this mean?  Is it simply coincidental? Separate, these two lunar life time-measuring events are interesting at best, but together they are exponentially STUNNING!  Combined, these life time-cycles forever tie mankind to their Creator and their Messiah, who paid it all according to the timing of this same time-centric model.

This reveals that the very fibers of our human bodies in all their progressive expansion were knit together in the rhythm of lunar time by the very same loving Creator, who 6,000 years ago created TIME itself. Through this nearly obscure time model you and I were divinely synchronized to the time-measuring of YAHUAH ELOHIM’S ETERNAL KINGDOM, born out by His magnificent LIGHTS (sun, full moon, and stars), in that Syzygy order. 

Each individual life is a SOUL TEMPLE, created after the pattern of astro-lunar-solar time-reckoning, and REDEEMED according to the same.  And it continues to extend the promise of reuniting through the process of linking our lives with His according to His ordained worship rhythm. This requires a choice in our mind (forehead), and action to accomplish it (our hand). Although, you will never hear this from the church pulpits or local synagogue, the time rhythms born out of Scripture emphasize the same, as they are consistently measured from 1 to 29 or 30 each month, “from one New Moon to another” (Isaiah 66:23). Refer to article, New Moon by New Moon.

This is the very routine accomplished first in the wilderness sanctuary and later in the Jerusalem temple. For this was the time/event model of the work of salvation for the individual person’s SOUL TEMPLE. In Yahuah Elohim’s gadol (grand) design, each unit of time-measuring is divided by is smaller units. So it is that astro-lunar-solar years are divided by 12-13 lunar months. These lunar months are then divided by 4 lunar weeks and its 29-30 lunar days. The lunar phases designate each lunar calendar date, demarcating one from another. 

At first glance it may appear that there are days unaccounted for each lunar month, often referred to as “no days” by those who have not understood the inner workings of this most accurate system. Yet, this is erroneous, as each day is accounted for and has its own lunar phase. The conceptual missing link is in folks thinking the four weeks must fit each month of the year exactly. Approximately six months of the year there is a single work day that follows the fourth Sabbath/Shabbat. This is a fact and must be accepted as such. Interestingly, even in the modern Roman month, the weeks not only do not fit exactly, but they never start consistently in the same position from month to month or year to deserted-island-1year.  Yet, this is an accepted fact because it is familiar, so its relevance is either forgotten or not realized. 

If stranded on a deserted island, all one has to do is look up to discover what day of the month they are in, as shown by the lunar phase.  When the full moon comes around, it will arise in the east marking the current constellation that rules along with it for the entire month.  This is the moment when the truth sinks in and you throw the fraudulent calendar in the proverbial trash bin along with  the “time-measuring wisdom and admiration you’ve held for its craftsmen, such as Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor Constantine, Hillel II, Leader of the Yahudahim Sanhedrin, Pope Gregory, Rev. John Knox, William Miller, Ellen White, Rev. Billy Graham, and Rev. Jesse Jackson, etc. For each knowing or unknowingly aligned their followers with the Roman Beast Power of Revelation 13 by promoting all or some of its units of time and pagan holidays.  None of which can identify “what day it is” on a deserted island.

Yet, here we stand at the END OF TIME, with most folks utterly unaware that their very own beginnings are rooted in our CREATOR’S astro-lunar-solar TIME CONTINUUM made entirely of lunar months and lunar weeks and days. All the while, YAHUAH and YAHUSHA are calling their obedient followers to LOOK UP and be TRANSFORMED to HIS REDEMPTION PLAN, BORN OUT ON HIS TIME MODEL. Come out of the false and manufactured systems of Egypt, Babylon and Rome. For this is your invitation to the Marriage Supper of the LAMB.

The temple model given us in the Torah and Tanakh (OT) and fulfilled in the Brit Hadasha (NT) continue to drive home the mental picture and physical reality that salvation/redemption is an up-close and personal event that we share in by showing up on His kadosh set-apart (holy) days.  For the temple is not made of brick and mortar, but is made of TIME and EVENT, born on the wings of Yahuah’s great love for mankind and planted in our hearts forever.  By Yahusha’s sacrifice of laying down His life in our place, He provides the WAY (TIME and EVENT) by which we may show-up to be restored to our Eternal Father. Our part is to re-engage with Him according to His original time-measuring model.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, we discover that none of us were ever educated as to how the shamayim  were preordained to be measured by our Creator, Yahuah Elohim, a sign that the Reformation continues to march forward.  But rather, we were all taught to follow a wall calendar that was in its entirety, proactively manipulated and based upon altered principles, and presented in a format unrelated to the circle of the shamayim.  This has proactively caused mankind’s understanding to be diminished and relegated to a two dimensional man-made FALSE PARADIGM.  

