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Five Historic Methods
of Time Measuring

full moon syzygyMost of us today, from all nations of the earth and within the confines of our busy lives, are unaware that there has ever been more than one way of measuring time. Most often we assume that years, months, weeks and days have always been measured as we were taught by our parents and teachers, even the time references in Scripture we have believed to be accurately measured according to the same Roman Gregorian calendar. NEWS FLASH! This is simply not the case!  “And all the world wondered after the  Beast.” Revelation 13:3

Atomic time is mankind’s most recent invention that simulates seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.  But, it is only utilized because its rhythm coincides nearly perfectly with TIME beaconed from the sun, moon, and stars. 

So why use a substitute when the original is still available?  Might it be because rebellious mankind strives to eliminate its need for the Creator and the time-measuring method of His ordained timepiece? Might it be that the scientific society is hell bent on an evolutionary model that will stop at nothing to cause mankind’s time-measuring perspective to be wholly divorced from the TIME principles born of the sun, moon and stars? Other substitutes include the calendars, clocks, and even the international date-line, that we have all been taught to trust.  Amazingly, these are only viable as they stay in harmony with each other and simulate a cohesive time-measuring model. Still, these were wholly altered from our Creators original, His principles proclaimed from the right use of the sun, moon, and stars, the astro-luni-solar calendar model He placed in the shamayim (heavens)

If your education was anything like mine, you may have been taught to believe the wheel of the stars, together with the sun and sun dials, and even the use of the moon for measuring time, were all heathen pagan practices.  While the wrong method of utilizing these makes this a true statement, we were not told the whole story.  We were not told that the current Roman Gregorian “Christianized” time measuring method fully utilizes the Zodiac each and every year and month, with only the sun as the pointer to identify each new month and its corresponding constellation.

What the Roman and Enoch calendars do that no other time measuring models ever did, was to eliminate the moon entirely from our Creator’s trinity time measuring markers. By doing this, they eliminated the use of the Syzygy (the alignment of sun, moon, and stars), allowing themselves to arbitrarily choose when to commence the year, and month, and also chose a fitting week model that cycles without end regardless of the start of its new months or years. Or in the case of the Enoch calendar utilize the Equinoxes (solar) as the primary start of the year.  It is these very systems that are heathen to the core, as it is the most far removed of all, from the Creator’s plan and His beacons of LIGHT.


What is a Syzygy?

The order of the view from earth in each of the time-measuring methods above is central to the title given it, as illustrated in the image above.  But because true time-measuring requires a Syzygy that includes the earth in the nearly perfect alignment with the moon and sun, the counted order will only be from one to three and does not include a constellation in the mix.  Rather, it is only the three part Syzygy (alignment) that can identify and point to the ruling constellation for the month.  In the four examples of time-measuring above, only two are measured with the three part Syzygy alignment.  This fact exposes the Roman Gregorian time-measuring method, and the first visible crescent after conjunction model, as time-measuring imposters. 

For example, in using a clock, we begin an hour with both the hour hand and the minute hand in the straight up position in a three part alignment with 12 o’clock (similar to a Syzygy).  We do not start the first hour of any day without any regard for the minute hand, or five minutes past the hour.  Applying this principle to the 360 degree lunar orbit around the earth, it would be 12 degrees off the mark and a whole day late, as is utilized by those who reckon time with the first visible crescent after conjunction.  In pursuit of staying in sync with the worship rhythm of our Creator for New Moon, Sabbaths, and Feast Days, we don’t want to be “a day late and a dollar short.”


SyzygyAstronomy. An alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet: Syzygy in the sun-earth-moon system occurs at the time of full moon and conjunction moon. Dictionary.com

Syzygy – the nearly straight line configuration of three celestial bodies (as the sun, moon, and earth during a solar or lunar eclipse) in the gravitational system.  Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary

There is only one time-measuring method supported in Scripture as that of our Creator from Genesis to Revelation.  four witnesses in Scripture for Astro-lunar-solar calendarThe true order from the viewer’s vantage point remains the full moon and then it’s marked constellation for the month.  Throughout this website, most often we will be referring to the Creator’s Calendar method as Astro-lunar-solar, mostly because it is the true syzygy order of the three spheres with the designated constellation as lined up in the image below, but also because it rolls off the tongue easier than Lunar-astro-solar.   But either way is essentially correct.

How the Four Time Measuring Methods Fit into the Wheel of the Stars (Mazzaroth)

The four time-measuring methods from the first illustration above can be compared below as they would appear in the larger scheme of the wheel of the stars, the constellations that follow the ecliptic circular path, which are then marked by either the sun or the full moon. 

The heathen world has referred to this wheel of stars as the Zodiac, and always reckon it strictly by the solar or luni-solar measuring method.  It is the Creator who designed this wheel for His specific time-measuring purpose, calling it the Mazzaroth (Job 38:32), and preordained His circle of stars to be measured by the full moon by night and never by the sun during daylight, when the stars are not visible.   (Click on each image to enlarge them.)