The astro-luni-solar calendar mechanism in the shamayim is three dimensional and is the only calendar identified in Scripture. The trinity of LIGHTS were established by Yahuah at Creation for signs, seasons (mo’edim), days and years (Genesis 1:14). At the time of the Exodus these LIGHTS synchronized Israel by way of the High Kohen (priestly) work first in the wilderness Sanctuary and later in the temple at Yarushalom (meaning moon peace). These LIGHTS perpetually beaconed the rhythm of all the appointed set-apart days, monthly, weekly, and yearly. All other calendars have divorced aspects of these guiding LIGHTS, favoring instead the witty calendar invention of men.
  1. All use of the Mazzaroth or its individual parts were intentionally heathenized, so to be shunned by Biblical followers and so the TRUTH would not be discovered.  The early introduction of Astrology by the Babylonians (Chaldeans) was also useful to this end.
  2. The order of the SYZYGY (sun, earth, full moon) appears to be consistently from largest to smallest as required by the Scriptural Witness
  3. The first diversion and fraudulent time-measuring system was founded by the Babylonians, and was much later adopted by the  Yahudahim in-part by the 4th century A.D.  This witty invention of man involved the single move of the full moon as the premier pointer (in opposition to the sun by night), to the dark moon as the pointer (in conjunction with the sun by day).  Although a simple move of the moon by 180 degrees, the years and months began two weeks earlier. The lunar designations for weeks were dropped and by the 4th century the Jews adopted the Roman week. This new dual calendar arrangement necessitated the use of the Nineteen Rules of Postponement.
  4. The crescent New Moon calendar always begins its cycle 12 degrees out of sync with the true alignment as outlined in Scripture, and is 168 degrees from the true starting point of the full moon as New Moon.  This crescent New Moon was adopted by William Miller, Samuel Snow, Ellen White, and all who participated in the October 22, 1844 Great Disappointment. And although sincere, were  But this 10th day of the seventh lunar month continues to expose the error of the Seventh-day Adventist Church year by year.
  5. The Romans, under the council of the Egyptians, divorced the CREATOR’S MOON altogether from their time-measuring model, allowing them to start their SOLAR YEARS, SOLAR MONTHS, SOLAR WEEKS, and SOLAR DAYS, according to any random whim. While their modern system has been updated several times over the centuries, they continue to commence their years in winter and utilize the months and weeks that Julius Caesar divorced from the moon in 45 B.C.  In order to utilize the weeks that cycle without end in conjunction with keeping lunar Feast Days, one must utilize the Nineteen Rules of Postponement.  If not they will be forced to give up either lunar Feast keeping or the Roman cycling weeks.  Yet, in the name of conformity, most have given up the lunar Feast Days along with the Nineteen Rules of Postponement.
  6. The paper wall calendar, as it was presented in a two-dimensional format hid the fraudulent changes applied by the Romans to the Creator’s TRUE and preordained time-measuring model.  This modern Roman Gregorian time-measuring method is the farthest removed of all to the Creator’s time-honored original.
  7. The Book of Enoch and its calendar methodology has nothing to do with the Scriptural Enoch, the seventh from Adam, or the Creator’s original calendar.  It is a compilation of several writers spanning several centuries. While the book gives lip service to the lunar phases, its calendar is entirely based upon the sun’s 364 solar arrangement with an added day.  It has no Scriptural basis, even though several stories somewhat held in common.
  8. The Creator’s original and true time-measuring model meets all the requirements of Scripture, history, and astronomy. It is also the established time system of each Soul Temple.  Great evidence is revealed that the Yahudahim have not been keeping the Creator’s Calendar since the 4th century A.D. 
  9. The Four Scripture Witnesses Testify that this is the calendar of creation, as it is the only one in which the sun rules alone by day and the moon rules together with the stars by night. 
  10. Evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls supports the full moon as the true New Moon. 
  11. History of the Jews, from their own records and encyclopedias tell of how their month is based upon the moon, and how their week and Sabbath was once lunar and counted from one New Moon to another. 
  12. Astro-lunar-solar time is our Creator’s prescription for mankind’s beginnings, and Soul Temples.  We know from Isaiah 66:23 that it is destined for His prophetic endings.  Might rebellion be the only reason mankind is not synchronized to His Creator during this middle portion?

May Yahuah continue to have compassion on each of us as we seek Him the ETERNAL FATHER of ALL TRUTH, and that we may humble ourselves to receive both.  HalleluYAH!!!

Let the sinner forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to YAHUAH, and He will have mercy on him; and to our Elohim, for He will abundantly pardon. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says YAHUAH. “For as the shamayim (heavens) are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts. YeshaYAHU (Isaiah) 55:7-9

Truly, these times of ignorance Elohim overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent.  Acts 17:30


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It is our prayer that this and other illustrations will be helpful to understanding more completely our Creator’s TIME MEASURING METHODS that we may align our worship times with His in preparation for Yahusha our Messiah’s Second Coming.  For it must be heralded to the world that all time prophecies are based upon His time-measuring method alone. 

May Yahuah have mercy upon us all as we seek to align our lives with His.

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