#1  Ancient Babylonian and Modern Jewish

This conjunction based Syzygy of Lunar-solar time-measuring is 180 degrees opposite of our Creator’s method as identified in Scripture (Four Scripture Witnesses Testify Chart).  This was the first time-keeping system developed in rebellion to the Most High that utilized all the elements, but in their opposite placements.

#2  Islamic and Karaite Jews

This would be identical to the Lunar-solar Line Time in #1 above, with the exception being that the crescent moon is never in alignment with earth, sun, and starry constellations.  The first visible crescent moon is always a full day of 12 degrees off alignment and is therefore never part of a syzygy.  This example is similar to measuring an hour with the minute hand at five minutes past the hour.

#3  Modern Roman Gregorian

Unlike the first two time measuring methods, the Roman Gregorian method commences 10 days after the winter solstice by aligning only the earth with the sun to start the New Year in the month marked by the constellation Sagittarius (some say Capricorn).  By eliminating the moon entirely from all units of time, (i.e., New Year’s Day, New Moon day, and the count of each seven day week) this system will never produce a Syzygy to start the Year or Month.


#4 Enoch’s Solar-Line Time as Measured through the Sun

This astroplot below illustrates the ever-growing in popularity, Enoch solar calendar with its Solar-Line Time entirely independent of the moon. It is similar to the modern Gregorian calendar in that it is based upon the principles of a 364-365 solar year with a comprehensive rejection of any involvement of the lunar phases.  Note that this calculated time alignment, measured by day includes only earth, sun, and starry constellations. But this is where the similarities end. The Enoch calendar is all about the sun and the vernal equinox with consistent 30 day months. Each quarter, one day is added bringing its total to 91 days. Then an additional day is added on the last day of the year, bringing the total number of days of the year to 365.

Enoch's-calendar-zodiac-time-measuringWhile this calendar entirely disregards ALL New Moon’s of Scripture, it is surprising how many folks claiming solo Scriptura continue choosing to support and teach this form of time-keeping. They are disregarding that Scripture refers to the New Moon over 300 times. This is twice the number of times that reference is made to the Sabbath.  In this model, the sun is the primary time indicator, which continues to mark the ruling constellation of stars on the opposite side of the universe by day, when they are neither visible nor ruling according to Scripture’s standards. Remember, according to Scripture the sun was designed to rule alone and never with the stars, while it was the full New Moon that the Creator designed to perpetually rule together with the stars by night.  Refer to article/study, New Moon Changed by Formal Decree.

So it is that any method that falls short of the Creators template for time-keeping is unlawful within His Kingdom. Anyone continuing to follow a Solar-Line-Time system once they have been shown ample evidence, remains in rebellion to their Creator. Please take the time today to review your options. The Messiah has already made a way of escape and is now restoring His divine truths to those who seek to be obedient.

To the Torah and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no LIGHT in them. Isaiah 8:20

The Torah refers to the first five books of the Tanakh (OT), or it can include the entire Tanakh. The Testimony denotes the seven prophetic qodesh Feast Days ordained to tell the Messiah’s salvation story every year from beginning to end, and from full New Moon to full New Moon. No doubt the Testimony also includes the entire Brit Hadasha (NT Renewed Covenant), revealing the life of the Messiah. The Torah and the testimony are like a GPS Unit that pinpoints where the truth may be found. If the Book of Enoch, or any other writings considered to be inspired, come between a person and the TRUTH as found in the Torah and the testimony, then they can no longer claim Scripture as their foundation or guide, and there is NO LIGHT in them.

#5  The Creator’s Lunar-Astro-Solar Time

By divine design, nearly 6,000 years ago, our Creator appointed His time-measuring method to be marked by the His unique three part Syzygy, with the focus on the brilliant full moon as His true New Moon pointing east at sunset. This Syzygy, and three part pointer alignment, marks in its marvelous and visual display each New Year, commencing with the constellation Bethulah (Virgo) in the spring.  “Then an exceedingly important sign appeared in the shamayim (heavens); a woman arose, arrayed with the sun and the brilliant (#4582 selene) moon at her feet, and above her head was a crown of twelve stars.”  Revelation 12:1.  It also marks each new month in their order, ending in Leo in its twelve regular months.  Then seven times in nineteen years the full New Moon will commence the year beginning at the feet of Bethulah (Virgo) and end the year at her head for thirteen months (also called an embolismic year).

Wheel of the starsFor more on commencing the year in the constellation Bethulah (Virgo) instead of Pisces or Aries, refer to article:  A Great Sign Appeared in the Shamayim.

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It is our prayer that this and other illustrations will be helpful to understanding more completely our Creator’s TIME MEASURING METHODS that we may align our worship times with His in preparation for Yahusha our Messiah’s Second Coming.  For it must be heralded to the world that all time prophecies are based upon His time-measuring method alone. 

May Yahuah have mercy upon us all as we seek to align our lives with His.

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